Zantrex Review: Does This Fat Loss Supplement Really Work?

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In this Zantrex review, I will try to share my personal consumption story with this product. 

I will try to provide you with some basic details about this product and why I chose it over other alternatives in the market? When I first visited the official website of Zantrex, I found it to be making some really bold claims, but were these claims made by the company legit? 

Is Zantrex really capable of increasing the amount of fat burned by your body? Will it be worth spending your hard-earned money on? Will its use be safe? 

I will try my best to answer all these questions because of which I would request all of you to give this article a read till the end. 

So without any further adieus, allow me to start this article with some basics first.

Zantrex is a completely legal and over the counter fat burning supplement which could encourage your body to lose fat and boosts your body’s energy levels simultaneously. 

This fat burning supplement makes the use of a very sophisticated formula which includes a lot of natural herbs and stimulants. However, Zantrex does not make the use of any chemical or banned ingredient. 

Zantrex is said to be around for more than 10 years now and the manufacturers claim that their product has helped thousands of people from around the globe. 

The manufacturers claim that the ingredients used in their products have been clinically proven to aid in weight loss. They also claim that Zantrex might have the following benefits on your body:

Elevated energy levels. 

  1. Rapid fat loss.
  2. Ingredients of high quality.
  3. Increase in your strength. 

How does Zantrex Work?

Even if you have never tried any dietary supplements before, it should not be difficult for you to understand the working principle behind this supplement. 

Zantrex claims that its working process involves four different working mechanisms that work in sync with each other to provide its users with significant fat loss. They are:

  • Body Mass Index Sculpting

    The formula used in the manufacturing formula of Zantrex comprises a lot of flowers, seeds, and plant leaves. These ingredients might be capable of having a positive impact on your BMI. 
  • Energy Boosting

    A lot of ingredients used in Zantrex such as Colaq Nut, Guarana, Green Tea Extracts, and Coffee Bean Extracts are natural sources of Caffeine.

    Together these ingredients provide each serving of Zantrex with roughly 200 mg of Caffeine.

    The aim of this high dose is to elevate your energy levels so that you can work out harder and longer and burn more calories in the process. 
  • Workout Optimization

    The formula of Zantrex consists of Methylxanthines which might improve your mood and boost mental alertness. These things might help you during your workout by enabling you to remain focused on your workout.

    This ultimately might help you burn more calories. 
  • Advanced Thermogenesis

    Thermogenesis is a process by which the temperature of your body is raised a little naturally. The aim behind this process is to allow your body to burn more calories while you are at rest and during the time you are exercising.

    You might burn more fat if you burn more calories.

What are the ingredients used in Zantrex?

Zantrex Ingredients

If you are planning to buy a fat burning supplement, it is very important to know the ingredients used in that supplement. 

However, it should be noted that Zantrex uses a Proprietary Blend in its ingredients. It means that the company has not disclosed the amount in which each ingredient is present but all it tells is that this proprietary blend of ingredients weighs 964 mg. 

Following are the ingredients used in Zantrex:

Citrus Fruits are known to stimulate the metabolism of your body. It increases your body’s efficiency to store and break down fat for releasing energy. It might also make you feel full for a longer period of time. 

It might also reduce your appetite and thus reduces your daily calorie intake. It might improve your digestion. 

Guarana Fruits are known to be an excellent source of Caffeine and Caffeine has a lot of weight reducing properties.It is believed to improve your Metabolic Rate. 

It might also improve your energy levels, might boost attention and might even be effective in helping you focus more.  

Coffee Beans are known to be excellent sources of Caffeine and this ingredient enhances the effect of other stimulants used in Zantrex. 

It is believed to be effective in increasing your workout efficiency. It might also promote weight loss, might reduce fatigue after a workout and might so increase the duration of your workout. 

Kola Seed Extracts are another great source of Caffeine and they enhance the effects of other ingredients on this list apart from providing some benefits of their own. 

It is believed to be effective in stimulating the production of Gastric acid and thus can improve digestion process. 

It might reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs from the food you eat and might allow quick processing of food in your body. 

Green tea is known to be rich in Antioxidants and several essential vitamins and minerals which might boost the overall health of your body. It is rich in Caffeine which can increase your energy levels. 

It might act as a Thermogenic agent i.e it encourages Thermogenesis in your body. This might increase the amount of calories burned by your body both during workout and while resting. 

Kelp Powder is a natural plant fiber which limits the absorption of fat in your body. It is believed to have several digestive properties which might improve the digestive mechanism of your body. 

It might limit the amount of fat stored in your body by reducing the amount of fat ingested by your food. 

Fennel Seeds contain an ingredient known as Saunf and it is believed that saunf has several weight loss properties. It might boost your body’s natural metabolism. 

It might help your body in storing, transporting and burning the fat effectively. It can also increase the efficiency of absorption of Vitamins and Minerals from the food you eat. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid facilitates the conversion of carbohydrates to energy in your body. It might allow carbohydrates to be stored as fat cells in your body. 

Being an antioxidant, it might reduce the damage caused to your body by free radicals. 

How I Consumed Zantrex?

I had never consumed Zantrex before which is why I followed the dosage schedule which was mentioned on the official packaging of the product. 

It was mentioned that I should consume 4 tablets of Zantrex every day for the best results and I followed the same. 

I consumed 2 tablets of Zantrex just before having my breakfast and I consumed the remaining two tablets either before my lunch or before dinner. 

I made sure that I was drinking at least 2 glasses of water every time I consumed it.   

Why I chose Zantrex?

When I was searching for the best fat burners, the name of Zantrex popped up again and again. This made me curious to find out what Zantrex exactly was. 

Soon I visited the official website of the supplement and it would be safe to say that it managed to have a great first impression on me. 

The manufacturers claimed that their product was capable of benefiting my body tremendously and I was looking for a product with similar benefits. 

This is why I decided to give Zantrex a try. 

Zantrex and Weight Loss: My personal experience

Ever since I hit puberty, I was obsessed with the idea of keeping myself fit. I used to workout 6 days a week and kept a check on what I was consuming throughout the day. 

This might be one of the major reasons why I was pretty famous amongst girls in my school days and the same continued in my work life as well and girls used to hit on me quite often. 

But change is supposed to be the only constant thing in this world and the same was true in my case. 

Because I had changed my current job for a better one, things changed a bit. I was now being paid more handsomely but I was also supposed to be putting in a lot of working hours. 

I used to work for nearly 14-15 hours a day which left me with almost no energy when I reached back home. As a result, I stopped working out completely. 

To make things even worse, I started eating a lot of junk food which I used to order from restaurants nearby. I used to remain stressed all the time because of which my caffeine and alcohol intake had also increased. 

This hectic work-life continued for over 6 months when I finally got a vacation for a week. On the first day, I partied hard with my friends and we decided to visit a bar. While I was sitting on the bar counter, I was looking around and I was hoping that I would be able to strike up a conversation with girls and they would walk up toe because this is what used to happen earlier.

However, nothing happened for the next hour and that’s when the realization kicked in. I was not myself anymore. I was significantly overweight, my face looked pretty chubby, fat deposits were visible all over my body and I was looking at least 10 years older than my present age. 

This is when I decided to do something about my situation. But I knew, with my current job, I could have done nothing unless I took some external help. 

This is why I decided to take help from some dietary supplements and started my research for the same and I finally decided to consume Zantrex because it promised to provide me with all those benefits I was looking for. 

I placed my order soon and started its consumption with the hope that it would help my life get back on track. 

It had now been nearly a month since I started its consumption and I could see no positive effects on my body. But I thought it was normal because most of the supplements take some time to show their effects. 

Soon the second month passed and then the third and fourth. But there were no positive effects on my body. 

By the time the fifth month was over, I knew I had made a wrong choice when I decided to use Zantrex for my weight loss goals. 

I consumed it for more than 5 months on a regular basis and it hurts to say that it did not have any positive effects on my body. My weight was still the same, my energy levels had not increased, and I still had no control over my cravings. 

I still think that I wasted my hard-earned money on Zantrex because it did nothing for me. 

Side Effects

Side Effects Associated with Zantrex Consumption:

I have used Zantrex for more than 5 months on a regular basis and honestly, Zantrex did not have any side effects on my body. 

However, while I was searching about Zantrex, I read several user reviews that mentioned some side effects associated with its use. 

Some of the most common side effects faced by users were:

  • Nausea. 
  • Headaches. 
  • Diarrhea. 
  • Elevated Heartbeats and Heart Rate. 
  • Stomach Upsets.
  • Jitteriness. 
  • Mood Swings. 
  • Problems in sleeping patterns. 
  • Irritation. 

Zantrex: Does it interact with your current medication?

There is no official warning mentioned on the official website of Zantrex regarding its interaction with your current medicines.

However, I would advise you to have a chat with your doctor before beginning the consumption of Zantrex if you are already consuming some other medicines. 

It is indeed important to have a chat with your doctor in such a case because Caffeine is a stimulant. It has some properties because of which it might interact with normal over the counter as well as prescription drugs. 

Who Could Use Zantrex?

Zantrex is a fat burning supplement and it can be consumed by both Men and Women. It has been designed in such a way that it will help you in your journey of losing weight. 

Individuals who are already following a calorie deficit diet and a workout schedule yet are unable to witness any positive results, should consume Zantrex because it will help them witness positive effects on their body. 

Who Cannot Consume Zantrex?

Zantrex however, cannot be consumed by everyone. Because of high amounts of stimulants and caffeine, women who are either Lactating or are Pregnant should stay away from Zantrex. 

Individuals under the age of 18 are also advised to stay away from the consumption of Zantrex. 

Zantrex is also not a suitable product for both Vegetarians and Vegans because it contains Gelatine. 

If you are unsure whether Zantrex will be safe for you, you should consult your doctor first before beginning the consumption of Zantrex. 

Zantrex for Sale

Whenever I buy any healthcare product, especially health supplements, I order it only from their official website because it gives me an assurance that I will be receiving my products directly from the manufacturers. 

This reduces the chance of me reducing a fake or an adulterated product. 

I followed the same with Zantrex and ordered it from the official website itself.  

Zantrex: Things I liked

  1. Contains all natural ingredients. 
  2. Ingredients used have been backed by science to aid in weight loss. 
  3. It is readily available. 

Zantrex: Things I did not like

  1. It relies heavily on stimulants. 
  2. It uses a proprietary blend. 
  3. It contains Gelatine which is derived from animal meat. 
  4. It has a lot of potential side effects. 

Zantrex Alternative: Final Opinions

Personally speaking, I would just say that Zantrex is a fat burning supplement which does not live up to the claims it makes.

There is no evidence that it is effective in burning fat because no scientific study has been conducted on Zantrex as a whole till now. 

There are several other Fat Loss Supplements available in the market which are much more balanced, are much more effective, and have relatively fewer side effects.

I personally used PhenQ post the consuming Zantrex for a good 5 months. Surprisingly, PhenQ has worked great for me.

Hence, I plan to continue my consumption of PhenQ till I achieve the desired results.

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