K-Y Duration Spray Review: Does This Really Work?

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This K-Y Duration review will tell you all about my usage experience. At the same time, I have added my results as well in the latter part of this K-Y Duration review.

As a result, if you are someone who is looking to enhance their sexual performance or is looking to start using this K-Y Duration spray then you should definitely read this one until the very end.

Not to miss, I have also added some of the basic yet essential details about this spray. This will definitely give you an overall picture of this spray.

k-y duration reviewK-Y Duration Spray for Men is marketed as an endurance enhancer that could temporarily prolong the time until ejaculation. It may also help you have more control and stay in the moment while enjoying sex with your partner.

It could be termed as a desensitizing spray that when applied to the penis may reduce the sensitivity of the penis and could help you in lasting long in bed.

It could be an effective alternative to pills that come in the market claiming to help you get better results while having sex. This product claims to provide a hassle-free way to have a delayed orgasm and ultimately last longer in bed.

The makers call it to be one of the most remarkable products that could work wonders on men suffering from premature ejaculation, hence improving their sexual performance and wellness.

It could therefore be termed as an endurance enhancer that may cause desensitization in the penis making men take a longer time to ejaculate and hence they may last longer in bed.

What Did I Choose K-Y Duration Spray?

According to a lot of researches, a much lesser number of women are able to reach orgasm during sex. This might be because the men may not able to last long enough in bed to give their partner enough time to reach climax.

The main reason why men may not be able to last in bed is premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a condition where the male loses control of climax and ejaculates prematurely. There could be a lot of reasons for premature ejaculation.

The reasons may include too much stress, change in lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, hormonal imbalance, chronic disorders, and other sexual disorders.

Apart from these two, there could be many other reasons that cause premature ejaculation in men. Hence, this spray could be a life-changing product for you and might enable you to last much longer in bed than you usually do.

Not just that, even if you do not suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation, this spray could also help you last much longer in bed and have an immensely pleasurable experience with your partner. 

KY Duration Spray comes with a desensitizing agent called lidocaine and other ingredients that could help cure premature ejaculation by decreasing the sensitivity of the penis during sex.

How to use K-Y Duration Spray?

There are three steps involved in using this product. Post that you may be able to actually test its claims.

I also followed these steps in exactly the same way as directed to get the desired results.

1. Apply the K-Y Duration Spray

The first step involved in the usage is pretty simple.

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps as listed below.

  1. Shaking the KY Duration bottle smoothly is pretty important.
  2. Then you need to make sure that you are holding KY Duration’s nozzle pretty close to your application area that is the penis.
  3. Now, you just need to press the button on KY Duration so that the spray is released.

Remember that you could apply three sprays or more depending upon the sensitivity but not more than ten. The spray could be applied on the frenulum or the bottom of the head of the penis for best results.

Do not spread the spray all over and do not use your hands to spread it because that could desensitize everything and you wouldn’t want zero sensation in your penis while having sex.

2. Wait for the Spray to Show Effect

You might need to wait for the ingredients to take action once they’ve absorbed into your skin. Otherwise, you could be well on your way to climax before the desensitizer gets the chance to kick in.

You may leave the spray on your penis for 15-20 minutes so that it shows its effect and. You could utilize that time to make love to your partner in the form of foreplay.

The main motive behind waiting might be that the spray should not desensitize your partner’s vagina because that will ruin everything for you both. So it may be important to wait for some time and only desensitize yourself and not your partner because that could make it tougher for her to reach climax and totally ruin the experience.

3. Ready to Use

You are ready to go once this spray has been absorbed in your body. The thing you should observe that whether the spray applied is showing any effect on your penis. Whether the desensitizing spray has worked or not, you would come to know in this step. This is where the effectiveness of the product could be judged by you.

The final step is meant to let you know the effects of these products. The usage of this product may differ from person to person as the sensitivity of everyone’s penis is different. You could apply more spray and wait some more if the sensitivity is still there.

My Personal Experience With K-Y Duration Spray

I am writing this review because  I have personally used the KY Duration spray very recently and my review is based totally upon my personal experience with the product and I would like to share it.

I am in my twenties and just like a lot of men I have a sensitive penis. I would normally have no problem with that had it not affected my sexual life. I tried it a lot of times with my partner but due to my problem we just couldn’t get through.

I had been suffering this problem of premature ejaculation due to my excessively sensitive penis due to which I couldn’t last in bed to satisfy my partner and make her reach her climax. Therefore I talked to her about this product and we decided to give this a shot.

I bought the KY Duration Spray and used it in the way it was directed. But as it turned out, this product was a complete failure for me. It did desensitize me after six or seven sprays, but that had very little effect on increasing my time before the climax. More or less it had no effect on me.

 However, even after washing it properly before intercourse, it desensitized my partner due to which she couldn’t feel anything. The product had the desensitizing effect for a while but it didn’t help at all to treat the problem of premature ejaculation.

Also, it felt really sticky and itchy after using this product and it took away all the pleasure. It was not just a one-time affair and we tried to give one more try with this product. But this time also the same thing happened.

It caused itching for a day even after washing it properly with soap and water off my body. This caused some discomfort too and also some rashes around the private area.

Overall for me, it was not worth spending the money on this product as it turned out as a failure for me. Using this product caused no benefit for me and I would not use this product again cayuse it definitely didn’t suit me.

Moreover, this product specifies that it is not compatible with condoms so it might be a problem for a lot of men around here who have the problem pulling out before climax.

Alternatives to K-Y Duration Spray

As an alternative to the K-Y Duration Spray, I tried a capsule instead named Male Extra capsule. This turned out to be a way better product than this spray. 

The various pros of that capsule included proper erection and long-lasting erection. This made me last longer in bed irrespective of the climax and hence gave much better results. This product could be the one for you as well in case this spray didn’t work for you.

Also, since there was not spray or anything like that, it did not become sticky and went well with a condom. It also solved the problem of desensitizing my partner and it helped her reach her climax with me.

Another good result of the capsule was that it had no side effects on me. It was a way better investment for me instead of the KY Duration Spray which was good for nothing.

All other details are included in this Male Extra review.

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