SR9009 Review – Stenabolic Dosage, Benefits Results And Risks

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sr-9009Adding my personal consumption story about SR9009, also known as stenabolic.

A few months ago, I was searching for a new substance to experiment with. I was looking for something that is able to boost my stamina, elevate my endurance level and also induce a fat loss process.

Post hearing these properties, one of my gym mate suggested me to go for SR9009 or Stenabolic.

At that point of time, I was not aware of SR9009. Hence, as usual I did my own research and after getting satisfactory answers to my question.

I decided in the favor of trying this substance on me, so that I can experiment it on my body and able to feel it’s positive and negative effects on myself.

For the next 8 weeks, I dedicated myself to this substance. Followed my strict workout schedule. Got myself a proper diet chart from my dietitian specifically for stenabolic cycle.

Happy to notify you that, I have successfully completed my 8-week cycle recently and hence, writing my personal SR9009 review for educational purposes.

Curious to know more about it?

Well, before diving in to my story, let me help you with a brief introduction of what exactly SR9009 (stenabolic) is.

For the most basic part, SR9009 or Stenabolic is a synthetic drug that was developed to study the circadian rhythm.

Adding more to this, Stenabolic gets attached to the Rev-ErbA proteins in the human body. By doing so, it fosters the building of more muscles as well as the creation of more muscle tissues.

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Due to its direct-acting ability on protein, Stenabolic is much more effective in comparison to any other SARM.

SR9009 Stenabolic Review

Need more information on SR9009, you may check out this article from the official government website PubChem.

Apart from that, Stenabolic comes with many other benefits for human health too. So, let’s walk you through the science-backed benefits of Stenabolic.

Science-Backed Benefits Of Stenabolic

Now, let us find out the potential health benefits of Stenabolic. 

Are you a fitness enthusiast who yearns to hit the gym hard? How about getting help from endurance-enhancer Stenabolic?

It’s interesting to know that a one-month consumption of SR9009 caused an enhancement in endurance in mice. They covered more distance as well as ran for a longer time in comparison to the control ones.

You may refer to this article for detailed experiment on mice. Under this, it has been noted that SR9009 enables REV-ERB, which increases the exercise capacity of mice.

What’s more? By autophagy genes repression, Stenabolic gave a boost to the number of active and total mitochondria in muscle cells according to the same research.

According to an animal-based study, Stenabolic caused a reduction in lung inflammation in rats. Moreover, it did so by diminishing the formation of TNF-alpha.

In another animal-based study, researchers observed a reduction in the formation of inflammatory molecules in nerve cells of rats.

Did you know that high levels of blood cholesterol can lead to a stroke or heart attack? Well, this is extremely worrisome for people experiencing elevated cholesterol levels. This is where Stenabolic can help you in having reduced cholesterol levels. In fact, some animal-based clinical studies are there backing cholesterol-lowering effects of Stenabolic. 

In an animal-based study, consumption of Stenabolic for eight weeks brought about a reduction in triglycerides and total blood cholesterol levels.

Did you know that most of the population of the world lives in countries where obesity and overweight put more individuals to death than underweight?

Nevertheless, obesity is preventable by making healthy modifications in your lifestyle. In this regard, Stenabolic can also contribute to weight loss.   

Notably, several clinical studies have been shown positive effects of stenabolic for losing weight. In an animal-based study, there occurred a reduction in fat mass, which led to a weight loss in mice. Adding more to this, the mice were given injections of SR9009 for a week. However, it did not affect food intake.

Likewise, there occurred a 60% loss of weight in a diet-induced obese mice who was having injections of SR9009 for a month. More interestingly, there also occurred a reduction in her total cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin, and free fatty acids levels.

Researchers observed that a 7-week consumption of Stenabolic caused a reduction in the blood vessel lesion’s size in genetically modified mice who were vulnerable to the hardening of arteries. However, their body weight, food intake, and levels of blood fat remained unaffected.

What’s more? Researchers also encountered improvement in heart function in both and genetically modified and normal old mice who were getting injections of Stenabolic injections for 28 days.

Did you know about the most common mental disorder in the United States? Shockingly, its anxiety, putting an impact of 40 million adults in the U.S.

Are you also one of those individuals? And want to get rid of those blue feels? Once again, the very promising Stenabolic is there to facilitate you. 

In animal-based research, scientists encountered a reduction in behavior similar to anxiety in mice who were having the injections of SR9009 twice daily for 3-10 days. In this regard, the efficacy of Stenabolic was similar to that of a benzodiazepine.

It can cause a reduction in tissue damage according to animal-based research.

Last but not least, Stenabolic can increase alertness and wakefulness as per animal-based studies. 

What About The Recommended Dosage?

In an 8-week Stenabolic cycle, the recommendation is to consume 20-30 mg each day. Don’t forget to take a break of 8-weeks too.

Sr9009 results

What About The Downside of Stenabolic?

As long as you keep with the recommended amount of Stenabolic, you will experience no side effects. Nevertheless, exceeding the limit can cause you the following side effects:

Since Stenabolic is also known for fast muscle-building capabilities, it can cause muscle swelling, cramps as well as aches.  

Higher dosages of Stenabolic can cause headaches and nausea. 

Some other side effects of Stenabolic, in case of exceeding the suggested limit, are inclusive of deficiency of protein within your body and diarrhea.

There are well documented side effects and other long term issues listed by various organizations all round the world. You may refer to this article for more info on the same.

SR9009 Cycle - My Personal Take

Initially when I started with my SR9009 cycle, I made sure that I am giving my 100% in terms of strict workout schedule and balanced diet along with proper nutritious food.

I started with little dosages in the initial first week. This was just to check and rule out any possibilities of side effects.

From the second week, I increased my dosage to 20 mg per day. And this was same for the whole 8-week cycle. I personally never believe in higher dosage of any substance.

Since, I believe in controlled usage and experiment. Hence, I always stick to my low to medium dosage levels.

From second week itself, I started noticing some positive changes. My weight lifting capacities started increasing. As I deliberately tried to lift heavier weights and I was successful in doing so.

I was able to run for longer period of time and hence my endurance power also saw a positive movement.

Personally speaking, I was happy with the positive changes in my second week of SR9009 cycle.

Post second week is where things started taking a U turn. From third week till the last week (8th week). I literally felt nothing.

The upward trend in my performance at the gym was stagnant. I saw no changes post third week in myself. The weight lifting was at the same level.

There were no signs of lean muscle gains. Also, there was little to no fat loss.

Be mindful that, I was still taking the same dosage levels. Still stuck with the same workout routine. Was continuing the same diet that I received from my dietitian.

You might be thinking, why didn’t I try increasing the dosage levels ? Well, it’s a matter of personal choice. There are many other substances which provide exceptional results with the same dosage levels. Sometime even lower dosage levels.

For this very reason, I did not move forward in other direction.

Legal Alternate To Stenabolic

Officially, Stenabolic is not approved by FDA. Hence, there is no point in consuming the same. Since there are number of side effects that you could be exposed to, if you are using these substances.

Also, I personally tested it on myself risking my body and health. Just to find out that the advantage of consuming Sr9009 are highly exaggerated.

As a result you may try other legal steroids that provide tons of benefits  and are side effect free, legally approved as well.

One such legal steroid is Testo Max. I personally noticed more benefits in the 8week consumption cycle of testo-max.

It made me gain some awesome quality lean muscle mass. Also, there was a natural boost in testosterone levels which promoted amazing fat reduction process.

Also, my workout strength was almost doubled and there was a great increment in my endurance levels.

Hence, in future I would recommend testo-max to every one as a legal alternate to stenabolic or SR9009.


The Bottom Line

A number of animal-based studies are there supporting the efficacy of Stenabolic for various purposes. This is inclusive of weight loss, increased endurance, improved functioning of heart, lower cholesterol levels, to name a few.

Nevertheless, currently, no human-based researches are available, backing the role of Stenabolic for providing certain health benefits.

Over and above this, consuming this drug in higher dosages than the recommended ones can lead to several side effects. For that reason, not abiding by the suggested amount can take a toll on your health.

Also, SR9009 has been added in the list of prohibited substances by WADA. You may check out the same using this link.

Bear in mind that your health is most important. Thus, playing with it or compromising it for the sake of losing weight rapidly or boosting endurance faster can put you in trouble.  

More importantly, individuals who are going through any health condition need to consult their physician prior to consuming Stenabolic.

SR9009 (Stenabolic) Review

Enhance Endurance
Increase Fat Loss
Supercharge Stamina & Power
Preserve Muscle Mass

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