Top Best SARMs For Cutting And BodyBuilding

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Are you a bodybuilder who wants to build lean body mass and shedding additional pounds? Well, being a bodybuilder, you must also want to know about those SARMs that could yield you positive outcomes and that too at a rapid pace. Agree?

In actual fact, there are certain SARMs you can get benefit from for fulfilling your specific bodybuilding goals. To facilitate you further in this regard, we’re going to reveal those potential SARMs below. But before coming to the point, let’s shed some light on SARMs first.  

Selective androgen receptor modulators, also known as SARMs, are compounds that bind to androgen receptors in the tissues of our body selectively. This way, they help in manipulating our natural hormonal levels.

Just as testosterone signals our body for growth, androgens signal the body for making modifications. 

In fact, SARMs are capable of specifically giving a boost to some of the signals through binding to some of the receptors receiving those hormonal messages.

Nonetheless, SARMs only bind to selective receptors, i.e., receptors in muscle tissue and bone tissue. This selectivity in the nature of SARMs allows you to get highly specific results.

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Now, let’s come to the point.

Best SARMs For Cutting And BodyBuilding

Top SARMs For Bodybuilding And Cutting

  1. Ostarine-MK 2866

    Surprisingly, Ostarine has shown promising effects for bodybuilding.

    Initially, Ostarine was developed to treat certain health conditions, such as bone and muscle wasting.

    Ostarine upsurges nitrogen and protein levels in the system, which are musculature’s main building blocks.

    As being a selective modulator, it targets the muscle and bone receptor cells. That’s what makes it the best option for building and safeguarding muscle tissues without fluid retention.

    Since athletes restrict their calories while cutting, their caloric/energy expenditure becomes more than their caloric intake. Actually, this can be risky for hard-earned muscle mass.

    So, combining a high protein diet with MK 2866 is beneficial for protecting your muscles as well as metabolism. On the one hand, doing so will let you lose fat. On the other hand, you will achieve a lean muscle mass.

    In addition to cutting, MK 2866 is also effective for bulking.

    What About Stacking? Since Ostarine is less potent than other SARMs, it is highly-suitable for newbies. On top of that, stacking it with other SARMs is very easy. In this regard, the most popular combo is Caradrine, Andarine, and Ostarine.

Ostarine-MK 2866

Recommended Dosage
Based on your requirements for building muscle mass as well as losing fat, you can take 10-30 mg Ostarine per day. The ideal Ostarine cycle should last from 8-12 weeks.

  1. Cardarine- GW-501516

    As a matter of fact, Cardarine is not a SARM but a PPAR receptor. For that reason, it attaches itself to peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors and not with androgen receptors.

    Primarily, Cardarine was established as an anti-tumor compound to prevent the production and growth of a number of cancer tumors.

    However, it holds some really positive characteristics for bodybuilders, and that’s why most bodybuilders use it as amongst the safer alternatives of steroids.

    Moreover, GW-501516 supports healthy levels of cholesterol. Over and above that, it helps in the stripping of more fat even when our body is at rest by increasing our basal metabolic rate (BMR).

    It may also give a boost to your energy levels, which you truly need when on a calorie deficit!  What makes Cardarine an all-rounder is its ability to stack with almost anything.

Cardarine- GW-501516

Recommended Dosage
It is advisable to consume 20 mg of GW-501516 daily for a 4-8 week cycle.

  1. Ligandrol- LGD-4033

    With having the support of scientific researches, Ligandrol has made its way to one of the best SARMs for bodybuilding.

    Initially, Ligand Pharmaceuticals formulated Ligandrol for the prevention of muscle wasting as well as muscle atrophy associated with old age and cancer.

    Presently, athletes and bodybuilders are making use of it to build muscle mass and recompose their bodies.

    In comparison to fat, lean muscles utilize more calories when you exercise. This is for the reason that people use Ligandrol for achieving their weight loss goals.

    Noticeably, it is 12x stronger than Ostarine. When talking about stacking, Ligandrol can be better stacked with Ostarine for cutting.

Ligandrol- LGD-4033

Recommended Dosage
To make the most out of Lignadrol, it is advisable to consume 10-20 mg per day.

Key Takeaway
Since Ligandrol is highly potent, beginners should not use it. On average, the Ligandrol cycle lasts between 8-10 weeks.

  1. Stenabolic- SR-9009

    Once again, Stenabolic is not a SARM; instead, it’s a REV-ERB agonist. Furthermore, the primary reason for developing Stenabolic was to study circadian rhythm.

    In the present times, many bodybuilders use Stenabolic for building more muscles. More beneficially, Stenabolic helps in enhancing endurance, which is why it has turned out to be a darling for many bodybuilders.

    Apart from that, Stenabolic has come up with various science-backed health benefits too. Weight loss, improved heart functioning, reduced anxiety levels, increased alertness, to name a few.

    For making certain modifications to our metabolism, the rev-Erb-α gene is responsible for different functions. It plays its role by controlling circadian rhythms and raising mitochondria’s number in the cells.

    In this way, it boosts your energy boost by utilizing fat stores and increasing your metabolism. What’s more? It activates your metabolism even when your body is at rest to facilitate in burning more fat.

    Likewise, Cardarine, Stenabolic can be stacked with almost anything.

SR9009 Stenabolic Review

Recommended Dosage
On average, you need to take 20-30 mg Stenabolic each day for an 8-week cycle.

Take-Home Message

Regardless of the positive outcomes that the above-stated SARMs bring about, they can have certain side effects. To avoid them, you need to take these SARMs only as per the recommended daily dosage. On the flip side, overdoing their daily dosages can take a toll on your health.

Also, if you are suffering from any medical condition, do not consume any drug for fulfilling your bodybuilding goals prior to consulting your doctor. It’s because we care for your good health and always strive to keep your health at its best.    

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Ostarine-MK 2866
Cardarine- GW-501516
Ligandrol- LGD-4033
Stenabolic- SR-9009

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