Sinrex Review: Is It A Male Enhancement Black Marketing?

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In this Sinrex review, I talk about this dietary supplement. I was using this dietary product as well in order to improve my sexual abilities.

As a result, I talk about my own consumption story in this Sinrex review. Not to miss, you would be able to find the results as well that I noticed in me during the consumption period.

To add to this, I have also discussed some of the basic information that is pretty essential to be known when it comes to this Sinrex review.

Hence, you should definitely read this one until the very end.

sinrex reviewIf you start reading about male enhancement supplements, there is a good possibility that you may come across Sinrex.

The product has been advertised by makers in an interesting manner with claims that the product contains 17 ingredients. This is said to be more than any other product in this market.

What else would you find in these advertisements about Sinrex?

The makers of this product say that Sinrex could aid you with better ejaculation, an erection that is hard and strong and these benefits might come with an overall increase in sex drive.

The manufacturers of the product also say that Sinrex could help you with an increase in the pleasure you experience during orgasms and may as well improve your overall sexual performance many folds.

These claims have made the product one among the extremely popular sex enhancement pills for men. For this very reason, several people suffering from sexual issues are giving this product a try.

What Could Sinrex Really Offer To Its Consumers?

The primary results that the product claims to deliver are a larger and thicker penis. This is one thing you may be looking forward to.

Sinrex could also give you lasting satisfaction with a strong and long-lasting erection. A long and strong erection is necessary for you and your partner so as to experience a pleasurable sex life.

The product could also help you experience intense orgasms making the experience of sexual intercourse more desirable for you.

All these results which the product claims to offer could turn out to be an amazing relief for people who have had problems when it comes to sexual performance.

The manufacturers also claim that the product is made for a different group of men who could belong to varied age groups.

Also, it could turn out beneficial for you even if you have faced anxiety issues due to your sexual performance.

In case you are facing the issue of premature ejaculation, the makers claim that they have designed the product in such a manner that it could help you out as well.

How Does Sinrex Works?

If you read about the product and the results it claims, it is important to understand how it could work.

The makers say the product could give you these benefits by working on several different levels, which may be categorized as such.

Firstly the blood flow to your penis might be increased and this could end up increasing the penis’s size.

Also, this increased blood flow if continues for a long time aided by continuous use of the product, you could experience a stronger erection that might be sustained for as long as you want.

The makers also say that if you continue using the product regularly along with penis exercise you might experience a permanent increase in the length of your penis.

The product is also said to contain aphrodisiacs which could directly enhance your sexual stamina and libido.

Ingredients Used In Sinrex Production

If you wish to know what is the exact content of Sinrex, what all ingredients are present, and in what concentration? I assure you this would be a hard nut for you to crack.

If you visit the official website of Sinrex you would not find the concentration of the ingredients present, nor could you be sure if the list given contains all the ingredients present in the compound.

This is where the issues with Sinrex start to appear.

Still, let us talk about the ingredients that we know are present in SinRex (Concentrations cannot be confirmed)


  • Copper Chelate

    This is no enhancement product for men if we talk about direct action but it does serve several coronary issues.
    Also, the cholesterol level and utilization are managed by this product. This strength of copper comes to aid when you talk about erectile functionality and this might be the reason behind copper.

  • Creatine

    Creatine too is not a sexual enhancement compound for men for it is not confirmed if the compound shows any such effect.
    It is generally used to build muscles and thus is a well-known ingredient present in products designed to aid athletic performance.

  • Maca Root

    It is a herb known to increase the brain’s activity related to sexual thoughts and also aids blood circulation to genitals thus improving erection as an aftermath. This is the reason we find maca root over here.

  • Saw Palmetto

    This could be used as an aid to erectile health for people who have prostate issues that might hinder erection as it is clinically tested for the shrinking action over the prostate.

  • Soy Protein

    There are no clinically tested benefits that the product seems to deliver in the arena of male sexual enhancement.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

    This could help the brain get more receptive to testosterone. So as to make a small quantity of testosterone enough for a larger action on your body.

My Consumption Experience With Sinrex

I had never experienced sex in my teenage and thus never thought about my penis size or got concerned about it.

Although during my first sexual encounters I got this thing very clear that there was something wrong with my sexual performance.

My erectile issues and premature ejaculation had failed me and thus causing me shame and stress. I was very much in the need to find a solution to this. I started reading about these issues and probable solutions and this is when I came across Sinrex.

I ordered the product for three months of use (smallest concentration offered) online and started with the product, taking one pill from each set as was needed.

I continued with the product for about 2 weeks but could not sense any change in the body also the compound started to make me feel dizzy and there was constant headache and weakness.

I ignored them considering them minor issues, which would be left behind once I get used to the product. Well no, after a month of using this compound I had rashes all over my body and muscle cramps were the new normal.

All these and even after 1 and a half months there still was no benefit. This was the time when I decided against using the product anymore. Thank god I did this before my body suffered something much more serious.

Sinrex Dosage

When it came to daily dosage levels, I made sure that I sticking with the normal daily dosage levels.

Specifically speaking, I was consuming 1 capsule per day as mentioned on the packaging.

Never tried to go overboard with the dosage levels.

Probable Issues Or Cons Associated With Sinrex

As I have already mentioned above that, I also faced some issues with the consumption of Sinrex, for this very reason, I stopped the consumption completely.

The below-listed issues might also happen to you as well.

  • The ingredients present in Sinrex have some similarity with the contents of other such products.
  • On the other hand, the issue is that the problem-causing compounds are not aided with balancing. It might try to cut the negative effects and thus some of them might turn out to be counterproductive and inefficient.
  • If you may start with copper chelate, it is known to cause fluctuations in blood sugar level and muscle aches and also has no direct benefit in sex-related issues.
  • Similarly Creatine too without causing any direct benefit might lead to damaging of heart, liver, and kidney and also lead to gastro issues.
  • Similarly saw palmetto even if we go by its claims is still needed only for people with prostate issues and there are concerns that it might cause erectile dysfunctions.

All these issues might turn out to be matters of great concern when we are not sure about their concentration and have no idea what they are blended with to reduce its ills.

Sinrex Alternatives

Post this disaster experience, I decided to seek some additional help. I talked to one of my friends and he mentioned one of the supplements that he tried.

Hence, he gave me the official website of MaleExtra and requested me to go through the same. I did my basic research and ordered myself a dosage of a couple of three months.

I am currently in the third week of consumption and I have started noticing some of the positive results. My erection levels have started seeing higher time limits.

Personally speaking, I am just loving the consumption of one of the most amazing male enhancement pills.

Final Thought On Sinrex Review

One and half months of using Sinrex and I am sure the product did no good to my body or brought any relief to my sexual issues.

The only thing that I could call a bright side is I was able to withdraw without any kind of permanent damage from the product.

I have decided against using the product even if somebody sends it to me and asks for nothing in return. I still have one and a half months’ worth of dosage left with me.

I am still looking for an option on how to get any kind of return in exchange for that left stock from the makers of this thing.

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