Kailo Review: Does This Patch Really Worth Your Time & Efforts?

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Are you thinking to use Kailo for relieving your pain? if yes, then you should definitely read this Kailo review until the very end.

This Kailo review could make you aware of all the important points that you need to be aware of.

Also, I have added my own pointers to this write-up. As a result, you would be able to know all about my usage experiences of this patch as well.

kailoKailo could be termed as a pain relief patch that is said to act on the body in certain ways that might result in relieving pain.

It is a new product in the market and is talked a lot about because it uses an advanced technique that could stop the pain. As per the manufacturers, it is a drug-free and chemical-free solution.

It has received a lot of appreciation and attention for the unique and modern way it uses and tries to alleviate pain from any body part.

It may be used on the face, arms, legs, temples, neck, shoulders, and many more places where people may experience pain. There is no mention of any specific body part that it would work for.

The previous method of pain relief involved the use of drugs and other chemicals that target the pain receptors. But the latest research has proved the use of opioids could be of high risk.

These could cause many problems in the body such as heart problems along with disturbing mental stability and causing addiction. But these patches are devoid of any such drug.

Although these patches could be targeted towards the older section of people (mostly above the age of 60) others may use them as well. I’ve even read about kids having migraine problems that use this and have found this to be efficiently working for them in most cases.

How Kailo Might Work?

 While the body is in pain, it may send electrical signals to the brain informing it about the pain. This is the reason why you may feel the pain.

These patches try to use the natural electricity produced by the body so that the pain could be stopped. It is said to work at the area from where the pain originates and blocks the signals at the source, thus blocking the pain.

It may work as an antenna and sends signals to the brain to reduce the strength of the electrical signals it has received from the site of pain

This is done by the use of nanocapacitors present in the patch that could carry small electrical signals. The patch may interact with the natural electricity produced in your body and sends these signals to the brain that may result in reducing the severity of pain and ultimately stopping it.

In a way, it tries to persuade the brain to stop receiving those signals that are responsible for making it aware that the body is in pain.

All of this happens naturally and no foreign toxic substance is introduced into the body in most cases. You just need to place the Kailo patch on the site of pain and that’s all it needs for the pain to subside.

How Did I Use Kailo Patch?

Using Kailo is very simple. I am not a fan of using complex products that make my experience bad. I always prefer using products that are effective but simple to use and convenient for me.

All I had to do was place the patch on the body where the pain is located and properly stick it there.

Just place the patch on the site of pain. After this, the protective film on the adhesive needs to be peeled off and the adhesive must be placed on the Kailo patch.

Now, peel off the protective film on the other side of the adhesive and stick it to your body. Smooth out the patch to ensure that it sticks to your body properly.

Instead of directly using it on my skin, I tried to stick it to the underclothes I was wearing as the direct contact of this patch is not necessary for its efficient functioning.

Claims made by Kailo.

The manufacturers of Kailo claim it to be a hassle-free and safe way of dealing with pain. It is said to be a fast-acting patch that may act on the area and blocks pain at the source itself. It assures instant relief from almost any kind of pain.

It is claimed to be advanced as it uses nanotechnology. The official website also claims that it could start working in less than 60 seconds.

Since this patch uses nanobiotechnology and is 100% drug-free and non-addictive unlike other drugs, it is supposed to have no side effects in most cases.

This could make it a very good choice for people who cannot handle strong pain killers or are allergic to medicines.

These patches are reusable and are waterproof. You could use them again and again until one adhesive strip loses its stickiness.

Also, these patches do not hinder your daily routine as you can wear them anytime, any day while performing any activity in most cases.

These are waterproof and could be used during activities likes swimming. This also means that you may not remove it before taking a shower.

This implies that these are long-lasting and could be used up for years. It also claims to significantly improve your sleep and uplift your mood.

My experience with Kailo pain relief patch.

I have been working from home ever since I got my job and I am expected to sit in front of the table for a good 12 hours. And this has resulted in me having a pinched nerve in the neck.

When I first experienced the pain, it was severe. I ignored it for a while but it started being frequent so I decided to take oral pain killers.

They did help me a little but I found out about the number of risks that followed taking such medicines. This posed a threat to my kidneys, heart, and mainly the liver since I am already suffering from chronic liver disease.

I also tried using some sprays and topical ointments and gels but the strong smell affected me and they also took very long to show optimal results.

Also, the problem with these ointments is that they require their application regularly and after a period of time it got exhausting for me.

So, none of these worked for me in the way I desired. My neck used to be stiff and tender to touch and later on it became worse as the movement of the neck started being limited.

I couldn’t even sleep properly as I had to twist and turn all night to find the proper position for my neck so that it doesn’t hurt.

This is when I decided that I need to change my medication with something safer and something that works quickly, within no time. I came across a lot of products from different brands and finally got to know about these patches that use advanced biotechnology to relieve pain.

So, I thought of giving it a try and I ordered a Kailo pain relief patch from the official website, which was being all praise for the product they have created.

Once, I received the order, I found this small adhesive patch that came with extra adhesives. I figured out how to use it and tried it on my neck. I closely followed the instructions on how to use the patch.

But unfortunately, it did nothing for me. I kept it on for a few more minutes and then for the entire day but I felt no change. The claim made by the manufacturers proved to be wrong for me. The pain was just as severe as it was before the use.

Not only this, but after feeling no change in the intensity of pain, when I removed the patch, the skin under it had turned red and soft.

It started itching and when I would scratch, it would be really painful. This took a couple of days to heal and my skin went back to normal.

I was absolutely disappointed because I had a lot of expectations from the patch based on what I had read about it on the internet. After a few more tries, I finally decided to go for an alternative, only after consulting a professional.

Kailo alternatives.

After being disappointed, I decided to look for other such patches to give them a try.

This time, when I asked for help from a professional, he suggested that I need to improve my sitting position.

At the same time, I should start stretching every 1 or 2 hours.

I followed his advice and I started feeling the pain reduce in about a minute’s time.

It really made me feel much better and after stretching a few times, I feel that the severity and the frequency of the pain have reduced.

I have been able to focus on my work and worry less about the fatigue I used to feel when my neck used to hurt.

Not only did it work for my pinched nerve but also reduced headaches.


  • The information shared above is based on personal experience and does not include any medical consultation and is not supposed to be a substitute for any medical advice.
  • Before using any such product always consult your doctor about replacing your medicines with it to avoid arise of any problem in the future.
  • The experience shared above is not universal and the result may vary from person to person. Also, the solutions for chronic and acute pain widely vary.
  • The efficacy and safety of Kailo are not Food and Drug Administration evaluated as the FDA only evaluates food and drugs and not products like these.
  • The patch is not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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