Figure 8 Fitness Review: Does This Workout Really Helps Loosing Fat?

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In this Figure 8 Fitness review, I am going to talk about this regimen that has created a buzz in the fitness world in a really short span of time because it appears to be a really fun workout.

Figure 8 Fitness is quite popular on different social media sites and it was a topic of discussion for quite a long in my own group of friends as well. 

All this was happening at the time when my friends had gained some extra weight and were trying to get rid of those extra layers of fat deposited in their body. 

Also, there were a number of friends of mine who tried to convenience me to try Figure 8 Fitness at least once and I soon started my research for the same.

I tried searching for various social media sites for the same, read a number of user reviews of this program. Post this, me and my friends personally tried Figure 8 Fitness for over 4 months and this is why I am writing this review today.

I have also tried to include personal experiences with this program in the form of Figure 8 Fitness review.

Figure 8 Fitness is not a Diet Supplement or a Weight Loss Supplement. Instead, it is a weight loss program designed specially for women and it is often termed as “Dynamic Core Training” for women. It can be performed by women of all age groups and all sizes. 

Figure 8 Fitness is a 30 minute workout program which combines the fun of dance and effectiveness of exercise to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

figure 8 fitness review

This workout routine comprises three different phases namely: Learning, Burning and Sculpting. 

Figure 8 Fitness packs nearly 2,100 side crunches, 484 Front Crunches, and about 900 Hip Rolls in a 30 minute video. All these exercises are known to be core exercises which help you burn a lot of fat in your body by targeting your body’s abdominal area. 

Now doing these exercises as they are can be very monotonous, boring and really difficult. However, Figure 8 Fitness will make exercises really fun and easy for you to do them. 

Who started Figure 8 Fitness?

Figure 8 Fitness is owned, marketed and distributed by Bravado Ventures LLC and BodyFX which is a company based out of Las Vegas in the United States of America and was created in the year 2016. 

However, the brain behind Figure 8 Fitness is Jaana Kunitz. Jaana Kunitz is a very renowned and famous Latin Ballroom dancer and she was the person who started this workout routine. 

Apart from being a great dancer she is also known to be one of the best Choreographers and is best known for her abilities to create very effective and fun home workout and exercise routines. 

She created Figure 8 Fitness for those women who were overweight and they did not have much time to follow a proper workout routine or hit a gym. Her workout routines are known to be really fun and easy to do. 

What do you get when you buy Figure 8 Fitness?

After you have placed your order of Figure 8 Fitness, you will be receiving the following :

  • Video Workouts: These workout sessions in the form of videos will be available in the form of DVDs. For added convenience, you also have the option of watching these videos over the internet. 
  • Success Tracker: You will get a Success Tracker in which you can note down your daily progress for 60 days. This would help you in determining how far you have 60 days from when you started. 
  • Diet Guide: You will get a pretty detailed and comprehensive diet guide which will ensure that you are only eating healthy and nutritious balanced diets which also is mouth watering. 
  • Fitness Community Membership: As soon as you buy Figure 8 Fitness, you become a member of the Global Figure 8 Fitness Community. This community will motivate you constantly and help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. 

How Figure 8 Fitness Works?

There are several DVDs or Video Workouts included in Figure 8 Fitness Workout which consist of different cardio exercises. These videos not only target your core but they also teach you several 3D exercises. 

The duration of each workout is about 30 minutes in which your body’s core, muscles in the back and external abdominals are targeted. 

Figure 8 Fitness: Scientific Evidence

Figure 8 Fitness can be backed by some scientific studies too. According to a research study published here, health and weight loss benefits of Aerobic exercises are significant for middle aged overweight women. 

These exercises are just as effective as Jogging, Running or Cycling and can provide a boost to your stamina levels as well. 

Starting with Figure 8 Fitness

After you have placed the order for your Figure 8 Fitness Workout Program, you will receive 14 DVDs all of which are preloaded with different exercises. 

These exercises have been included in such a way that they would target Core and Abdominal Muscles of your body which also happen to be the areas where fat is generally stored. 

If you follow these exercises on a daily basis, not only will your core be strengthened but your stamina would also increase. 

One of the best parts of this workout routine is that they make these exercises really fun to do and you most probably would not experience any pain while working out. 

Figure 8 Fitness: YouTube Channel

Figure 8 Fitness has a YouTube Channel of its own and at the moment it also has more than 30,000 subscribers. One of the best parts is that you can access these videos without paying anything at all i.e they are absolutely free to watch. 

What do the Figure 8 Fitness workout include?

There are three different phases in the Figure 8 Fitness Workout Routine namely: Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 which can also be termed as Learning, Burning and Sculpting Phases. Let us discuss them one by one. 

  • Phase 1 or The Learning Phase

In this phase you will learn 3 basic core movements which also happen to be the foundation of the entire Figure 8 Fitness program. These exercises will activate your core muscles properly. 

It will also enhance your body’s shape, and enhance your spine’s flexibility by performing several fluid motion sequences with your hips. 

You will also learn about several movements and imbalances which can be dangerous and need to be avoided at all costs in the future. 

  • Phase 2 or The Burning Phase:

In this phase, you will be performing several patterns related to core cardio movements in multiple repetitions with varying tempo and rhythm. 

These exercises will target your body’s core muscles and they will also make sure that your heart rate lies in the perfect zone as recommended for Cardio exercises. 

Each workout program in this phase would also comprise a segment named “Metabolic Accelerator”. These exercises are power exercises which need to be done for a maximum of 30 seconds. They can be really good for your body’s metabolism after the workout. 

  • Phase 3 or Sculpting Phase:

In the third phase, you will be paying special attention to sculpting your body. This phase consists of several special body toning exercises which would be targeting your arms, back, glutes, legs and shoulders. 

You can perform these exercises without any equipment such as Dumbbells and you can be carefree about the fear of bulking up. 

The benefit of this phase is that the exercises in this phase would target a lot of muscles simultaneously in your body and in multiple ways. 

Thus once you have completed all the three phases properly, you can achieve your dream physique of Figure 8. 

Figure 8 Fitness: Are there any side effects?

Figure 8 Fitness is a workout routine which has been designed very carefully so that it can be used by women of all age and sizes. 

Because Figure 8 Fitness does not use any External Accessory or Equipment such as Dumbbells or Barbells, Figure 8 Fitness is safe to use. 

It has got great feedback from customers who have already used it in the past and amongst all the reviews I read, most of them suggested that Figure 8 Fitness had no side effects on them. 

There are a lot of friends of mine who have tried this supplement too and they were not able to witness any side effects at all. 

However, there were many reviews which suggested that women who are suffering from back injuries or have some problems in their back, should not try the Figure 8 Fitness Program. 

It is so because Figure 8 Fitness contains a lot of intense exercises which can have a negative effect and can worsen their pre existing injuries. 

Benefits of Figure 8 Fitness Program

Figure 8 Fitness was a really effective workout program for all my friends because they really benefited significantly. 

Following were the benefits Figure 8 Fitness had on their body:

  1. They were able to lose a lot of fat from their body quite easily. 
  2. They could feel the muscles of their core being strengthened. 
  3. They noticed their body’s flexibility had increased after following the workout routine regularly. 
  4. They had increased stamina levels. 
  5. They could feel their Metabolism improve and they also felt a difference in their Cardiovascular health. 
  6. With continued practice, the pain in their body reduced gradually. 

Personal Experience of My Friends

My friends really enjoyed following the Figure 8 Fitness Workout routine. Most of them followed this routine rigorously for a period of nearly 2 months and all of them lost more than 10 pounds of weight during this time. 

However, the results of this program varied from person to person. One of my friends finished this workout program with a really toned body while another friend of mine was able to achieve a really lean physique. 

However, this difference in results could also be because of the fact that they followed different diets and their efforts towards these routines varied slightly too. 

According to me, the final results would depend heavily on your diet and the efforts you put in while working out. 

Can Men use Figure 8 Fitness?

This is one of the questions which I personally thought about when I was conducting my research on Figure 8 Fitness. I thought so because it was clearly mentioned that Figure 8 Fitness was designed especially for women who were overweight and wanted to lose weight. 

However, I feel very happy to say that Figure 8 Fitness can also be used by men of all age and weight groups. It is so because Figure 8 Fitness comprises basic free body exercises which are similar for both men and women. 

This thought of mine was concluded further when I read several real life users from men who have already used Figure 8 Fitness in the past. Most of them suggested that they were able to benefit significantly from this workout routine. 

Figure 8 Facebook Community?

You can join the Facebook Community of Figure 8 Fitness which comprises individuals who are either following the Figure 8 Fitness program or have completed it. There are several reasons why you should join this community which are:

  1. You will get daily inspiration from your fellow Figure 8 Fitness Community Members. 
  2. Several users share their before and after pictures which would surely motivate you to workout harder. 
  3. There are monthly challenges in the community which are aimed to increase your personal gains and improve your personal goals. 
  4. You can also find yourself a buddy who would help you workout consistently. 

Cost of Figure 8 Fitness Program?

Figure 8 Fitness is one of the most affordable workout programs because it costs only 47 Dollars. When you are paying this price, you will get online streaming of your workout videos which can be then watched on the BodyFX application without any additional costs. 

However, you have the option of watching these videos on the following supported platforms:

  1. iOS. 
  2. Android. 
  3. Roku Fire. 
  4. Apple TV.
  5. Chromecast. 

However, if you do not want to go online and you want your DVDs with preloaded videos of the workout, you will have to shell out an additional 9.95 US Dollars which is just the shipping cost.

Money Back Guarantee

The founders of Figure 8 Fitness are really confident about their product because of which they provide you a money back guarantee period of 60 days. You can claim the warranty if:

  1. You do not feel any difference within 60 days of its use. 
  2. You did not feel any major difference within one month of its use. 

You can mail the manufacturers anytime within 60 days and you might get your entire money refunded. 


Staying Healthy is a necessity in today’s world because we would be able to take on the challenges life throws at us only if we are physically fit to face all of them. 

If you are looking for a fun way to achieve your fitness goals, you can definitely try Figure 8 Fitness. 

I have personally seen a lot of my friends trying Figure 8 Fitness and benefitting when they were consistent with this workout routine. 

One of the best parts about this routine is that you need only 30 minutes from 24 hours in a day to get in shape. It also saves your travelling time and brings you effective results right from the comfort and privacy of your home. 

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