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prime_male_review_bottlesPrime Male was an ultimate choice that I made when it came to boosting my testosterone levels naturally. This amazing testosterone booster made me realize the true importance of testosterone levels.

Using this amazing substance, I improved my testosterone levels drastically and improved my lifestyle.  This not only provided me with proper direction in my day-to-day life but also gave me a target to achieve.

As, with the start of consumption of Prime Male, I could see the amazing benefits and I wanted to convert those benefits into long term and permanent changes.

Hence, this Prime Male review is a true picturization of my real life experiences involved with the Prime Male dosage, it’s benefits, its importance and other personal detailed analysis of the same.

As a result, if you are truly interested in starting your testosterone booster journey, then it is important that you read this article till the end and take out inferences that could benefit you personally.

Before I dig in to my personal journey, let me brief you about Prime Male, its benefits and ingredients used in the production.

Prime male is a natural testosterone booster. You can easily enrich your vitality by taking this red pill. Hence, you would be able to feel and notice all the benefits of adequate levels of testosterone in your body.

As you age, your testosterone levels will take a dip. As a result of which you would need some external stimulus that could promote your testosterone levels to optimum levels.

With Prime Male which is also known as red T booster, you would be able to achieve the same level of youth and fitness as you were in your early 20s.


If you are a body builder and are consuming any of the legal steroids, then it could be beneficial for you if you stack the same with Prime Male.

This testosterone booster will help you in maintaining the normal level of hormones when you are in any of the steroidal cycle as well. Hence, your steroidal boost would be enhanced with the help of this amazing natural testosterone booster.

With Prime Male, you would be able to relive your twenties. You would be able to work hard, will be ready for sex instantly because of your higher libido.

All in all, with the proper consumption of Prime Male, you would be able to enjoy all the pleasures of male potency just like an early twenties person.

Benefits Of Prime Male

There are a number of benefits that I personally felt while using Prime Male. Here are some of the important ones that played a major role in improving my well-being.

  1. Increased Energy

    Since this is a natural male hormone stimulator, It helped me with maintaining a higher energy levels. I was hitting my gym regularly. Hence, I always had a huge requirement of energy when I am working out.

    This is where Prime Male stepped in and helped me out with the amazing levels of energy. I never felt worn out or there not even a pinch of fatigue factor.

  2. Enhanced Strength Levels

    This is where I felt the maximum positive impact. I became a fan of Prime Male. As there was an increase in lean muscle mass within my body.

    This was only possible because of combination of proper gym schedule and regular consumption of Prime Male. Due to increased level of testosterone, I was able to cover that extra mile for achieving a quality lean muscle mass.

  3. Improved Libido

    Since testosterone is a male sex hormone, hence it is needed for all the sexual related activities. As a result of which when I reached an optimal level of testosterone then my libido levels saw a huge improvement.

    Also, there was a huge boost in sexual performance as well. I was would be able to last long in the act and was able to satisfy my partner to the fullest.

  4. Weight Loss

    Another great change that I noticed within my self was initiation of weight loss process. Since I was able to increase my workout performance by going for high intensity workout.

    This was only possible because of increased levels of natural testosterone. I saw a reduction in fat levels and a gain in quality lean muscle mass. This helped me in improving my physique as well.

  5. Increased Bone Strength

    Since, my body was able to absorb all the nutrients and minerals from the proteinaceous diet that was taking. Because of Prime Male increased the levels of testosterone.

    My bone strength was improved. I was not able to notice any joint pain. Which was not the case before Prime Male. Earlier whenever I tried high intensity workout, I had to face acute joint pain. But this was taken care by improved testosterone levels.

  6. Superficial Changes

    There were quite a few superficial changes that were because of improvement in testosterone levels. My hair quality was improved. Everyone complimented on my hair quality.

    I received many compliments for my improved skin texture. My mood was always good and I became a really positive person. Hence, I really enjoyed these superficial changes as well.

Why Did I Choose Prime Male ?

One of the most important reasons behind choosing Prime Male as a testosterone booster is natural ingredients and natural boosting power of testosterone.

Also, I researched about this substance. I was not able to find any report or feedback of any consumer that complained about any of the side effects.

During my research on Prime Male, I also came across various reports where users have shared their experiences and also mentioned that Prime Male formula works really quickly.


Hence, they were able to feel the positive changes from the later part of second week.

Another reason which is not so important but worth a mention was, Prime Male is promoted by Dolph Lundgren who is an amazing actor, and I am a great fan.

These were few of the reasons that helped me decide in favor of Prime Male usage for boosting testosterone levels naturally.

Prime Male Ingredients

The success of Prime Male needs to be attributed to the usage of all the natural ingredients. For this very reason, there are close to no report of side effects by the consumers.

  1. D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)

    It is an amino acid which helps in the composition of luteinizing hormone (LH), hence the testosterone production is triggered.

    Also, with the help of this amazing substance, fertility is also increased in most of the cases.

  2. BioPerine®

    It is one of those substances which helps in the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Helps in improving the metabolism by producing more heat within the body.

    Ultimately this step boosts the testosterone production.

  3. Boron (as boron amino acid Chelate)

    It helps in prevention of vitamin D deficiencies. It also helps in maintaining bones stronger. Boron also acts as a blockage substance which prevents sex hormone binding globulin.

    This results in increase in the testosterone levels. As there would be more free testosterone hormone which is not binding with other hormones.

  4. Korean Red Ginseng

    Ginseng has been part of treatment of sexual issues since ages. It boosts immune system. Also, helps in reducing the inflammation.

    Production of testosterone levels are directly impacted positively by the regular usage of this amazing Korean Red Ginseng.

  5. Luteolin

    It directly helps in the blocking the production of girly hormones within men. This leads to optimal level of testosterone boost with the body.

  6. Magnesium

    Usage of magnesium is something which is not new in treatment of sex related or testosterone related issues. It helps in protein synthesis.

    Another major impact is in the production of energy levels. This helps in the workout schedule as well. Hence, you will never feel tired or worn out during or after the workout.

  7. Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extracts

    This prevents the depletion of free testosterone. Hence, there would be adequate levels of testosterone that will be present for other essential body functions.

  8. Nettle Root

    The extract of Nettle root is used in the production of Prime Male. On the other hand, nettle leaf is equally beneficial in the testosterone boosting functionality.

    It contains other vitamins, nutrients and minerals as well. This promotes various body function to work properly. The main function is to work on the inflammation reduction.

  9. Vitamin B6

    It is majorly found in seeds. Vitamin B6 helps in stimulating the all important androgen receptors. These receptors send signals to testes to produce more testosterone.

  10. Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 is a sun vitamin. It helps in the absorption of different minerals. Also helps in the absorption of calcium within the body.

    It also helps in maintaining the phosphorus levels in the body. This helps in the various bodily function, including testosterone production.

  11. Vitamin K2

    This vitamin is responsible for the health of heart and helps in blood and calcium circulation as well.

    It stimulates various enzymes to produce more testosterone naturally. These processed results increase in the testosterone levels within the body.

  12. Zinc

    Zinc is an evergreen substance which is used to enhance the sexual powers and in providing the all important boost in testosterone production.

    Zinc also helps the pituitary gland to secrete luteinizing hormone which helps in the testosterone production.

Prime Male - My Personal Take

As mentioned in the article above, that I started Prime Male consumption in order to boost my testosterone levels naturally.

I was looking for something that actually works and here I was with this amazing substance which enhanced my bodybuilding experience.

Helped in gaining the quality lean muscle mass that I was trying to gain since ages. Also, it started my fat reduction cycle. This was due to increased levels of energy.

Hence, automatically I switched my gym schedule to high intensity work out as I was feeling pretty amazing when I used to hit the gym.

I personally felt out of energy and always had the stamina to perform that extra rep, this boosted my confidence levels.

On the personal front, my sex life improved drastically. I was able to satisfy my partner, last longer and was always ready for the action, just like a twenty years old folk.

Other changes that I felt was improvement in hair and skin quality. My mood was relativity good all the time. I never felt any kind of anxiety or anything of that sort.

My Dosage Information

Since, I was consuming Prime Male for the first time. I started really slow as always to notice any side effects.

Hence, in the first week, I was consuming only 1 capsule per day.

Once the first week passed without any side effects, I doubled my dosage to 2 capsules per day for the second week.

Now, when I entered my third week of consumption, I was clearly noticing some amazing improvements in myself. Hence, I started with the full fledged recommended dosage of 4 capsules per day from the third week.

Side Effects

As Prime Male is produced using all the natural ingredients, there are no major side effects reported by the consumers.

Personally speaking, I did not face any side effects. Not even a single one. Hence, I became a fan Of Prime Male and have consumption to this day.

Quick Review - Prime Male

Prime Male is one of the amazing testosterone boosters that helps in boosting the testosterone levels naturally. With the usage of all natural ingredients, there are very fewer chances of any kind of side effects.


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