PhenQ Reviews: Does This Fat Burner Really Works?

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In this PhenQ review, I will be sharing my personal experiences with this fat burning supplement. 

I am a middle aged man, and I am a fitness enthusiast and I always ensure that my body is in a great shape. This is because it gives me a lot of confidence. 

This is also the reason why I keep trying various supplements in order to enhance my appearance and once I have completed its full consumption cycle, I post my personal usage experience with that product. 

I have used PhenQ personally for over 6 months continuously as my primary fat burning supplement and after reading this review completely, you would be able to understand what happens to your body after consuming PhenQ for 6 months. 

Without any further adieus, let us start with the actual review of PhenQ, starting with some basics. 

PhenQPhenQ is a fat burning supplement which has been designed for people who are overweight. It targets the fat deposits in your body so that you can lose them and reveal your dream body which is hidden under those layers of fat. 

PhenQ has gained immense popularity in the past few years despite being a new product and it has already been used by over 190,000 people including me. 

The manufacturing and distribution of PhenQ is managed and controlled by Wolfson Berg Limited.

This company has been marking its presence in the supplement industry for over 10 years now. When it comes to Fat Burning Supplement, this company holds a respectable place amongst the users of Fat Burners.

Who Can And Should Use PhenQ?

  1. PhenQ was developed mainly to help individuals who had stubborn fats in their body, and they wanted to get rid of them. 


It is so because this supplement works by melting the fat in your body and at the same time it also inhibits the further production of fat in your body. Thus, it is best suited for people who are either trying to lose or maintain their weight. 

2. People who are currently following a diet regime and looking to enhance the benefits they receive from it can also use this supplement.


It is so because PhenQ acts as a natural appetite suppressant because of which it becomes much easier to stick on a calorie deficit diet. 

Thus, your chances of succeeding with this diet will increase as you will not feel as hungry as before and your sugar cravings will also be curbed. 

3. PhenQ can also be used by individuals who are trying to stick to a regular exercise regime. 


PhenQ helps such individuals because it increases the energy levels of their body. These increased energy levels help you remain more motivated during workouts and your workout gets even better. 

4. PhenQ is also suitable for individuals who are currently following a diet or workout schedule and as a result are feeling cranky most of the time. 


It is so because, PhenQ comprises certain ingredients which motivate you, lift your mood up, and help you feel better as you try to stick to your routine. 

What Makes PhenQ A Unique Product?

There are multiple reasons why PhenQ is not like any other Fat Burning Supplement available in the market currently. 

  • 5 in 1 Pill. 

The first reason is the ability of PhenQ to provide you with multiple benefits in a single supplement. Most of the supplements in the market serve the purpose of either increasing your energy levels, suppressing your appetite or burning the fat stored in your body. However, PhenQ provides you with all these benefits. Apart from that, it also serves the additional purpose of uplifting your mood and inhibits the production of fat in your body. 

This is also the main reason why PhenQ is also known as 5 pills in 1. With these multiple benefits PhenQ provides, it is more effective than any other fat burning supplement in the market currently. 

  • All natural ingredients. 

The formula used in the manufacturing process of PhenQ does not contain any additional artificial additives. Instead all natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing process of PhenQ. There are many other fat burning supplements in the market which makes the use of artificial additives and synthetic ingredients. 

  • Transparency:

Unlike other supplements who hide the ingredients used in their manufacturing process by giving the excuse of Proprietary Blend, the list of ingredients used in the manufacturing process of PhenQ is clearly mentioned on the official website of PhenQ. Thus while consuming PhenQ you always know what ingredients are you consuming and in what amounts.

Things I liked about PhenQ:

  1. It boosted the fat burning rate of my body which allowed me to lose weight quickly and effectively. 
  2. It prevented my body from gaining weight probably by inhibiting the production of fat in my body. 
  3. It also used to act as a suppressant. As a result it often used to suppress my appetite and hunger because of which it was easier for me to stick to a healthy calorie deficit diet. 
  4. It made it easier for me to remain physically active probably because it enhanced the production of energy in my body. 
  5. It probably provided a boost to the rate of thermogenesis in my body. 
  6. The manufacturing formula contains all natural ingredients. 
  7. No artificial fillers or additives are used. 
  8. It can be used by Vegetarians. 
  9. PhenQ boasts of being backed by clinical trials and clinical studies. 
  10. I did not require a prescription to be able to purchase this. 
  11. It is manufactured at units/facilities which are approved by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration.)
  12. It can be consumed by both men and women. 
  13. You also get a money back guarantee period of 60 days. 

Things I did not like about PhenQ

Just like every coin has two sides, there are some negative effects associated with the consumption of PhenQ which are:

  1. It should not be consumed by women who are either Pregnant or are Lactating. 
  2. You are advised not to consume this product before sleeping because it contains Caffeine. Thus, you might experience some difficulty in sleeping. 

Ingredients used in PhenQ:

I always research about the ingredients used in any supplement before purchasing it because it gives me a rough idea of how that supplement works. 

It also helps me find out whether or not that particular supplement uses an ingredient which I am allergic to. 

This is why I always provide information related to the ingredients used in the supplement I am reviewing because it would be beneficial for you too. 

Following are the ingredients used in PhenQ. 

A- Lacys Reset is one of the most important ingredients of PhenQ and it is made by combining Cysteine with Alpha-Lipoic Acid.

Nopal is the ingredient because of which PhenQ gets its appetite suppressing properties. Nopal is a kind of dietary fiber which makes you feel full for a longer period of time when consumed. This is the reason why PhenQ prevents you from overeating.

Chromium Picolinate is usually present in Vegetables, Meats and Whole Grains.

Because of Caffeine, PhenQ aids in weight loss because Caffeine promotes Fat Burning in your body by increasing the heat production and breakdown of fats in the body. It also increases your body’s energy levels which help you while you are working out.

Capsimax Powder comprises Capsicum, Piperine and Niacin. These ingredients when used together act as a potential fat burner which aids in weight and fat loss when used on a regular basis.

L-Carnitine Fumarate is a natural amino acid and it promotes the conversion of fat to energy in your body. Thus, it allows PhenQ to burn fat present in your body while it simultaneously increases your body’s energy levels.

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ works in the following ways:

  1. It suppresses your appetite. 
  2. It inhibits the production of fat in your body. 
  3. It boosts your body’s fat burning capacities. 
  4. It elevates your mood. 
  5. It boosts your body’s energy levels. 

These five reasons are responsible for burning fat and losing weight quickly and effectively. 

Side Effects Of PhenQ Consumption

The formula used in the manufacturing process of PhenQ comprises ingredients which are completely natural. This is the reason why PhenQ did  have any side effects on my body. 

However, it is worth noting that I never exceeded the recommended dosage amount and this might be the reason why PhenQ was safe on my body. 

Extending beyond the permissible limits might lead to some health complications, all of which might not be very pleasant. 

Although, PhenQ did not have any side effects on me, I read some user reviews over the Internet which revealed that some of them suffered from side effects like: Nausea, Headaches and Jittery feeling. 

Things To Take Care While Consuming PhenQ

The formula used in the manufacturing process of PhenQ is pretty strong and this is the reason why two pills are more than enough to provide you with weight loss benefits. 

Also in order to ensure you suffer from no additional side effects, make sure to avoid the consumption of PhenQ with stimulants such as caffeine based drinks like coffee. This is because PhenQ itself is a stimulant which boosts your body’s nervous system. 

Using it alongside with other stimulants might lead to over boosting of your nervous system which further might lead to restlessness or poor quality of sleep. 

How I Consumed PhenQ

I followed the dosage information which was mentioned on the packaging of this product itself i.e I consumed two tablets of PhenQ everyday. 

However, I used to divide this dosage pattern into two smaller doses of 1 tablet at a time. I used to consume the first pill with my breakfast and the second one with my lunch. 

I also tried to ensure that I always consumed both my pills before 3 PM. It was so because PhenQ contains Caffeine and other ingredients which boost your body’s energy levels.

Thus these ingredients might disrupt your sleeping patterns if taken late during the day. 

Precautions With PhenQ

It is also recommended that you should always stay within the daily recommended dosage in order to reap the maximum benefits of PhenQ supplement and avoid any side effects at the same time.

Exceeding the dosage might cause some mild negative effects such as nausea and Headaches. 

It is also advised that you should always have a chat with your doctor if you are currently on any form of medication.

This is because there is always a possibility that any ingredient used in PhenQ might interact with your current medicines which might cause some adverse effects. 

PhenQ Usage Duration

Ideally you should consume PhenQ everyday for at least 2 months. However it should be noted that the duration of PhenQ consumption depends on the amount of weight you have to lose.

The morse weight you have to lose, the longer the duration of PhenQ consumption. However, it should be noted that PhenQ is a very safe supplement to use so the duration should not be a concern at all. 

You can continue the use of PhenQ even after you have achieved your weight loss goals in order to maintain your current body weight. It is so because it will allow you to stick to your diet regime. 

PhenQ for Sale

I always an unsaid rule of buying supplements only from their official website. I do this because I am really scared about the idea of consuming fake supplements. 

Buying supplements from the official website ensures that I am receiving my product directly from the manufacturers which means I am getting authentic and genuine supplements. 

This is why I would request you all to buy supplements only from the official wesbite. 

My Final Thoughts On PhenQ

I have personally used PhenQ for a period of more than 6 months and I can safely say that PhenQ was one of those rare supplements which delivered the promises t made before I purchased this product. 

PhenQ suppressed my appetite, inhibited the production of fat in my body, boosted my body’s fat burning capacities, elevated my mood, and boosted my body’s energy levels. 

As a result of which, I was pretty satisfied with the results that I attained.

I have been a regular consumer of PhenQ from time to time. Also, I make sure that I am following a proper dosage schedule in order to achieve the desired results.

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