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Lisa received her Pilates certification from the “Ellie Herman Studio” in 2005, and has been teaching Pilates continuously since then. She has supplemented her training with workshops with Sharon Gallagher and Carol LaMaitre of "Pilates Education Lab," and coursework in the Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, the MELT method, and numerous yoga workshops. A hard core fitness fan – a runner, swimmer and biker - Lisa discovered Pilates after sustaining a serious back injury and found it was the key to her complete recovery. She believes that Pilates is the “holy grail” of exercise, and the perfect complement to other forms of exercise. She crafts her classes to deliver fluid, fun, high intensity workouts with an eye to correct form and safety. Lisa is also adept at helping people recover from injury, and trained with Lizz Roman, a gifted rehabilitation specialist. Outside the studio, you’ll find Lisa somewhere scaling a mountain, doing yoga, or indulging her current passion for urban night power hiking.