Modere Trim Review: Does This Really Work Or It A Scam!

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In this Modere Trim review, I have tried to bring forward my own user experience with this supplement. I have also mentioned the whole cycle during which I was able to lose excess weight levels.

At the same time, I have added a few of the basic details about this supplement that would help you gain a little knowledge about this supplement.

On the other hand, the latter part of this Modere Trim review would reveal my consumption results. Those might be helpful for you to decide for yourself.

Having said that let me start this Modere Trim review with some of the basics about this supplement.

modere trim reviewModere Trim is marketed as a liquid weight loss supplement that is developed to help people who are carrying an excessive amount of body weight and want to lose it.

The manufacturers of Modere Trim claim that it would be able to provide their users with a complete body transformation and help you achieve a more sculpted and trimmed look. 

The manufacturers of Modere Trim claim that it is one of its kind supplements in the world and according to them ” it is an innovative, first in the world supplement that combines two leading technologies to help you achieve an amazing body transformation”.  

It might also be because it is a liquid weight loss supplement and you need to drink it on a regular basis that might help you witness weight loss results on your body. 

The manufacturers of Modere Trim also claim that apart from helping you lose weight, it might also be able to provide you with healthy and younger-looking skin. 

And according to them, regular use of Modere Trim might also help you achieve joint flexibility and mobility. 

The official website of Modere Trim also says that this product could boost your body’s metabolism which would then help you lose fat at an exceptionally fast rate.

Ingredients used in Modere Trim

The manufacturers claim that the manufacturing process of Modere Trim consists mainly of two major ingredients but they are extremely potent and would have significant effects on your body. 

Let me discuss them here in detail.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is a fatty acid found in meat and dairy products. It has been a part of several scientific studies in the past that have indicated that it might have potential weight loss properties. 

Scientific studies have indicated that CLA might be effective in reducing fat levels in humans and this is the reason why it is gaining immense popularity in the dietary industry. 

When paired with a proper diet and workout schedule, it might be effective in having some incredible fat loss effects. 

These research studies have also indicated that CLA might be effective in helping people suffering from type-2 diabetes and cancer. 

Liquid Biocell

Liquid Biocell is an ingredient that has been created by the manufacturers of Modere Trim themselves and they also sell it as an additional product on their website. 

They claim that Liquid Biocell is made from Chicken Eternal Cartilage that might be extremely beneficial for your body. 

It is said that this ingredient might improve your skin health, mobility of joints, toning and recovering muscles after workout, improving stamina and physical performance, and other essential benefits. 

Apart from these two, the manufacturing process of Modere Trim also involves the following ingredients:

Tocopherols are organic chemicals that are said to be rich in several vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C. It is also said to be a potent antioxidant which might protect your body from free radical damage. 

Potassium Sorbate is widely used as a food preservative because it is said to be non toxic and highly efficient. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and it might improve the metabolism of fat in your body. 

Sunflower Oil is a widely renowned product because of its numerous health benefits. It is used extensively in the food processing industry to replace saturated fats. 

It might be effective in reducing the cholesterol levels in your body and might also reduce the chances of suffering from heart diseases. Sunflower Oil is said to be rich in Vitamin E. 

How does Modere Trim work?

According to the manufacturers, Modere Trim is heavily dependent on the CLA and Liquid Biocell ingredients to provide you with the effects it promises. 

CLA is said to boost your body’s metabolism which might accelerate the rate at which your body burns fat. 

It could also be effective in preventing the transportation of fat to your fat cells from your bloodstream. This might prevent the build-up of fat cells in your body. 

On the other hand, Liquid Biocell is also claimed to be an extremely potent ingredient that might improve the overall health and quality of your screen. This might reduce the signs of aging and make you look younger. 

Liquid Biocell might also help in toning your muscles and redefining them. It might also be effective in reducing the soreness of your muscles posts a workout. 

Sunflower Oil and Tocopherols are rich in healthy fatty acids that could improve your overall health. They may reduce your cholesterol levels and could also reduce the chances of suffering from cardiovascular risk factors. 

However, it is also mentioned that in order for Modere Trim to be effective, you need to supplement its use with a proper workout and diet schedule.

Modere Trim: My personal experience

Before we discuss my personal experiences with Modere Trim, let me tell you something about myself. I have been a fitness enthusiast ever since I was young because my dad was a fitness trainer himself. 

He was the one who introduced me to the world of fitness that I fell in love with later. After I graduated from college, I got a great job with an MNC because of which I wasn’t able to concentrate on my fitness as I used to do before. 

This is the reason why I started trying different fitness supplements to help me maintain a lean physique. 

About 9 months ago I got a promotion and I was appointed as the regional manager in my company. But with great power comes great responsibility and the same happened with me. 

The management had put a lot of faith in me and they had high expectations that I was keen to deliver. As a result, my workload increased significantly and I was putting in a lot more hours at work now. 

This is the reason why I wasn’t able to find a lot of time to work out because on some days I used to reach home pretty late and I was pretty exhausted by that time. 

3 months passed by and I could notice some changes in my body. I could notice significant face fat and my waist size had increased by an inch. 

I could also feel a decline in the size of my muscles and my energy levels were down a bit. This is when I started my research on the best supplements for my current situation and narrowed it down to Modere Trim after reading several blogs on the internet. 

Soon I placed a bulk order for the same and waited patiently for my order to arrive. I had read that for optimum results, I had to supplement its use with a proper diet plan and workout schedule. 

The next day, I had a talk with my gym trainer and we came up with a workout schedule that could easily blend in with the lifestyle I was leading. It was a combination of weight training on alternate days coupled with cardio and walking. 

My Results With Modere Trim

I started consuming Modere Trim from the day it arrived and hoped for the best results.

During the first month of its use, I wasn’t able to notice any changes in my body.

However, I thought it to be normal because a lot of supplements take some time before they can show their results on your body and j thought the same about Modere Trim.

However, the second and the third months passed soon and I was still to notice any effects of this supplement on my body.

However, I didn’t lose hope at that time and continued using Modere Trim with the belief that it would surely work for me someday.

However, even after using it regularly for over 6 months, I was unable to witness any noticeable difference in my body.

I had shed a small amount of weight but I believe it mainly because of my working schedule and diet.

Overall I was extremely disappointed with my decision of consuming Modere Trim because I followed everything pretty rigorously and it didn’t have any effect on my body.

Modere Trim: Claims v/s Reality

I started the use of Modere Trim in the first place because I was impressed by the bold claims the manufacturers made regarding their product. 

They claimed that Modere Trim would have a lot of positive effects on my body but during 6 months of using it, there was not even a single day when I witnessed any noticeable change in my body. 

  1. Claim: It would reduce the body’s fat levels. 
  2. Reality: It didn’t have any effect on my body’s fat levels. 

The manufacturers of Modere Trim claimed that their product would melt the stubborn fat stored in my body to provide me with a lean physique. 

However, at the end of 6 months, there was no notable difference in my body’s fat levels. 

  1. Claim: It would elevate energy levels. 
  2. Reality: It didn’t have any effect on my energy levels. 

Modere Trim was supposed to elevate my energy levels by utilizing the fat stored in my body as an energy source. 

However, I was unable to notice any major difference in my energy levels. 

  1. Claim: It would make skin look younger and healthier. 
  2. Reality: My skin was still the same. 

The manufacturers of Modere Trim claimed that their product would be able to reduce the signs of aging and provide me with healthier and younger-looking skin. 

However, even after using it for 6 months, my skin was still the same. There was no visible difference, none at all. 

How did I use Modere Trim?

I followed the official dosage schedule as mentioned on the packaging for any supplement I use and I did the same for Modere Trim. 

It was mentioned that I should take one tablespoon of Modere Trim every day, preferably in the morning. 

I followed the same and I used to take it with one glass of water in the morning itself.

It was also mentioned that I should supplement the use of Modere Trim with a proper workout and diet plan for maximum benefits. I followed this step as well. 

Modere Trim: Did it have any side effects on my body?

Fortunately, Modere Trim did not have any side effects on my body. 

However this might be because of the fact that I never exceeded the daily recommended amount. 

It is important to note that while I was reading about Modere Trim, I came across various reviews that mentioned some side effects. 

Modere Trim: Are there better alternatives?

As I have said, I have previously used a lot of dietary supplements. Post consuming Modere Trim, I  started searching for some other supplement.

This is when one of my long-time college friends suggested PhenQ.

As I write this piece, I have used PhenQ for a considerable amount of time and it had great effects on my body.

I started exercising a little and along with the regular consumption of this fat burner, I was able to achieve some great results.


The following people should try to avoid the use of Modere Trim:

  1. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid the use of Modere Trim because it might impact your baby negatively. 
  2. If you are under the age of 18, you should avoid the use of Modere Trim because it might interfere with your body’s natural development. 
  3. If you are suffering from any underlying disease, you should avoid using Modere Trim because it might interfere with your medications. 

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