RAD-140 Review – Testolone Dosage, Results, Cycle & Side-Effects

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rad-140RAD-140 testolone, are you also tired of hearing this word again and again in your bodybuilding circle ?

Do you want to know about the results of consumption of RAD-140, when it comes to body building ?

If you have a yes for an answer,  then prepare yourself for a juicy and informative RAD-140 review. 

Hence,  I will be talking about my personal consumption story here. This would be better than giving you all the biological jargon around the development of RAD-140.

I was also fed up with all the positive stories going around about RAD 140 testolone but nothing to show up in reality.

For this very reason, I challenged myself and made up my mind for trying and testing RAD-140 on myself.

As a result ordered it from the vendor which I use personally for all other SARMs.

Before proceeding with my personal story, let me brief you about RAD-140. And some of its basic functionality.

RAD-140 is one of the safest non-steroidal alternative of androgenic substances.  If you are looking to bulk up really quickly, then you can definitely go for RAD-140.

It is one of the newest SARMs substance. Hence, it is buzzing with a lot of positive feedback. A number of body builders are switching to RAD-140 because of its safe bulking benefits.

Also, many professional body builders consider testolone RAD-140 to be one of the most powerful SARMs substance currently available in the market.

rad-140 benefits

Since, this is a new substance, a lot of research is being done. There are many studies currently going on to gather more information about its usage for different purposes.

Speaking apart from the bodybuilding world. RAD-140 testolone is also being used for treatment of cancer. It is found that it blocks AR-mediated cellular proliferation.

Also, its consumption  results in improved bone density. Reducing the muscle loss and gain in strength in the patients which are suffering with the muscle loss phenomenon.

In some cases, doctors and researchers are also carrying various experiments for finding out more about RAD-140 by using it on patients with cancer cachexia.

Why Did I Use RAD-140 Testolone ?

One of the main reasons of me using the testolone was that, there was its positive buzz. And it was going around for a quite sometime about this new SARMs substance.

Hence, I was not able to control myself. As a result of which I got my hands on it as soon as possible, did my research about the process of consumption and started the same.

Also, it has been noted in many experiments that, RAD-140 is better than a testosterone therapy.

A recent study done in accordance with the guidelines of National Institute of Health standards also proved the same.

Further researches and studies are still in the development stages. Hence, you may look out and expect further positive news on RAd-140 consumption.

These studies about RAD-140 being better in terms of testosterone boosters also led in trying out this substance for the very first time.

My Personal Dosage Information For RAD 140.

Since, this substance was very new and only few people have started their consumption. As a result of which there was very less clarity around the dosage cycle.

Hence, I started with very limited dosage in order to check for any side effects.

My target was to make sure that I do not face any side effects and I can proceed with the consumption cycle of this new SARMs substance.

My dosage for the first week was 10 mg on alternate days.

When I successfully completed my first week without any side effects, I was ready to increase my dosage from 10 mg on alternate days to 10 mg / day from the second week itself.

The same level of dosage was continued till the end of the cycle. As I am never into over doing any substance.

RAD-140 Testolone Benefits

These are some of the points that I personally felt after the 4th week of consumption.

Precautions While Consuming RAD-140 Testolone.

This is one of the most important part that I took care. Hence, you also need to take care of these things if you are looking to start the consumption cycle of RAD-140.

  • The first step was to make sure that I am regularly hitting the gym.
  • I also followed a strict diet charted by my dietitian.
  • I doubled my water intake, just to make sure that I am urinating out all the waste that is generated throughout the day.
  • Following a no alcohol and no smoking pact also helped me a lot during this cycle.
  • Keeping a strict sleeping schedule made sure that I am taking adequate amount of rest and giving enough time to my muscles to recover from the workout.

Stacking RAD-140 (Testolone)

I personally stacked RAD-140 with another personal favorite SARM ligandrol 4033.

This was because I personally wanted a quality muscle growth. Hence, for me testolone acted as the hormone booster and ligandrol helped in the quality muscle growth.

Post stacking, I personally felt like the flood gates to the muscle growth were opened for me.

I was able to lift heavier weights and could easily increase my number of reps. In totality, stacking RAD-140 with ligandrol paid a huge role in the bulking up of muscle tissues.

PCT Post RAD-140.

I personally make sure that I am taking a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after every substance that I take.

Though, RAD-140 does not impact the body hormones as much as steroids. I still would suggest you to go through the PCT.

This will make sure that hormone levels within your body are back to natural levels. And believe me, true results of RAD-140 were visible only during the PCT cycle.

I personally go with the rebirth as my PCT substance. This is because of its zero side effects. I personally order multiple packages for this one. As I always go for a PCT after every substance cycle.

Side Effects Of RAD-140.

As I mentioned in the dosage section. I started with a very low dosage. This was only to test if I face any side effects of testolone consumption.

Hence, I can easily say that there were no side effects during the RAD cycle.

This could have been because of strict gym schedule. Proper diet along with nutrients, proteins and carbs.

Paying attention to my sleep cycle also made my muscle recovery pretty easy.

Another point that could be of importance, I always take PCT after every substance. So that my hormone levels are back to normal.

This also helps a lot whenever you will try out new substances.

RAD 140 Summary


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