Nettle Leaf Extract – Uses, Benefits, Side-Effects And Dosage

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Nettle is also known as stinging nettle and it is an herbaceous plant with unassuming looks and it also possesses many potent medical qualities. Nettle Leaf Extract is used in various health supplements like Trenorol.

It is called as Urtica Dioica in botanical terms and this plant has several subspecies which grow all over the world. The plant gets its name from the hairs present on it which can leave a stinging effect on any one who touches it causing irritation and rashes on the skin. 

It is one of the most useful plants as people use the stems, leaves, roots and even the stinging hairs present on this plant for a variety of purposes.

The roots and leaves of this plant are edible and can be consumed directly as a vegetable or can be made into a nutritious cup of tea. The root and leaves extracts of this plant can also be consumed orally or can be added to several topical creams and applied on the skin. 

The reason why it is so useful is because of the qualities which this plant possesses which are : reducing the symptoms related to various seasonal allergies, improving and promoting urinary health and it also reduces inflammation. 

However, one should always be careful when around this plant because of the stinging hairs present on them. These hairs are called trichomes and one should always wear gloves while handling this plant.

  1. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals

    Nettle Leafs are full of different vitamins and minerals which are very essential for the proper functioning of our body. It is a good source of a lot of proteins such as:
    • Essential Amino Acids​
    • Vitamins A, B, C, K​
    • Essential Fatty Acids​
    • Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus and Iron just to name a few. ​
    • Carotenoids such as Luteoxanthin, Beta-Carotene and Lutein just to name a few. ​
    Nettle Leaves also contain sufficient amounts of an organic compound called Phenols. These phenols are excellent antioxidants and they also have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. These phenols are also responsible for the extremely useful therapeutic properties of this plant and the phenol compounds found in Nettle Leaves contain caffeic acid, kaempferol and rutin.
  1. Allergy Support

    The reason why Nettle Leaf extract is so popular in the world is because of its ability to reduce the symptoms of many seasonal allergies also known as Allergic Rhinitis.

    These allergies like sneezing, itching and teary eyes are caused due to extra release of Histamine in the human body. Nettle leaves help us in these allergies by preventing or limiting the release of Histamine in our body because of the presence of many anti-inflammatory compounds in the leaves like Quercetin.

  1. Helps in keeping your prostate healthy

    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) , more commonly known as Enlarged Prostate is a very common problem that men from all over the world suffer from. It affects mainly males over the age of 51 and the extent of this disease varies from individual to individual. Some individuals might not even notice or feel that they have an enlarged prostate while for many others, this medical condition can be quite discomforting because they might suffer from many problems like: Frequent Urination, Infections due to bacterias and inability to completely empty the bladder during urination. One of the most annoying and uncomfortable symptoms of BPH is Nocturia in which an individual wakes up quite frequently in the night to urinate. Studies have shown that Nettle Leaves can be a cure for those patients suffering from BPH by reducing the symptoms of BPH especially if the problem is not so serious. Another study has also shown that when Nettle Leaves are mixed with another herb called Saw Palmetto, it can help in improving the urine flow in individuals, increase the urinary volume and can also cure Nocturia. Another reason behind the immense popularity of this drug is that it has much fewer side effects when compared to a chemical drug called Finasteride which is used to treat patients suffering from BPH. Some studies have proved that consuming nettle leaf extracts for a duration of 2-12 months can improve the symptoms of your urinary tract and thus it will also help in improving the flow of urine in those people who suffer from BPH.
  1. Reduce Arthritis Pain

    Nettle Leaves have got excellent Anti-Inflammatory properties. This is the reason why nettle extract is often mixed with creams or used directly to treat patients suffering from arthritis ailments and help in reducing the pain and inflammation of these patients. Nettle leaves block the production of hormones which leads to inflammation in the body and this claim is backed by researchers from all across the world.
  1. Diuretic

    Nettle Leaf extracts also act as a diuretic which means that it leads to an increase in the amount of urine passed in the body of its users and it can be because of the high potassium content in the Nettle Leaf extracts. People have been using the extracts of Nettle leaves since ancient times to treat problems related to kidney and urinary health because of the excellent diuretic properties of Nettle Leaves. This diuretic effect might also lead to lowering of Blood Pressure and Hypertension in the users.
  1. Diabetes

    Some research has shown that if you consume the preparation of nettle leaf extract regularly for a period of eight months, you will still not be able to control your blood sugar levels if you are suffering from uncontrollable and advanced diabetes. However, researches have also shown that Stinging nettle leaves can be beneficial if you consume it with medications used for treating diabetes. It has been found out in a research that consuming the extracts of stinging nettle for a period of 3 months can decrease the blood sugar levels and A1c levels of those individuals who are also taking medicines which help them control diabetes.

  1. Bleeding

    Some research studies say that Stinging Nettle can help in reducing the bleeding while surgeries. When Nettle Extract is mixed together with alpinia, licorice and thyme we get a specific product named as Ankaferd Blood Stopper and it reduces the amount your skin bleeds while a surgery is being performed.

  1. Inflammation of the Gums

    Many people believe that Stinging Nettle helps in reducing the swelling of the gum. However research studies have shown that using liquid mouthwash containing Nettle Leaf extracts and other products like juniper and yarrow twice everyday for a period of three months still cannot reduce plaque or inflammation in people who suffer from Gingivitis.

Side Effects Of Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaves are quite safe for human consumption and there are no notable side effects of its use on Humans. Researches have been conducted to study the side effects of Nettle Leaves and it was proved that Nettle Leaves can be consumed regularly for over 2 years without it harming your body in any way.

However, there are some warnings and precautions related to the consumption of Nettle Leaves and they are:

  1. For Pregnant and Breast-Feeding Women

    Pregnant women should avoid using Nettle Leaf extracts because it might be harmful to them. These leaves might lead to miscarriage and foetus abnormalities because they are known to stimulate contractions of the Uterus. Breastfeeding women should also try to stay away from Nettle Leaf extracts.

  2. Diabetes

    There are some studies which have shown that Nettle leaves consumption might lead to a decrease in the levels of blood sugar and it can affect people already suffering from diabetes much more easily. Thus it is recommended that a diabetic patient should always monitor their blood sugar levels while consuming Nettle Leaves.

  3. Low Blood Pressure

    Nettle Leaf extracts might also lead to lowering of blood pressure in some individuals. Many researches have also shown that people who are prone to low blood pressure should avoid using Nettle Leaves because these leaves can increase the risk of their blood pressure dropping too low too fast. Thus people with low blood pressure problems should always consult with their doctor before starting the use of Nettle Leaves.

  4. Kidney Leaves

    Nettle Leaves increase the volume and flow of Urine in individuals and thus individuals who suffer from kidney problems should avoid using Nettle Leaves at all cost.

However, there are some warnings and precautions related to the consumption of Nettle Leaves and they are:


There is no exact dosage of Nettle Leaf extracts because it is used in various different forms for treating various problems. Thus, one should always consult their doctor before starting the consumption of Nettle Leaf extracts.

The Final Verdict

Nettle leaf extracts are used as an ingredient in various health supplements and testosterone boosters.  It is relatively safe to use but it is highly recommended to consult your physician before starting with its dosage.

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