Wild Yam Roots – Benefits, Side-Effects And Dosage

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We all know the significance of the proper balance of hormones in our body especially the importance of estrogen hormone.

However, there are several supplements available in the market which can help us with our low estrogen level but which one to choose is a big confusion which everyone faces.

In this article, we are going to deal with one such supplement on which we can trust, i.e. Wild yam roots. This supplement is widely used by professionals for the mind-blowing benefits it provides.

We will see its benefits, dosage, and finally the side-effects of this supplement. But before that, do you know what it is? Wild yam is a plant that is common in North America and Mexico.

This is a naturally occurring plant whose scientific name is Dioscorea villosa and is commonly known as Colic root or devil’s bone.

The root and bulb of this plant contain a diosgenin which is converted into steroids to help with estrogen levels in the body. It is also used as a natural DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) booster.

Apart from diosgenin, there are two more compounds namely, flavonoids and beta carotene, which play a crucial role in maintaining hormonal balance in our body. Now, let us move ahead to know much more about it.

Do you know that this plant was previously used to treat certain medical conditions like Osteoporosis, PMS (post menstrual syndrome), etc? Today also, people utilize it to treat the said problems.

Wild yam roots are used to extract diosgenin which after being converted into useful steroids boosts up estrogen level in our body.

It is now also used as a medicine by many people around the world to prevent muscle weakness, morning sickness, and menstrual problems.

It has to do a lot with women’s periods because estrogen is a very important hormone that helps in ovulation and later in regulating menstrual cycles.

Having said that, it also helps with the problem of vaginal dryness in old women. It helps to deal with hot flashes in females. It enhances the energy level of the body and improves our mood.

It provides relief against menstrual cramps, ensures better blood circulation in the body, and prevents nervousness. It helps in relaxing muscles.

It is useful in the treatment of gallbladder problems. Not only this, but it also allows us to treat various skin problems and regulates blood sugar levels in the body thus prevents diabetes. It has also proven helpful in ensuring the good health of the liver.

Wild Yam as an estrogen supplement helps in treating menopausal symptoms and rheumatoid arthritis- a condition which leads to inflammation of joints thus a problem in movement.

Further, it is used to make cosmetics. It is interesting to note that a total of 800 species of wild yam is discovered in which 12 species are edible in nature.

These were the benefits of wild yam roots. Now let us have a glance over its dosage.

Wild Yam Roots

Wild Yam Dosage

In this section, we will talk about the recommended dosage which is very important to know if we want to keep ourselves on a safer side.

Many people do not pay heed to the dosage recommended and they go on taking it in larger amounts which makes them ill and very ill in the future.

They think that since it is made from naturally occurring plants, it would be totally safe to use in large amounts but this is not the case here. Therefore, if we want to prevent side-effects, we must stick to the dosage suggested on the product labels.

Moreover, we should consult a physician for its amount to be taken because the dosage can vary from age to age. There are other factors too that play an important role in determining the dosage to be consumed like the medical condition of a person.

It comes in the form of tablets, tea, powder, cream, etc. Note that, the cream is not meant for intravaginal use. In the market, tablets of dosage 100 mg to 400 mg are available which are safe when taken with food.

Warning: Pregnant as well as breastfeeding women are prohibited to use it without consulting doctors as it may cause some serious damage to their unborn baby.

The results can be observed with a few weeks of use. But for best results, it should be used for 3 months.

Wild Yam Side-Effects

We looked at its benefits and dosage, now it’s the time to check whether it causes any side-effects or not? So, yes it too, like other supplements, causes some side-effects when taken in a higher dosage.

There is nothing to be surprised about because the excess of anything is dangerous which we know. It may cause nausea, vomiting, and digestive problems when taken improperly.

Further, it can cause allergy to skin, headaches, and irritability. People with breast cancer or any other type of cancer should avoid using it.

Also, it increases the risk of clotting in people with protein S deficiency. Its use can abruptly increase the amount of estrogen in the body which is too not good for our health as well as body.

Thus, it is very important to maintain a required level of estrogen in the body i.e., not too low or too high because both conditions are harmful to our body.

Wild Yam - Final Words

These were all about wild yam roots popular among many people, it works as a natural estrogen booster and provides other benefits.

It helps females with PMS and other menstrual problems while in males it ensures the maturity of sperms and increases libido. Low estrogen level in females prevents ovulation in them which further affect their monthly cycle.

Therefore, it becomes more important for them to maintain a sufficient level of estrogen in their body. This supplement does the same.

We also looked at its dosage and side-effects. However it causes no serious side-effects but to avoid potential risks, we should take it in smaller dosages initially.

Now improve the quality of life with this wonderful and easily accessible supplement. Read the article once again to catch up on things you might have read wrong or skipped in a hurry!

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