Nerve Renew Review: Does This Nerve Support Formula Really Works?

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nerve renew latest reviewIt is a nerve supplement that might help the body deal with nerve pain and related issues and may also provide relief from basic nerve problem symptoms.

It could help the patient suffering from such ailment to get rid of the symptoms like pins and needles and stabbing pain in the affected area.

It is formulated in a specific way so that it may help you with neuropathy, caused due to various problems like diabetes. This supplement is full of all-natural ingredients that try to work together and may treat this problem.

How Does It Work?

This supplement works in a very simple, non-complicated way and is easy to understand.

As you may know, this supplement is full of various kinds of vitamins present in nature. These vitamins have specific functions that they carry out.

Unfortunately, the human body may not be able to consume all of these through a mere diet. Thus, adding a supplement such as Nerve Renew could really help with the same.  

Nerve Renew may provide these nutrients to your body that are essential for nerves to repair and function properly.

These vitamins are in their best working form that may get absorbed easily and could work on the nerves so that you may have a better sensation and the pain gets reduced.

Ingredients Used In It

Nerve Renew is a perfectly made blend of Vitamins that work together and provide proper nutrition to the cells so that they can function properly.

  • Vitamin B1

    It contains Vitamin B1 but in a specific form that is Benfotiamine. This form is easily and directly absorbed by our body. The other unrefined forms of it may not work but this one surely does. It is said to be efficient in the case of diabetes-related nerve damage, Alzheimer’s disease, and other kinds of neuropathy. 

    More on vitamin B1 here.

  • Vitamin B12

    It contains a good amount of Vitamin B12 also called methylcarbylamine. Neuropathies are said to be a direct result of deficiency of this particular vitamin. This is meant to correct the deficiencies and thus relieving nerve problems. It is said to regenerate the damaged nerves in less time.

    Importance of Vitamin Vitamin B12 discussed here.

  • R- Alpha Lipoic Acid

    The third and the most important ingredient of this supplement is R- Alpha Lipoic Acid. This is an acid that is well known for its antioxidant properties. It reduces the oxidative stress on the body and makes sure that it, in no way interferes with the nerves.

    The supplement is basically a combination of these important B vitamins that are known to treat all kinds of nerve-related problems as well as maintain good health. These are also efficient in reducing pain and severe symptoms related to it.

    Detailed study discussed here.

  • Other Vitamins

    Other vitamins that are included in the supplement are Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin which is well known for its regeneration power. It contains Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D also called pyridoxine and Cholecalciferol respectively.

    Both these play a very important role in enhancing the vascular system and maintain proper blood circulation. Vitamin B6 also promotes the release of certain nerve regenerating amino acids and Vitamin D is known to alleviate pain and monitor the nervous system.

    All of this contributes to proper take care of nerves and their quick recovery and slows down the process of nerve damage in the body.


  • Other Ingredients

    Another ingredient is an herb extract called feverfew. This herb is used as an old remedy to cure pain and reduce inflammation in the body.

    These are proven to be effective in the case of chronic nerve pain. along with these, it contains Passionflower and Oat straw extracts that maintain a good immunity and are also known to relieve anxiety.

    Passionflower is said to have anti-anxiety properties and acts as an anti-depressant. It provides a calming and soothing effect to the body and nerves.

Claims Made By The Manufacturer

It is claimed to be an all-natural supplement that may help with the discomfort caused due to nerve pain.

The manufacturers claim it is an effective solution for symptoms like tingling, numbness, loss of balance or stability, and stabbing pain that a person with neuropathy or nerve damage might face in their daily life hence allowing them to live normally.

It is said to quickly regenerate damaged nerves and provide instant relief that is much needed for such shooting aches.

It takes care and improves the nerve endings for a better sensation.

It is claimed to be loaded with naturally derived vitamins and they help in improving the coordination of nerves so that proper balance is maintained in the body.

If taken on a regular basis, the supplement is claimed to reduce all the pain signals and act as a complete solution to nerve damages.

Along with this, this nerve supplement is also supposed to maintain the overall good health of the consumer.

My Experience With Nerve Renew Consumption

I had a problem with my shoulder which I did not know for quite a while. Then, the pain in them started aggravating, and went to see a medical professional.

I was suffering from nerve issues in my shoulder. I tried a couple of medicine courses that my doctor suggested but none of them worked for me.

This is when I got to know about this supplement called Nerve Renew. It was suggested to me by an old college friend and I was very positive about using it.

The pain in my shoulder had now become stabbing and it used to get uncomfortable to the point that I could no longer work properly.

I used to get pins and needles at odd times and they used to stay for a good 5 minutes. I also felt a burning sensation around my shoulder region and sometimes I would feel nothing at all. No sensation but only heavy numbness.

I ordered the supplement for myself in hopes of getting a positive result. I started using the supplement regularly and made sure I never missed a dose.

Slowly, I started feeling the heaviness being lifted off my shoulders and I no longer used to feel numb or get tingling sensations.

After completing a week of consuming it, I could finally work properly and felt much better than before. I was easily getting relieved from the pain.

But, unfortunately, all of this lasted only for a while and after completing 3 weeks of consumption, I went back to the old self and started feeling the same amount of pain and numbness in my shoulders.

I still continued my consumption for another 3 weeks and still, nothing happened. I was very disappointed. Not only did this happen but I also started having gastric problems like indigestion.

I couldn’t eat properly and this caused me a lot of problems. This is when I finally decided to give it a break and stop the consumption.

After stopping the use of the supplement, I started feeling dizzy and uncomfortable. But thank God it only lasted for a week and then I slowly started being normal.

Overall, I did not see any positive change in my immune system or my mood. The claims made were only for being fancy and none of them proved to be right for me. No long-term results were noticed so I decided to try something new.

Side Effects That I Faced

I was very disappointed with the product. In the beginning, I thought that finally, something worked for me but it was only a temporary change that I experienced.

Nothing permanent at all. After a few weeks, I was back to my old self and had the same problems to complain about. Same numbness and tingling. These symptoms only went away for a while.

Also, what disappointed me was that the supplement was supposed to be natural and cause no side effects but I experienced various gastric problems.

My eating habits were negatively affected because of the supplement. I had to pay a good amount and it did nothing for me but only caused more problems.

Once I stopped the consumption, I started feeling dizzy for like a week. That went away and I was thankful that I stopped using it.

Nerve Renew Alternative

 After my horrible experience with this supplement, I decided to go to an expert for advice. Keeping my problems in mind, I was suggested to use Testogen.

I added it to my routine and started consuming the supplement along with doing basic neck movement exercises that had never worked for me before.

But this time, I was surprised by the result. Only after 3 weeks of consumption, I started experiencing a warm feeling in my shoulder and the numbness went away.

This was followed by reduced pain and tingling. And now that I’m here after consuming it for 4 weeks, I can surely tell you that I feel much better than before.

The numbness has completely gone away. I only have a slight pain once in a while which has started fading away and now, I can work properly with no hindrance.

I am amazed by TestoGen and it surely worked like magic for me.

According to the expert, due to the blocked nerves and lack of testosterone in my blood, I might have been facing issues.

As a result, once my testosterone levels came back to normal, I was really in a good shape. Not to miss, I finally started hitting the gym on regular basis.

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