Total War Review – Insane Pre-Work Out Supplement By RedCon1

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This is a Total War review which claims to be a multi-ingredient pre-workouts supplement in the market today. It is offered by RedCon1.

I have personally tested this by adding it in my pre-work supplements list.

The major problem while using a single  pre-workout for longer duration is, its tolerance naturally builds and your performance may begin to stagnate.

Therefore, seasoned bodybuilders and athletes often combine various supplements during different workouts cycles to get the best results. RedCon1 Total War isn’t as popular as Amped AF or Backed Up from Das Labs. However, it is still one of the top-rated pre-workouts with amazing results and science-backed formula.

Here is a brief review of the pre-workout supplement, including its ingredients, how it works, the pros and cons.

What Is Total War Used For?

Total War is a typical hardcore pre-workout supplement that provides an astonishing boost in energy, augmented workout intensity and increased blood flow.

It combines various ingredients that have the scientific backing for the roles they play in the formula. The ingredients increase blood circulation to the muscles, pumps, energy production and better absorption of other compounds.

The combined effect includes explosive energy boost and improved workout performance. It is also available in seventeen different flavors featuring some popular compounds you will find in reputable pre-workout brands.

How Does Total War By RedCon1 Work?

Total War provides is a unique alternative in boosting your workout performance and it is common among those shedding extra weight. You can still use it for gains, although there are better options. Total War is ideal for a quick energy surplus. 


The main active ingredients in this pre-workout include:

Ingredients - RedCon total War

Is Total War By RedCon1 Safe?

RedCon1 Total War users, have shown fantastic muscle pumps, which draws many to this pre-workout.

It supercharges your energy tanks allowing you to work harder, take in more reps and endure more strenuous workouts.

It is ideal for all kinds of physical and athletic performances, including gym workouts, track, and extreme sports, among others.

The supplement takes around thirty minutes to kick in and provide a solid hour or maximum performance.

By improving blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles, the pre-workout instantly boosts energy production that can last up to 2 hours before the effects fully wear out. It is generally considered safe and boasts the following merits.

Is Total War Backed By Science ?

Total War features natural ingredients with backing from science and has a growing reputation among users.

You can quickly understand how this formula works to boost your workout intensity.

While not as potent as popular steel pre-workouts, Total War offers an incredible energy boost and has shown excellent results from users.

You can research the role of each ingredient and there aren’t any hidden compounds.

Natural ingredients also mean fewer side effects, although it is essential to see a physician before taking pre-workouts, especially if you have underlying medical conditions.

Total War by RedCon1 Benefits

Besides supercharging your energy reserves, Total War stimulates the brain and heightens your attention allowing you to concentrate on the moves and endure much longer.

Concentration is vital when working out, not only to prevent injuries but also to ensure you achieve all movements in perfect formation. It also prevents you from working out past your hypertrophy and suffering unnecessary complications.

Total War is designed to aid focus and concentration during the workout and the elevated awareness remains hours after your session.

Intense workouts will leave your muscle fibres broken and damaged, resulting in fatigue and pain. Total War formula has the natural process to repair muscles with bigger and healthier versions.

Total War formula is associated with no post-workout crash and has soothing effects that reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. You still need sufficient rest and proper nutrition for quick recovery. However, this pre-workout won’t leave you feeling worn out like traditional DMAAs.

Pros & Cons



Dosage Information For Total War

Total War comes as a powdered supplement that requires pre-mixing with water.

Upon purchase, you get a bottle that contains 30 servings of the formula.

The recommendable dosage is one serving per day, although you can start with a lower dose if you are new to pre-workouts or sensitive to caffeine.

Since it has moderate amounts of caffeine, the supplement isn’t extremely potent, so most users will be fine with doses ½ or one scoop.

Mix the supplement with 200 or 300ml of water and drink roughly 30 minutes before you start your workouts.

You can take the dose before you start the warm-up.

Downsides and Side Effects

RedCon1 Total War has been around for quite some time and while it trails popular brands, it is still trendy for obvious reasons.

It serves the primary purpose and can significantly increase workout intensity as well as performance.

However, Total War isn’t designed for muscle growth, so you will only experience marginal gains unless you combine it with other bulking strategies.

Some of the seventeen flavors are also displeasing to users. As such, you should pick your favourite for a start.

Some of the side effects associated with this pre-workout include: light headache and nausea to caffeine-sensitive users.


Total War offers a great pre-workout supplement that can boost your energy levels when looking to supercharge your workout intensity and performance.

Its potency makes it ideal for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts, athletes and bodybuilders. It is also safe, with fewer side effects compared to other offers.

However, it is advisable to consult your physician to determine whether the supplement is safe.

It is also essential to find reputable retailers that can provide genuine quality pre-workouts from the manufacturer. RedCon1 Total War is among the most trusted affordable pre-workout that has produced amazing results for users.

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