Superdrol Review – Is Methasterone The Strongest Oral ?

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Superdrol (Methasterone) is a considered to be one of the prohormones. In reality it is androgenic anabolic in nature.

It is extremely strong and has amazing effects on our body. For this very reason it is regarded as one of the strongest of the lot.

It’s composition has been designed as such that it will initiate the body building naturally with the help of enhanced  lean muscle mass and strength.

Superdrol Overview

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Awesome Benefits

Benefits of Superdrol

One of the USP of this product is its effectiveness in the muscle building and providing it with the all required strength during the workout.

Also, it stimulates the increase of the muscle tissue and their full and proper development. The strength part of the muscle tissue is increased from the first cycle itself and people report that they gaind somewhere around 10lbs of muscle mass.


Other positive feedback includes muscle hardening and increase in vascularity. As a result of which you will not only be able to lift higher weights and train yourself for longer period of time, but you will also look to be bigger and fuller.

Another positive effect that it provides to the users is, it helps your body recover from the workout wear and tear. Muscles tend to recover very easily when they are in the consumption cycle of Superdrol.

Superdrol Cycle Information

Superdrol has one of the simplest of the dosage cycles. As it is required in very mild quantity. A single cycle lasts for atleast 4-6 weeks.

A higher dosage or prolonged cycle might affect your liver. Hence, it is always recommended that you take a small dosage along with a short cycle.

A single cycle would help you pack anywhere from 10-20lbs of lean muscle mass.

Dosage Recommendation

  • As stated above, the dosage of Superdrol needs to be mild in nature. Hence, you need to stick with : 10-20mg/day.
  • Even the most experienced body builders have the same amount of dosage. As a higher dosage of Superdrol could be harmful for your body.
  • You need to divide the dosage intake throughout the day, by doing so you will not exert much pressure on your lungs and at the same time your body will be able to take all the nutrients from the dosage.

New Superdrol: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticalur

This product is different from the previous Superdrol, and it is more strong than the old one. Currently, it is one of the strongest Prohormones available in the market.

The old Superdrol was more harmful and did not help much in the body building. Also the new variation helps in lean muscle building, which is just an amazing add on from the previous one.

The users of the new Superdrol have stated that they did not get to feel any sideeffects once they started with the cycle. Also, ot helped them in increasing  muscle mass and gaining strength and power.

If you use it according to the instructions properly, we are sure you will get your desired results soon.

Sale of Superdrol

Currently, the availability of new Superdrol is only with the authorised vendor Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticalur. There are other unauthorised vendors but you can’t trust them that what they are selling.

If you buy it from an unknown source, maybe that product will harm your health. is also selling Superdrol.

If you want to purchase, you can easily purchase online from here. But, always be very careful in using Superdrol or using any product. Your health is important from anything.


Increase Raw Power
Accelerate Muscle Growth
Muscle Hardening Effects
Increased Vascularity


Yes, it is safe, if taken in a diluted quantity with a reduced cycle.

It should be taken orally along with water or a protein shake.

Mild dosage of 10-20 md/day. It should be divided into 2-3 servings per day.

There are no offline vendors. While you my purchase the same from online vendor such as My Suppliment Store.

Superdrol Overview

superdrol image

Awesome Benefits

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