Whey Protein – Benefits, Sources and Dosage

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This write-up is all about Whey protein. I have tried to add all the essential details about whey protein here.

Hence, if you are someone who is thinking of starting his supplement journey, then you might want to consider reading this article till the very end.

When and if you have done so, you would be able to decide for yourself.

I have tried to include some of the pretty basic but essential information about whey protein. This might be helpful to you.

Are you fed up with watching the latest uploads of your friends on social networking sites flaunting their well-shredded body?

If yes, then what are you waiting for? Go join a gym, hire an instructor, and make muscles. But is this enough? At this time what struck our mind is that then what are supplements and why they are consumed?

Supplements, more precisely health supplements are taken by many professionals to enhance their muscle growth. There is a range of health supplements flooded in the market but which one to choose and which one to leave is not an easy job for us.

Professionals have their Personal Trainers who help them in getting the best supplements around but in the case of ours, whom should we trust?

We have hundreds of doubts in our mind when we go out to purchase one. For example, Will it be good for our health? Will it cause any side-effects? Will it help us to achieve our goal? So, here I am to clear all your doubts.

In this article, we will read about whey protein, which is a source of high- protein content that helps in muscle building, increasing muscle strength, etc.

We will deal with its benefits, dosage, and sources. Let us start our journey to know each and everything important before buying it.

What is whey protein?

We know that milk contains two types of protein, one is Casein and the other one is Whey.

Previously, people were not aware of its benefits and used to throw it away as a waste product that comes out in the manufacturing of milk products.

But now whey protein is considered as the best source of high-protein content that is used by bodybuilders, athletes, and other sportspersons to enhance their performances, build quality muscles, and for many other benefits.

It contains all the essential amino acids (total 9).

Benefits Of Whey Protein

Whey protein is used by many people around the globe to make stronger muscles, enhance muscle growth, improves endurance and energy of the body.

A physique lover must have heard of this protein supplement at the gym or have encountered it on articles related to bodybuilding tips.

This product is used by not only people who want to develop an attractive body with a significant amount of muscles but also by those who want to lose weight especially for HIV and AIDs diagnosed patients.

This protein might get absorbed quickly in our body and is easily digestible, unlike other supplements. It could also help in lowering blood pressure due to the presence of lactokinins in it.

On the other hand, high blood pressure leads to risks of developing heart diseases, thus you may use it to lower down your blood pressure level.

It may help in preventing allergy conditions in small children like eczema, which is also called atopic dermatitis. Further, it could enhance the strength, power, and energy of the body thus we can work out for more hours.

It could also help in losing weight because of its satiating nature. It may promote a feeling of fullness which makes us consume fewer calories. A number of people claim that it has also been used to treat type-2 diabetes.

These were some of its benefits, now let us move ahead to know more about its sources, types, and dosage discussed in subsequent sections.

whey protein

Whey Protein Sources

Whey protein is found in milk which gets separated from it during the process of cheese making. Do you the types of whey proteins? If not, then this section will make you learn about its types.

Whey protein is of three types that are whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolyzed. Now let us know about each one in brief.

The first one, whey concentrate is the most common type available in the market easily. One can buy it either at the counter or order online.

What is important to note here is that this type contains only 60-65% of proteins and the rest 35% of carbs, fats, and sugar. Moving on to the second type which is whey isolate, which is a further processed product of whey concentrate.

It contains comparatively less amount, let’s say 10-15% of carbs, sugar and fats and the rest 90% of proteins thus a better option than the first one.

Now the third one, Whey Hydrolyzed which contains about 99-100% of proteins, and almost zero percent of fats, carbs, and sugar.

Moreover, it is a lactose-free product. It is more expensive than the other two and is utilized by fitness models, athletes, and bodybuilders to enhance their performances.

Although, it is the most expensive type of whey protein believe me it is the best choice if you are looking for the purest protein source.

Whey Protein Dosage

In this section, we will discuss the dosage within which one can take it. It is recommended to take 20-50mg per day after finishing one’s workout.

Although, the said amount is safe to consume and it would be much better to go along with the dosage suggested on the labels of the product.

Taking it more than the amount suggested can lead to health problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, etc. The persons who have or ever had kidney problems or any other medical issues should consult the doctor before taking it to ensure their good health.

It can lead to acne and fatigue if used for a prolonged period. Thus, it would be better for us to consume it in the recommended dosage to avoid risks.

Whey Protein: Wrap Up

It could be really important to know everything about the supplement which you might be thinking to include in our daily life. This could really avoid any ill-effects and this article might have helped you perform the same function.

Hence, I have tried to mention essential information about whey protein, its benefits, types, and dosage. At the same time, It is now known that Whey hydrolyzed, which is the third type of whey protein, is the best and purest source of protein.

Whey protein may also help you to build muscles, improve energy levels, enhance performance, etc. It could also help you in losing weight by suppressing the appetite and promoting a feeling of fullness in yourself.

It is a popular supplement in the field of bodybuilding. So, stay healthy and build strong muscles with this easily available supplement!

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