Nugenix Reviews – Should You Really Buy This OverHyped T-Booster ?

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Since there are very few articles which have reviewed Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster, this article could really help you as I try to educate you about Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster.

Since, I already have completed a six-month consumption, I thought to pen down all my experiences and research that I have already done about this free testosterone booster.

I have covered all the topics about Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster’s functionality, its ingredients, who needs to take it and also mentioned the certain group of people who could skip this substance all together.

Hence, If you are eager to know all about these things, you would need to read this article till the very end.

As these pointers from my personal experience could be pretty crucial when and if you think to take Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster.nugenix_review I have been experimenting with various testosterone booster from a very long time. Also, I have listed my favorite and best testosterone boosters as well.

Hence, when someone suggested me that there is a “Free Testosterone Booster” which was something new for me. I decided to give it a try.

As a result of which I ordered my subscription of six months without much of research, and started with my Nugenix testosterone booster consumption journey.

Before I dig into my personal experience, let me discuss some specific pointers about this substance in brief.

Nugenix is a free testosterone booster that helps in boosting the testosterone levels by preventing it from getting wasted.

It is not like a normal testosterone booster which works in boosting the testosterone levels.

On the other hand, as per the manufacturers it has all the benefits and positive results which are present with the normal testosterone booster.

Nugenix has gained a good popularity in the market as a free testosterone booster. It has been proven to reduce the wastage of free testosterone in the body.

As a result of which your body has higher levels of testosterone that it could use for other bodily functions.

One of the thing that separates Nugenix with other testosterone boosters is its special ingredient that has been manufactured and patented for special usage in this free testosterone booster.

It goes with the name of Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex. A number of people feel that this is not a good practice to hide the usage of a particular ingredient.

While on the other hand some experts feel it adds more authenticity to the substance.

How Nugenix Testosterone Booster Works

This is one of the most crucial part that needs to be known by the consumer of this testosterone booster.

The main functionality of Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster Works lies in the improvement of freely available testosterone in men’s body.

shbg procedure

This is where a number of people go wrong, and they take Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster to be a normal testosterone booster.

The working functionality behind Nugenix testosterone booster if fairly simple.

Most of the testosterone produced in our body is simply wasted. A protein referred to as SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) binds to the testosterone in our body.

Due to this binding of testosterone, there is a decrease in the levels of free testosterone present in our body.

This is where Nugenix comes in, when you consume Nugenix, it  goes and binds with SHBG. As a result, SHBG is not able to go and bind with testosterone.

Hence, the level of free testosterone rises in your body and your body will have adequate amount of testosterone present for various bodily functions.

Let us now discuss some of the important ingredients that are used in the production of Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster.

Ingredients Used In Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster

The credit of functionality of Nugenix testosterone booster needs to be attributed to its ingredients which are used in the production.

ingredients used in nugenix testosterone booster

  1. Vitamin B-6

    It is one of the essential vitamins in our body. Vitamin B-6 is responsible for turning the food we take into energy. For this very reason, it’s deficiency could lead to other deficiencies as well.

    It also works towards the brain cells growth. Vitamin B-6 also helps in the production of proper blood cells and maintains a proper blood flow all over the body.


  2. Vitamin B-12

    The main functionality of vitamin B-12 includes the maintenance of body’s nerve and blood cells. It also helps in the formation of blood cells hence reducing the chances of anemia.

    Helps support bone growth and any bone related deficiency. Improves mood and helps in reducing the anxiety levels as well. It is also important for maintaining the oxygenated blood flow to various body parts.

  3. Zinc

    One of the most used mineral when there is a need to enhance the testosterone levels. It promotes higher metabolism rate as well.

    With the usage of zinc, the rate of absorption of other nutrients and minerals improves and human body is able to function properly. And if there is any deficiency, it is fulfilled using zinc.

  4. Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex

    This is one of the special and patented compound that has been developed by the manufacturers of Nugenix.

    The exact composition of this substance is not known. Other benefits and usage of this compound is also unknown.

My Take On Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster

Before I started with the consumption of this testosterone booster, I put myself for a complete dry period. During this period I did not take any testosterone boosters.

Hence, my natural testosterone levels were down and I could feel the affects of low testosterone levels on my body.

This was when I decided to start with the consumption of this Free Testosterone Booster.

For the initial 2 weeks, I kept my dosage low in order to check for any side effects. Post which I continued with the proper recommended consumption.

As the first month passed, I did not feel anything clicking with this testosterone booster. I thought, it might take sometime and hence, I continued the consumption for another month.

At the end of second month as well, I did not feel even single notch improvement in the testosterone levels.

This is where I decided to proceed with my personal research and see I am missing something.

What I saw in my research just blew my mind. I found out that, Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster does not boost natural testosterone levels by inducing more production.

But it only works with the already present testosterone and prevents it from binding to SHBG.

nugenix results

Hence, I literally blew my money and my six months of subscription was a literal waste.

Who Should Skip Nugenix Testosterone Booster

This category will have around 90-95% of male population with low testosterone levels.

You can get yourself tested for the SHBG levels.

If your SHBG is normal, then you can skip this testosterone booster and proceed with my personal favorite Testogen testosterone boosters which boost testosterone naturally.

This will make sure that your testosterone levels are increased naturally and you are able to feel the effects.

Who Should Go For Nugenix Testosterone Booster

Only 5-10% of male that have low testosterone levels belong to this category.

The first step needs to be your SHBG test.

If your test indicate a higher level of SHBG, then you can definitely go for this Free Testosterone Booster.

As it will bind to SHBG and the testosterone which is already present in your body will be left free and your body would be able to use the same for other functionality.

My Dosage Schedule

As always, I started with a less dosage as compared to recommended dosage.

This was just to make sure that there are no side effects and my body is able to work along with the Nugenix testosterone booster intake.

Hence, for the first two weeks, I only took 1 capsule per day.

From the third week, once I was sure that there are no side effects, I headed towards the recommended dosage of 3 capsules per day from the third week.

Side Effect

On this front, Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster was bang on.

There were absolutely no side effects during the full consumption cycle of six months.

The dosages were pretty much a waste. As I did not feel any difference in my testosterone levels as Nugenix does not stimulate the testosterone producing glands.

Hence, there were no changes in the capacity of natural testosterone production.

Alternative Of Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster

You might be thinking, if Nugenix free testosterone booster is not good for maximum number of men with low testosterone levels, what could be the adequate solution for them.

In case if your body is not able to produce an adequate amount of testosterone, then you can try TestoGen.

As it is a natural testosterone booster and with most of the men it tends to work without any side effects.

Most probably you will see results in 3-4 weeks of consumption.


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