Quick Extender Pro Review – Here Are The Results In 6 Months

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This article on Quick Extender Pro Review covers my personal journey word by word from the day I thought of using penis extender to finally seeing my penis extending in size and width.

Hence, if you are looking for any type of guidance in the form of personal experience then you may read this Quick Extender Pro review article till the very end.

I am no expert in this field, but I am sharing my personal experiences and what all I went through during this phase.

Finally, I have tried to express my feelings about Quick Extended Pro and what was it like to see the extended penis at the end and enjoy the results of all the hard work with my partner.

quick extender pro

Initially I was not aware that my penis is kind of below average length. Also, I never had any serious relationship hence, I never got the chance to explore as well.

It was my early twenties that I fell in love with a girl and I started dating her. For the first time of sexual intercourse everything went unnoticed.

But as the time passed by, my girlfriend mentioned these issues in front of me. And I was kind of taken aback. Personally speaking, I also felt a little pain sometimes, but I ignored the same.

Later I realized, it was due to my curved penis.

Since, I believe in overcoming situations, I researched about all kind of male enhancements and suddenly I had Quick Extender Pro in front of me.

I researched about the same and finally concluded that there is nothing unnatural about this device and I can certainly give it a try.

As a result, I ordered it from  its official website and received within a week and started using the same.

Quick Extender Pro is one of the top rated penis extender. It has become a go-to choice for a number of men when it comes to extending their penises.

The reason behind its success is the triple benefit. It helps with the penis enlargement as well as with the issue like curved penis along with Peyronie’s disease.

For these very reasons and performance in the improvement of penis structure, it has been one of the widely used penis extender throughout the world.

Also, there has been upsurge in the usage of Quick Extender Pro because it also is being recommended by sexologist in the place of pills that causes side effects when used for extending penis.

Having said that, let us now focus on the working principles of Quick Extender Pro.

How Quick Extender Pro Works

The functionality of Quick Extender Pro is pretty simple and straight forward.

Also, the whole process through which penis extender works is also approved and recognized by various governmental organizations as well.

You may check about the same using this link.

The functionality is basically divided into three major parts. Same are listed below step by step.

  1. Penis Traction

    The first step is to start wearing the device for about 5-6 hours a day if you seriously want to notice any major changes. All you need to do is to apply a little stretching tension by using the adjustable rods in the device.

    penis traction

    This particular process of providing tension to the penis is referred to as “penis traction”. You need not worry about any of the issues or worries related to pain and interference.

    As this process if pretty painless and does not cause any interference in the day-to-day activities. I, personally did not feel any changes or any kind of hindrance in my daily life.

  2. Initiation Of Microscopic Tear

    After a period of initial days, your penis will face some very granular and microscopic wear and tear. This will not be visible to the naked eye, but you will be using it regularly, this process will continue.

    microscopic Tear

    As soon as your body will see gaps and holes created by the tissue tear, it will rush to fill those gaps and multiply the number of cells present there.

    This creation of cells and the repair of tissues is referred to as “mitosis” which is followed by “cytokinesis”.

  3. Cell Division

    This process is the third phase. As in this phase your penis will get used to the process of healing and it will automatically promote the cell division.

    cell division

    This cell division is pretty healthy as it will promote creation of new cells which will trigger new energy and increase the structure of penis.

  4. Expected Results

    In this phase you would be able to feel the natural enlargement occurring within your penis. This whole process is pretty painless and you need not worry about anything.

    final result

    Another thing that is worth mentioning is that you would be able to control the level of stretching that you need with your Quick Extender Pro.

    Hence, each and everything would be in your control and there is absolutely need to be fearful about the same.

  5. Continued Usage

    Now you need to do is to keep on using the extender. As it comes with the natural and comfortable strapping and material.

    As the research and studies have been performed on Quick Extender Pro and it has been noted that the tension which is needed is constantly divided throughout the penis.

    Also, the comfort pads allow proper circulation of blood throughout the penis. This is pretty important as you do not want your penis to be blood deficient which could damage nerve cells as well.

My Personal Take On Quick Extender Pro

I still remember that for the first time, I was pretty nervous when it came to using this device.

Personally speaking, I never tried any kind substance or anything of this sort. But deep down I had a little confidence that it will work for me as Quick Extender Pro works based on the natural principles.

For the first week of usage, I wore this device when I was at home because I felt that someone might notice the bulge in the office hence I was not confidence enough.

my personal take on quick extender pro

From the third week, I did not really feel anything, when I was wearing the device on me. Hence, gradually, I became confident enough to wear the device at my office place as well.

To be really frank, after using it for around about 2 months or so, I did not notice any changes. But once, the third month of usage started, I was able to feel slight little changes.

On the other hand, I could see a proper increased penis at the end of six month of regular usage.

Hence, below are some of the benefits that I felt during the usage of this amazing penis extender or penis stretcher.

Benefits Of Using Quick Extender Pro

  1. Natural Increase In Penis Size

    One of the most important benefit of using a Quick Extender Pro is the natural increment in the size of your penis. Personally speaking, I noticed the increase in length and width.

    I was able to flaunt my penis which had  increased length of in front of my partner. Also, was also able to satisfy her to the fullest.

    natural penis enlargement

  2. Helped To Fix The Curvature

    My main concern was to increase the length of my penis naturally. I was not having huge curved shape. But with the time, my curve improved and I actually felt fantastic.

    I could now enjoy my sexual act more than ever. This is because, do to my slight curved penis, I had little pain but always ignored the same.

    Once I used Quick Extender Pro, that pain was also gone. And I felt that I am on top of the world. This was when I achieved increased length and normalized my penis curve as well which I somehow ignored.

  3. Improves Erection

    This was another major benefit. Since my penis was no more a curved one, the blood flow to my penis was improved drastically.

    I could feel more power in my penis and my erection improved, so did my confidence level. Hence, the over all sexual performance improved for me.


  4. Helps Last Longer

    This was another benefit that I felt during the usage of Quick Extender Pro. Since, I had a better blood supply straight to my penis, the oxygen levels improved drastically.

    This helped me last longer, I had a better control over my penis and was literally able to control my ejaculations.


  5. Helps In Peyronie’s Disease

    I never had Peyronie’s disease, but a number of experts and sexologist have recommended Quick Extender Pro in cases where men had this issue.

    According to the experts, Quick Extender Pro is really helpful in these cases.

Features That I liked In Quick Extender Pro

While doing my personal research about this penis extender, these are the some of the features that I noticed.

Some of these features  are pretty crucial when it came to providing effective results as well.

  • The quality of material used was really of top quality. It made the usage of device pretty comfortable.
  • Initially I was worried that, it might case some kind of injury or something. But once I started using the device, I was pretty comfortable.
  • Another aspect of product design that was pretty amazing when it came to usage was comfort pads. It never made my penis sweaty. The air was allowed and I never felt any kind of sweat.
  • The roads are made up of aluminum. This made it lighter than what I thought initially. When I started using the device, I was able to feel the amazing comfort.

    dss technology

  • DSS – Dual Strap Support is an amazing and a unique setting in which there are literally no chances of slippage. Hence, with the help of tighter grip, it raised the comfort levels. As a result of which I was able to wear it for longer period of time.

What You Might Expect From Quick Extender Pro

Since, the basic functionality theory has been proved scientifically and approved by governmental organizations as well.

I knew that this device will work and I had little nervousness initially but I knew I would be able to achieve desired results.

Personally speaking, for the first month, there was literally no change. But according to the manufacturer, most men notice harder erections. I never had any issues with erections (or at least that is what I thought).

quick extender pro

For the second month, I was able to notice slight improvements. When it came to other aspects such as erections, lasting longer and ejaculations, everything was just normal to my levels.

It was from the third month, that I was able to notice major updated changes. There was an increase in the length of my penis. This was the time when I felt my rock solid erections. Also, I was able to control my ejaculation timings as well.

Hence, you might get a basic idea as to what was the sequence of events that happened during the usage of Quick Extender Pro.

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