VigRX Plus Reviews – Does This Herbal Pill Really Work ? [Revealed]

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Do not purchase any male enhancement without reading this VigRX Plus review till the end.

Here, I have talked about my personal narrative about the VigRX Plus consumption and experiences along with the result that I noticed.

Since, I was diagnosed with ED(erectile dysfunction), I was looking for something that could help me overcome my problems with the sexual performance.

vigrx bottle

My unsatisfactory sexual performance was killing my relationship with my girlfriend.

Hence, I was looking for something concrete and effective that could help me in improving my erections, sexual powers, stamina and other aspects of my sexual performance.

I did my research on the internet and selected 3-4 brands of male enhancement pills and went to my nutritionist.

She was the one who suggested me to go for VigRX Plus. Hence, the next week I ordered my subscription of six months and started the consumption.

Before, I proceed with my real life journey of VigRX consumption, let me discuss what all things prompted me to select VigRX in the first place and then it was finalized by my nutritionist.

Let me start with the basic.

VigRX Plus is one of the most useful and amazing male enhancement pill that could help you with bigger, harder and long-lasting erections.

It is one of the well known brand when it comes to male enhancement. VigRX Plus has sold more than 1.2 million boxes of male enhancement from the year 2007.

Hence, it is been one of the go-to choice when it comes to the consumption of male enhancement and elevating the sexual performance naturally.

Also, it has been recommended by a number of doctors and also by the Director of New York University’s health department for men.

As a result of which you need to be fully aware that, VigRX PLUS is one of the most authentic and natural male enhancement pill and is used and promoted by a number of people.

How VigRX Plus Works

The manufacturers of VigRX Plus have mentioned this time and again, that because of all natural ingredients VigRX is a result of a potent formula.

Hence, the possibility of its success increases with the proper and regular dosage.

The functionality behind the working of VigRX Plus is pretty simple and easy to understand.

Inclusion of 10 natural ingredients that helps the body in producing the higher level of nitric oxide is one of the main aim of VigRX.

how vigrx plus works

This step helps in the muscle relaxation and also helps with the increment in the flow of blood towards your penis area.

Over and above this, many ingredients directly help with the boosting of testosterone levels. Hence, there is a natural boost in the sexual desire and sexual performance.

This is because, testosterone is considered to be a male sex hormone. It helps in the over all improvement in the sexual health in men.

Let us know discuss the all important ingredients that play a vital role in the success of VigRX Plus male enhancement pill.

Ingredients Of VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is famous for its result oriented and performance enhancing formula.

The main reason behind the same is the usage of accurate ingredients which help in the performance naturally.

The ingredients included in the production of VigRX Plus are as follows.

  1. Damiana

    This is a flower that has been used by people since ages as a natural stress reliever and also something that helps in the sexual problems and boosting the stamina.

    It also promotes oxygen supply in the blood and hence, the organs are able to work efficiently. Damiana also helps in increasing the blood flow to your penis which helps in the erection.

  2. Epimedium Leaf Extract

    The presence of this leaf in VigRX Plus promotes the boosting of libido powers. Helps in fighting the mental fatigue as well.

    Epimedium also has some amazing antioxidant properties which help in the killing of free radicals in your body. It also helps in the better transportation of Nitric Oxide.

  3. Asian Red Ginseng

    It has been used since ages by the Chinese people for boosting the sexual performance and enhancing the libido levels.

    Also, with the reduction of stress levels, it helps remove the performance anxiety and nervousness as well. The usage of this ginseng dates back to 3500 BC.

  4. Muira Puama Bark Extract

    This is a straight performance enhancer in terms of sexual health. Mainly helps in maintaining the better erections levels.

    It is also used in the prevention sexual disorders and boosting the libido levels naturally. The results are quicker and faster when consumed properly and regularly.

  5. Hawthorn Berry

    Berries always carry an anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, wonderful for digestion of food. They also help in the improvement of hair quality.

    With the reduction in stress and performance anxiety it also boosts the libido levels naturally. Hence, it’s usage in VigRX Plus is pretty natural.

  6. Catuaba Bark Extract

    This is another ingredient that is directly extracted form the nature which helps in the better sleep cycle. This indirectly helps in the production of testosterone levels.

    It also works in the improvement of appetite.Which would help in the increase of food consumed. Hence, any nutritional deficiency would be over turned.

  7. Saw Palmetto

    This directly works in the production of testosterone. Hence, it will directly work in the improvement of sexual performance.

    With the enhancement in the urinary tract function, it also helps in the blood flow to your organ. As a result a better erection is maintained.

  8. Ginkgo Biloba

    This is another Chinese herb which is being used since ages. It helps in the improvement of nerve functionality. Increases the quality of erections.

    Also, improves the blood circulation helping the heart and your penis with the fresh oxygenated blood. It also helps in the fight against inflammation.

  9. Bioperine

    Helps in boosting the metabolism. Improving the absorption power of your body so that the nutrients are absorbed.

    Also, helps in the burning of fat contained inside the body to help meet the energy demand. It also helps in the boosting of stamina and erection levels as well.

My Two Cents On VigRX

I, personally started my consumption by keeping a dosage cycle of six months in my mind. Hence, I ordered a full subscription of six months and saved hundreds of dollars.

Since, this was my first dosage cycle, I started pretty slowly.

Once, I was sure of the regular consumption, I started with the two capsules dosage per day.

For the first two weeks, I did not feel anything. But as the third week started, I started noticing my erection levels improving.

My stamina was starting to see new levels. I became really exited.

vigrx plus results

By the time, I came close to the end of 1st month. The effects of VigRX Plus were pretty much evident. I was able to satisfy my partner to the fullest.

My stamina increased. And, I was able to last longer in bed. After such a long time I was feeling completely satisfied and it was the same case with my partner as well.

Listing below some of the benefits that I noticed in the consumption cycle.

Benefits Of VigRX Plus

  1. Increase In The Stamina

    This was one of the initial changes that was felt by me initially. Since, my ED was for prolonged period of time. But when I felt some changes.

    They were pretty much noticeable. My sexual performance saw new heights. Me, along with my partner were satisfied and it was a great change.

  2. Increased Erection Time

    Another great benefit that I noticed with the proper consumption of VigRX Plus was increased in the timing of erection.

    Since, the concentration of Nitric Oxide was increased in the body, it leads to better blood circulation. Hence, the blood flow to the penis increases and it leads to a better erection.


  3. Frequent & Powerful Orgasm

    Since there was an increase in the natural testosterone levels, the quality of orgasm was improved significantly.

    The best thing was the increase in the number of orgasms along with the proper erections. This was one of the key changes that lead to better satisfaction for my partner.

  4. Confidence Boost

    Due to VigRX Plus’s natural ingredients, there was a huge improvement in the sexual health. Hence, I was able to satisfy my partner to the fullest.

    This lead to an amazing confidence boost that I was able to carry. It improved my relationship with my partner as well.

My Dosage Levels OF VigRX Plus

As instructed by my nutritionist, I started with only 1 capsule per day for the first two weeks.

According to her, it was the “waiting period” during which we should wait and check if the body is showing any signs of side effects.

At the end of two weeks, everything went normal. Hence, there were no side effects.

As a result of which, I started with the increased and recommended consumption of 2 capsules per day from the third week.

Side Effects

Since, I discussed my male enhancement consumption with my nutritionist, she charted out specific diet according to the dosage intake.

Hence, I stuck with the diet and started hitting gym as well to stimulate natural testosterone levels.

Hence, during my consumption cycle of VigRX, there were no side effects.

But I was able to feel great satisfaction and confidence within myself.

Quick Review - VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is one of the most trusted and powerful male enhancement pill that has been consumed by thousands of men to enhance their sexual performance.

It’s all natural ingredients help in boosting the sexual health which ultimately leads to a better erection, powerful orgasm and boost in confidence levels as well.


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