Instant Female Arousal Pills & Creams To Enhance Libido Naturally

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Sexual arousal is a must if you want to enjoy sexual pleasures. If you are unable to enjoy sex, you might want to have a look at these arousal pills. 

Having a good sex life is extremely essential if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner and these arousal pills might help you with the same. 

I was also one of those women who faced problems when it came to sexual arousal because of which, my relationship often suffered from my partner. 

I have tried multiple products myself and in this article, I will be mentioning only those arousal pills that worked for me. 

So without any further adieus, allow me to discuss the best instant female arousal pills.

Hersolution - bodyfi

  • HerSolution


    HerSolution was one of the first libido enhancers I tried to help me deal with my declining sexual libido and it certainly made me hungrier for sex.I started the use of HerSolution when my vaagina was unable to lubricate itself which made sex immensly painful for me.

    However, once I started using this product, not only did I experience improvements in my vaginal lubrication, I also found sex to be immensely pleasurable afterwards.

    How does it work?

    The amount of blood flowing to your vagina increases when you are having an orgasm and this is what makes it so pleasurable.

    However, the amount of blood flowing to your genitals might decrease because of several reasons which is why sex often becomes non pleasurable for you.

    However, HerSolution dilates your blood vessels and increases the flow of blood which made sex extremely pleasurable for me once again.

    It also helped me with my arousal and natural lubrication which I was unable to experience before.

    How did I use it?

    I used to take just a pearl-sized amount on my fingers and used to massage my genitals area with the same 30 minutes before I was expected to have sex with my partner.

    Was it safe?

    I used HerSolution for over 5 months on a regular basis and there was not even a single day when I experienced any ill-effects associated with its use.

    Just make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the product and you should follow the dosage instructions as mentioned on the packaging relgiously. 


      1. Increased my sexual drive and libido. 
      2. Increased my sexual fantasies. 
      3. Allowed me to get aroused almost instantly. 
      4. My vagina’s sensitivity increased multiple folds. 
      5. The intensity of my orgasms increased significantly. 

Provestra Bodyfi

  • Provestra

    I strated the use of Provestra when my relationship with my partnerwas going downhill because of our almost non-existing sex life.

    Due to office workload and maybe some hormonal changes, my sexual desires and libido had taken a considerable hit.

    This is the reason why I was never up for sex with my partner. Even if we had it on some occasions there was nothing in there for me.

    No matter what we did, I just did not want to have sex maybe because I did not desire it in the first place.

    If you are going through a similar phase, Provestra might be able to help you just as it helped me.

    With the regular use of this product, you might witness your sexual levels to increase which further might make sex more pleasurable for you.

    Provestra is considered to be a very effective product and this is the major reason why it has gained immense popularity over the years.

    What is Provestra?

    Provestra is a female sexual enhancement product which was created with the sole aim of helping women who are facing difficulties in their sexual life thanks to their low libido.

    The manufacturing formula of this product comprises all natural ingredients because of which, it might be a very safe product to consume.

    It is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a reputed name in the health industry known for manufacturing high-quality and effective products.

    How did I use it?

    I followed the official dosage as it was mentioned on the official packaging of the product. I used to take one pill of Provestra with my breakfast and used to gulp it down with plenty of water.

    How does Provestra work?

    Provestra makes the use of a proprietary blend consisting of carefully chosen natural ingredients which have been known for their sexual benefits.

    Thanks to the high quality herbs and aphrodisiacs used in the manufacturing formula, it might be able to reverse any hormonal changes in your body.

    The ingredients might be able to dilate your blood vessels allowing more blood to flow to your genital regions. This might allow you to have frequent orgams with much greater intensity.

    The ingredients might also allow the muscles present in your genital region to contract more frequently and with more intensity. This can also improve your orgasms.


    1. It helped my vagina lubricate itself. 
    2. It increased my appetite for sex. 
    3. It increased the intensity of my orgasms which made sex immensely pleasurable for me. 
    4. It made it possible for me to get aroused sexually almost anytime I wanted. 

Scream Cream new - bodyfi

  • Scream Cream

    Scream Cream as the name suggests, made with me scream with pleasure while I used to have sex with my partner. 

    It is one of the best products to use if you too are suffering from sexual dysfunctions and want to do something really quickly about it. 

    It can be of great help to you if just like me, you too are suffering from vaginal dryness and are finding a cure for the same. 

    Thanks to my vaginal dryness, it used to hurt a lot if my partner just used to touch it. Penetrative sex was not even an option back then. 

    This is the major reason why I could see my partner being sexually frustrated. However, ever since I have started using this product, my sexual life is now much better than ever before. 

    It takes some time to show its effects but it might be able to create an ever-lasting effect on you. 

    What is Scream Cream? 

    Scream Cream is a topical solution cream which has been developed specifically for women who are suffering from sexual dysfunction. 

    However, there is a major difference between Scream Cream and other female enhancement drugs. Like other products, Scream Cream is not an over the counter drug, but a prescription product. Thus, you can get this cream only when a doctor prescribes it to you.


    It is manufactured by Nu Image Medical which is a reputed name in the supplements industry and they are known for their range of sexual problems and diet related health supplements. 

    How Scream Cream works? 

    Scream Cream just like other enhancement products, dilates the blood vessels present in your genital areas which increases the amount of blood flowing through them. It also helps the muscles present in your vaghinal area to relax which might help you achieve much better orgasms.


    How did I use it?

    I used to take just ¼ ml or ½ ml of Scream Cream on one of my fingers and used to massage my genital region with the same.

    I followed the official dosage schedule as it was mentioned on the packaging of the product and I would advise you to follow the same simply because it is a prescription drug.

    I used to apply it 20 minutes before I used to have sexual encounters with my partner and you should ideally apply it 15 to 30 minutes before sex.

    Is it safe to use?

    Despite being a prescription product, I did not face any side effects at all during my 12 months of use with the same.

    You should always make sure that you follow the dosage schedule as mentioned on the packaging or as advised by your doctor and make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredient used in this supplement.


    1. It significantly increased my sexual satisfaction. 
    2. It increased the intensity of my orgasms. 
    3. It increased the sensitivity of my vaginal area. 
    4. It increased my hunger for having sex. 

Vigorelle New

  • Vigorelle

    You can consider using Vigorelle if you do not feel like having sex anymore. Just like millions others, Vigorelle might help in reigniting the desire for sex within you.

    A while ago, I was suffering from the issue of vaginal dryness because of which my vagina was unable to lubricate itself even when I was sexually aroused.

    In order to counter this problem, me and my partner used several lubricants commonly available in nearby pharmacies but they were of no help either because they were way too sticky and sex felt unnautral when we used it.

    This is when I started the use of Vigorelle and honestly, my sexual life has never been the same again.

    It helped me strengthen my relationship with my partner as well because our sexual life was as good as it can be.

    We used to try different kinks from time to time and I often initiated sex more than him which made my man extremely happy and kept him satisfied.

    What is Vigorelle?

    Vigorelle is a sexual enhancement cream which has been designed for women who are not satisfied with their sexual life and are suffering because of the same.

    However, thanks to Vigorelle’s aphrodisiac properties, getting aroused sexually was never easier.

    It not only helps in increasing your sexual libido but it can also make a positive impact on your sexual stamina and desires.

    How does it work?

    Vigorelle increases the amount of blood flowing to your clitoris and vaginal area which helps your muscles to contract with more intensity.

    This often allows you to have amazing orgamss which are as intense as you can imagine them to be.

    Several ingredients used in this product can improve the balance of hormones in your body and might lubricate your vagina naturally at the same time.

    Was it safe to use?

    Even after using Vigorelle constantly for over 12 months, I did not find this product to be having any side effects on my body.

    I just stuck to the dosage schedule as it was mentioned on the back of the product and under no circumstances, did I exceed the daile recommended limit.


    1. It made sexual interourse immensely pleasurable for me. 
    2. It increased the intensity of my orgasms significantly. 
    3. It reduced the time it took for me to get sexually aroused. 
    4. It helped me cure the issue of my vaginal dryness. 
    5. It helped me strengthen my relationship with my partner. 
    6. It not only increased my sexual libido but it also had a major impact on my sexual desires. 
    7. It was not sticky unlike artificial lubricants available at local pharmacies which made sex feel so natural. 

What are female arousal pills?

Arousal creams act as libido enhancers which are developed with the aim of helping women facing difficulties with their sexual libido. 

Some of these libido enhancers are over the top products while many others are prescription drugs. 

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