SARMs For PCT – Crazy Results With Post Cycle Therapy Protocol !

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PCT stands for Post Cycle Therapy. If you have completed a cycle of SARMs consumption recently, then it becomes essential for you to initiate a PCT.

As this will provide you all important resistance to your body and will help you body in further growth whenever you need the same.

With PCT, there are number of methods involved. You may find need to do a bit of searching or reading. But since, you are here, I am going to list out PCT technicality for each and every SARM for which PCT has become essential.

During the PCT, I would also recommend you to keep a muscle retainer substance such as Annihilate so that your body keeps the muscle mass that you have build over the time.

Why PCT Is Essential ?

Many of you might be wondering, why do I need to go through a PCT ?

The answer to your question could be simple and complex as well.

The simple answer would be  “It will help your body recover from a cycle of SARMs

The complex answer could be “Since you are taking performance enhancers, they will alter with the natural hormone production of your body and it will not be producing it within the body as it is getting the same from outside. Hence, to break this cycle, you would be needing the help of PCT”

huge pct

How PCT Functions ?

One of the main functions of the PCT is to bring back the natural functionality of the body. Once you are in PCT it will help you in bringing back your testosterone levels up naturally.

Testosterone is a hormone which is responsible for muscle building, sex drive in men.

It’s presence is also essential for bone mass, appropriate fat distribution, growth of quality muscle mass and increase in strength as well.

You can read more about testosterone here.

If you do not put yourself into a PCT, your testosterone levels might not come to normal stage since your body will not be producing the same. In that case you might feel depression, experience fatigue. 

Also, your mind might stop you from working out and that could lead to loosing the all important gained lean muscle mass. Hence, a PCT is one of the most essential step in the body building phase.


There are many PCT compounds that are used by people. But most of those are synthetic drugs and are very harmful for your body. Hence, I will recommend the ones that I personally take.

Nolvadex PCT

Nolvadex is one of the most popular PCT which is recommended by many professional bodybuilders.

It is selective estrogen receptor modulator or SERM. When this compound was initially being prepared, it was supposed to be used for breast cancer treatment and prevention.

One of the most important reason for it’s popularity is its hormone re balancing act. And it brings them back to normal level so that the body functions could take place at a normal rate.


nolva dex

Dosage Information –

You may take the dosage as per the table below.


Also with this dosage amount you can add the Rebirth PCT that will be really beneficial for you as it will calm your hormones down and at the same time bring your libido to a normal levels. Hence your body will feel at ease.

Clomid PCT

Clomid is a hormone stimulant.  It is used to make your body produce more hormone naturally. It clears out blockages from your body where the hormone secreation takes place.

As a result of which your body starts functioning normally. As bringing back hormone levels to the normal stage is essential for your body to function.

With this one it is generally recommended that you take light dosage.


Dosage Information – 

Start the Clomid consumption a week after SARMs cycle. Start with a light dosage of 25mg/day. If you feel that that is enough, you may continue with the same. Or for enhanced results, you may increase the same to 50mg/day as well.


The best was saved for the last. Of all the substances mentioned here, I will put my bet on Rebirth each and every time. This is so because, I have been using this substance for many years now.

I have been a regular subscriber to Huge Supplements  and I was never disappointed by their results.

One of the USP that their product rebirth has, that it has variety of natural ingredients that helps your body to maintain the testosterone levels.


huge pct

Awesome Benefits

Rebirth Ingredient

ingridents profile


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