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Is Redcon1 Halo a safe compound for building muscles ? We will find out in this review.

For a long time now, body builders, athletes, armed personnel, and fitness enthusiasts alike have sought for several ways to enhance their performance in their field of practice.

Steroids emerged as the go-to option but legal issues and side effects have troubled the benefits that they come with. Thankfully, we now have a powerful and potentially permanent solution to these problems- The RedCon1 Halo.

I guess, you are still wondering why the whole hype about this product? A peep into its repertoire would make you pretty much hyped for it.


Halo signals the body to build more muscle through nitrogen retention and increased protein synthesis. The net effect of this is that you can now train more frequently and for longer period of time.

Now you see the reason why Halo is a forerunner in sports medicine.

Halo is 100% legal and safe even at high doses. It beats off all other competition by being the most potent laxogenin compound available in the market. Studies have revealed that you can increase your protein synthesis by as much as 200% and this is no bluff!

The exciting qualities of this natural anabolic product have made a comprehensive review on RedCon1 Halo worthwhile.

We will explore in details, the Halo product and its manufacturer, the relevance, effectiveness, value, and every other thing you need to know about the product.

HALO stands for High Anabolic Low Oestrogen. RedCon1 developed the product. The reputable company also developed the Total War Pre-workout.

RedCon1 is an award-winning provider of nutritional supplements. Stack3D certified and Nutravigilance verified, the 2019 theVitaminShoppe Brand of the Year is a leading brand worldwide.

An anabolic product is one that ‘builds the body.’ Low oestrogen means that it does not affect your endocrine system and the oestrogen hormone.

Thus, you would not experience any side effects of the supplement. Halo is an androgen that does not act on androgen receptor itself.

Prior to the launch of Halo, Laxogenin supplements have been in the market but at very low doses of around 25mg to 50mg in most markets.

This was good, but not good enough to guarantee the results that most people expect. In response to this, Halo came up on stage with 100mg worth of unadulterated laxogenin. Thus, it became the strongest laxogenin compound in the world, an unprecedented feat achieved by RedCon1.

I encourage taking Halo for both bulking and cutting cycles because of its relevance in muscle growth and weight loss. This same mechanism hastens your recovery rate, which also implies less muscle soreness.

In my research and use of Halo, I discovered that from previously being able to workout only 3 to 4 times a week, I could now do so at 5 to 6 times, and at varying intensities.

RedCon1 Halo Ingredients

RedCon1 Halo has just one ingredient called Laxogenin. Let us discuss some little science behind this ingredient.

It is a plant-based steroid with anabolic effects. Its full scientific name is 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin and it is gotten from Smilax Sieboldii, a plant found in forest regions of China and Japan.

Laxogenin is the most popular compound of the brassinosteroids. Thus, it is not exactly a new ingredient. Brassinosteroids are chemically similar to the animal cholesterol derived steroids.

Brassinosteroids generally have been shown to function in cell elongation and division, as evidenced by several studies.

According to the old Soviet Union studies, laxogenin increases protein synthesis directly, while simultaneously inhibiting its breakdown.

Consequently, muscle recovery becomes faster and there is less injury. This is also due to the concurrent decrease in cortisol levels. Since laxogenin is not a prohormone, it does not have endocrine effects on testosterone and oestrogen.

While laxogenin is the main essential ingredient, the capsule is made of other ingredients like brown rice flour, gelatin, silica, calcium phosphate, and magnesium stearate.

You would find all the details and servings on the product label of a Halo bottle.

How To Use Redcon1 Halo ?

The capsules come at 100mg each and the optimum dose is 200mg a day. The serving size is one capsule.

There are 60 capsules in a container, which should last for about a month for the average person. Take one serving of Halo twice daily.

While you can take this at any time of the day, it is preferable to do so during or after meals and workouts. This is a recommendation by the company itself. Find out more.

Just with every other dietary supplement, you should consult with your physician before using the product. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or you have an underlying medical condition.

In addition, individuals below the age of 18 are not encouraged to take it. It is highly unlikely that you would experience any side effects but if you do, discontinue the supplement dosage and consult your doctor.

Understanding the physiology of muscle growth helps you to use Halo properly. Halo increases growth and cellular uptake of nutrients. Since growth hormone levels are at maximum in the night and early morning.

It would be a good time to take the product. I always encourage drinking a lot of water to facilitate the process.

Combinations/ Stacking

Halo can be combined with several products for holistic results. Perhaps, one of the most popular combos is the RedCon1 Muscle Building Stack.

This is for complete natural and non-hormonal muscle building. It is a combination of Halo and RedCon1 11 Bravo.

You could also safely combine Halo with any of the other RedCon1 products like Big Noise, MOAB, Boom Stick, MRE, etc.


One thing many people get concerned about is how whatever they ingest gets processed by their bodies.

With the RedCon1 Halo, there is not enough scientific evidence to illuminate its interactions in the body. Thus, the exact mechanism of action, drug interaction, and pharmacokinetics in general are unknown.

On the contrary, there is nobody of evidence to determine that the product is harmful in any way. Subjective studies and surveys from users have shown no abnormal responses, negative effects, or derangement in their baseline metabolism as a result of using the product.

Therefore, in the midst of limited clinical research, people have achieved sensational results with the use of Halo.

Halo does not act on the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis. It also does not act on androgen receptors. Therefore, users are safe from all the side effects.

In summary, a noteworthy point is that RedCon1 Halo has 3 main effects:

How To Buy RedCon1 Halo Online ?

Orders are processed for shipping on week days; Monday to Friday. It is done via USPS, UPS, or DHL. Shipping takes an average of 5 to 7 days.

RedCon1 is legal all over the States. However, you should be familiar with import regulations and customs in your country to avoid any issues.

RedCon1 has a clear and straightforward policy on return and refunds. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days.

However, It is important to notify the company within the days of receipt.


Halo has several benefits, mainly due to its active ingredient as enumerated below.


Interestingly, the drawbacks of the RedCon1 Halo do not have anything to do with the product itself. The following are the few cons of Halo:

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Halo stimulates your body to put on more muscle. By increasing protein synthesis and retention of nitrogen, Halo helps you to add muscle bulk naturally and in a safe way.

For a regular person, two tablets a day is great. However, you may need to increase it depending on how big you are or what your goals are. There are no timing restrictions on how long you can use it.

Yes. Since it is not a prohormone, both men and women can use it without any issues. It would benefit anyone who wants to improve his or her physique.

RedCon1 Halo has no side effects. Therefore, you would not be experiencing the gynecomastia, acne breakouts, hair loss, etc. that are seen with the regular steroids.

For optimal effects, we usually recommend that you use Halo for about 3 to 4 months, before taking a 3 to 4 weeks break.

No. They are not the same. Halo is a natural probolic/ anabolic. Therefore, it does not affect your sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen. On the other hand, SOMAL products are testosterone precursors.

You can contact RedCon1 via email at cs{at}redcon1.com, or place a call to (855) 733-2661. Alternatively, you can contact any of RedCon1 retailers.


The final verdict is that if you are looking to improve your overall physique and performance in the safest and most natural way, the RedCon1 is your number one option.

The increase in muscle bulk and reduction in cortisol means you are also burning fat indirectly. While lack of enough clinical research and trials has significantly impeded the Laxogenin compound from receiving the wide critical acclaim that it deserves, there is still much to look forward to.

This natural anabolic is currently the in-thing in town and it is hardly surprising. The results and testimonials from users have not just been promising but excellent.

Thus, you can look forward with excitement to the prospects of getting your dream body as it has never been easier.

Ensure that you set realistic goals, as this is not some magic potion that works in isolation. To this effect, adequate sleep, a balanced diet, optimum hydration, and an effective exercise regimen are other areas where you need to up your game.

You should expect an increase in confidence and more opportunities with Halo in your life.I believe this article has been able to address any question or clarification that you have had in mind about RedCon1 Halo.

After reading this article, you should be able to make an informed decision regarding your physique goals.

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