Testogen Reviews – Here Are My Crazy Results With This T-Booster

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There are a few  TestoGen reviews available on the internet which will talk about personal consumption stories. This TestoGen review is one of them.

As here, I will try my best to answer your questions like What is TestoGen, How TestoGen works, What are the ingredients Of TestoGen.

At the same time, will also make you aware of the few steps that I incorporated into my normal life, at the time of TestoGen consumption.

Everyone that goes to the gym or is training to be fit or a professional bodybuilder is well versed with the concept of maintaining adequate levels of testosterone levels.

Hence, you also might be looking for better and better products that can improve your testosterone levels naturally. In the process, you might have consumed some products which did not yield appropriate results.

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For this very reason, you are here on this article looking for a TestoGen review and trying to understand its functionality.

I personally started with the consumption of TestoGen after trying a bunch of testosterone boosters. The results from previous testosterone boosting pills were okay but nothing extraordinary about them.

Since I take PCT after every substance consumption, As soon as I finished my PCT, I started with the consumption of this Testosterone booster.

The initial week 2 weeks consumption was really smooth with the lower amount of dosage. I started to see some results kick in.

Prior to taking my personal consumption story forward, let’s look at some of the basic information about this amazing natural testosterone booster.

TestoGen is a natural testosterone booster that could help you with some amazing results.

It is a capsule that contains all the natural testosterone boosting ingredients and needs to be taken orally.

With the proper dosage consumption and with the help of strict diet and a good workout schedule, you would be able to gain some amazing muscle.

Other benefits include, increment in the libido levels along with the improvement in the sexual performance as well.

best natural testosterone booster - TestoGen

Hence, you would be able to feel the over all growth of your physique and an uptrend in the sexual performance with no side effects involved in most of the cases.

Let us now look at over all functionality of TestoGen and try to understand how actually it works in enhancing the levels of testosterone in your body.

How Testogen Works ?

The procedure through which TestoGen works is pretty easy to understand.

It helps your body generate more testosterone in a really natural way without the involvement of any side effects.

In reality, the capsule does not contain any testosterone, moreover it contains ingredients that are combined using scientific and experimental formula so that your body produces testosterone naturally.

TestoGen also stimulates gonads (Leydig tissues in men) which produces testosterone, hence increasing the amount of testosterone production naturally.

Now that we know, how TestoGen works, let us know take a look at the all important ingredients involved in the production of TestoGen.

TestoGen Ingredients

All the credit of success TestoGen needs to be given to the combination if natural ingredients involved. These ingredients in the right quantity stimulate the glands in producing more testosterone.

  1. D-Aspartic Acid

    One of the main ingredients involved in the production is D-Aspartic amino acid. It is not involved in the protein formation, but is directly responsible for improving the quality of muscles gains.

    It also helps in enhancing the testosterone productions as well. Helps in reducing the tiredness along with the improvement in stamina levels.

    The connection between D-Aspartic and testosterone study could be read here.

  2. Magnesium

    One of the essential minerals in the production of testosterone is magnesium. It also acts as an Anti-Inflammatory substance, hence killing all the free radicals.

    It helps in fighting depression and also increases the gym performance in terms of exercises.

  3. Vitamin D3

    This amazing vitamin is also one of the main stimulating agent in the production of testosterone. Hence, it becomes really essential to have this vitamin-D in your regular diet.

    It also helps in the absorption of Calcium and phosphorus which ultimately boosts the immune system as well.

  4. Nettle Leaf Extract

    Nettle Leaf Extract is another great herb that has been used since ages in improving the sexual performances in men. It also helps in lowering of blood sugar as well.

    Improvement in the blood pressure is another functionality. Also, this extract binds itself with SHGB, hence the wastage f testosterone is reduced.

  5. Korean Red Ginseng

    Its main property is if anti-inflammatory. Along with the anti oxidant property, it helps in boosting the libido levels.

    This type of ginseng also promotes the feel good factor and reduces the sexual performance stress as well.

  6. Fenugreek Extract

    It is an old Indian herb used to initiate the metabolism rate. It produces heat to increase the rate of metabolism and help sin the absorption of essential nutrients as well.

    Fenugreek extract also helps in the improvement in the stamina and strength levels. Hence, you would be able to increase the number of reps in the gym with the higher weights.

    It also helps in the improvement of male libido. Click here for research work on the same.

  7. Vitamin K1

    Keeping your bones healthy also is a vital part of TestoGen functionality. Hence, it’s the vitamin K1 that helps in the same.

    Vitamin K1 also helps in the absorption of vitamin D to stimulate the production of testosterone. This is really essential combination to have in TestoGen.

  8. Vitamin B6

    It is a great mood improvement vitamin. Also, it helps in combating tiredness which is really essential if you are a body builder.

    This property will make sure that you are giving your 100% and continuing your journey towards the ideal physique.

  9. Zinc

    Another essential nutrient for the production of testosterone is Zinc. It helps in the absorption of other nutrients. Which ultimately kills any nutrient deficiency that you r body might have.

    It also helps in increasing sperm count. Hence, your over all sexual health will be increased with the help of TestoGen.

  10. Boron

    It helps in the brain functionality. Blood flow is improved. Vitamin D deficiency is fulfilled with the help of this amazing mineral.

    Helps in the improvement in the metabolism as well. Which ultimately reduces the deficiency of any vitamin due to high absorption rate and also help sin reduction of fat.

  11. Bioperine

    It is derived from black pepper. Indians have been using black pepper to improve the sexual stamina since ages. Hence, the inclusion of this amazing substance was must in TestoGen.

My Personal Journey With TestoGen

As mentioned in the initial part, that first couple of weeks with low dosage were great.

Slowly and steadily I started seeing some positive changes. As I increased my dosage levels to the standard prescribed dosage, I saw a complete shift.

Personally, I was able to notice the sudden rush of testosterone. As I was able to lift heavier weights. My cardio stamina increased.

I was able to run for longer distance. And the best part was “improvement in my sexual performance”.

Below are some of the summarized benefits of my TestoGen consumption journey.

  1. Saw Improvement In Quality Muscle Growth

    Since, I was looking for this effect, hence I noticed these changes really quickly. From the fourth week, I could see the changes in the muscle growth.

    This was only possible because the number of reps increased, and I was able to continue my gym schedule for a longer period of time.

    This was after heavy weight lifting. As I increased the amount of weights that I used to lift normally. Hence, these changes made me really very satisfied.

  2. Reduction In Rigid Body Fat

    There was an amazing reduction in the body fat. Which was not at all anticipated by me. I was able to see the fat reduction in specific part of the body.

    testogen testosterone booster for fat loss

    Although, I was not working on high intensity training. I only increased my weights. Even then, there was a gradual decrease in the fat levels.

  3. Increase in Performance

    There was an uptrend in the performance. Here I mean by both type of performance. Performance in gym & performance in bed as well.

    In the gym, I was able to increase my weight lifting powers also, increased my gym duration and added new exercises for daily workout.

    In terms of sexual performance, I was able to last longer and was able to satisfy my partner for the longer period of time.

  4. Increment In Libido Levels

    During this period, some time I felt as if I am reliving me twenties. I was able to manage huge performance benefits out of TestoGen in terms of performance in bed.

    I never felt out of stamina during the act, the performance was ever-increasing. As I became regular with the consumption, I was touching new heights. Hence, it was just an amazing experience.

My Dosage - TestoGen

I personally started with low and slow dosage. As with the case in any of the substance consumption.

With 2 capsules per day for the first two weeks, I started my TestoGen journey.

This was just to make sure that I did not face any side effect. Since, TestoGen is a natural testosterone booster, I was not very skeptical about it.

But it was just a routine thing for me, hence I followed the same.

As I saw the performance kick in and noticed initiation of muscle growth, I increased my dosage to 4 capsules per day which is recommended dosage fronm the third week.

Side Effects

This was not the first testosterone booster that I was trying. Hence, I knew a thing or two about these boosters.

I personally never faced any side effects with anyone.

Same was the case with TestoGen as well. On the other hand, I was surprised with the quick functionality of TestoGen.

The results were pretty noticeable from the 4th week of consumption.

For this very reason, I became a great fan of TestoGen.

Quick Review - TestoGen

TestoGen is one of the most effective natural testosterone booster. With all the natural ingredients, you would be able to notice quick results and in a really safe manner.

Hence, if you are looking for boosting your testosterone levels and want to gain quality muscle and boost your sexual performance, then TestoGen could be your go to substance.


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