Fenugreek Extract – Health Benefits, Side Effects And Dosage

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Herbs like Fenugreek extract are a perfect choice as an ingredient to be used in health supplements and testosterone boosters. Fenugreek as a Herb is one of the most safe ingredients as it is 100% natural. 

In this article, I will be discussing one of the most potent and beneficial herbs i.e Fenugreek Extract. These extracts are extracted from the Fenugreek plant which can be distinguished from its big white flowers and small seeds. 

Apart from the numerous medicinal benefits associated with this herb the seeds of Fenugreek also have a nutty taste to it because of which it is used as a spice and is widely used in India as an ingredient in their local cuisines and foods.

Fenugreek is a native plant belonging to the Mediterranean Region and it is also found in regions of southern Europe and West Asia. The taste of the seeds of Fenugreek plant is similar to Maple Syrup and these plants are also used and eaten as a vegetable by the local Indian population. 

Because of the strong pleasing smell of Fenugreek, it is also used to cover the bitter smell and taste of other medicines. These seeds are rich in nutritional values and have a lot of medicinal benefits associated with them.

Fenugreek when consumed orally by mouth can be a cure for problem like loss of appetite, stomach upsets, constipation and gastritis i.e inflammation of the human stomach. 

Fenugreek can also be used in controlling diabetes, providing relief from Menstrual pains, benefitting women during menopause, helping in arthritis, improving the thyroid conditions, and controlling obesity in humans. 

Fenugreek Extract is also really beneficial for your heart’s good health because these extracts are used in the treatment of a condition called Atherosclerosis i.e hardening of your heart’s arteries. It also helps in controlling the fat levels in your blood and also helps in maintaining the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the human blood.


Fenugreek extract is also helpful in treating the diseases related to kidneys. It also helps in the treatment of the vitamin deficiency called beriberi, treats ulcers in the mouth, cures boils, treats bronchitis, and also treats any infection within the surface of human skin.

Fenugreek extract can also be used in the treatment of tuberculosis and can also treat chronic coughs. Some other studies also suggest that this herb can also help a patient suffering from baldness, chapped lips and even cancer.

Fenugreek Extract is also used by many adult men to treat problems like hernia, Erectile Dysfunction, infertility in men and some other problems related to men. These extracts are also used by many lactating and breastfeeding women to improve the flow of milk.

Many people also use fenugreek extract as poultice i.e it is warmed and then wrapped in a cloth and is applied directly on the skin to treat local pain and swelling afterwards. This fenugreek poultice can also help in providing its users relief from muscle pain, swelling and pain in lymph nodes, gout pain, leg ulcers and other wounds. Fenugreek Extract is also used in beverages and tobacco products because of its maple leaf flavour.

Fenugreek Extract can also function a gum and an emulsifier which makes it a very useful stabilizer and can also be used as a thickening agent to thicken our foods.

Nutritional Facts

Fenugreek is a natural herb and has great nutritional value and following are the nutritional content in 1 tablespoon of Fenugreek.

Health Benefits Of Fenugreek Extract

There are numerous health benefits associated with the use of Fenugreek Extracts and some of the most useful and potent uses of Fenugreek Extract are:

  1. Helps in improving digestion and reducing Cholesterol Levels

    Improving the digestion of its users is one of the most potent benefits of Fenugreek Extracts and it can help its users suffering from numerous digestive problems such as stomach upsets, inflammation and swelling of the stomach or constipation. It is also known to be beneficial for those who are suffering from various heart conditions like the hardening of arteries and rise in the cholesterol levels.
  1. Helps fight inflammation in the body

    Fenugreek extract is quite useful in helping the body fight against inflammation and helps in the prevention of certain health problems like-

    • Ulcers in the mouth
    • Boils
    • Bronchitis
    • Tissue infections within the skin’s surface.
    • Tuberculosis
    • Chronic Coughs
    • Cancer
    • Kidney diseases and ailments

    Apart from helping the user fight off these diseases, Fenugreek also helps in lowering the blood sugar levels and helps in preventing certain nutritive disorders like diabetes as it inhibits the absorption of sugar in the body causing it to absorb slowly and it also stimulates insulin hormone in our body.

  1. Promotes libido in Men

    Fenugreek leaves are known to increase the testosterone levels in men and this is the reason why many men use Fenugreek extract to treat problems related to men like Hernia, Hairfall and Erectile Dysfunction. Many fenugreek users report an increase in their sexual libido and sexual arousal when they consume Fenugreek and this claim has also been backed scientifically.

  1. Promotes the flow of milk in breastfeeding women

    Fenugreek extract can be beneficial for those women who are breastfeeding and experience low flow of milk. The reason why it can increase the flow of milk is because of its ability to act as a galactagogue. Galactagogue are substances which are known for their property to increase the supply of milk. These substances can increase the flow of milk within 24 hours by stimulating the milk ducts.

  1. Treats wounds and scars on the skin

    Fenugreek extract is well known in treating inflammations and are sometimes also used as a poultice. Research show that this poultice can help in the treatment of various problems like-

    • Pain and Swelling of the muscles
    • Pain and swelling of Lymph nodes
    • Treating gout
    • Healing wounds
    • Healing ulcers in the legs
    • Treating dandruff problems
    • Treating Eczema

    However before starting the use of Fenugreek to cure any of the other problems, one should always check that it does not have a burning effect on the infected area as it might worsen the problem instead of improving it.

    Using Fenugreek is quite beneficial for your hair as well because it can improve the texture of your hair and also promote its growth.

  1. Increases the appetite

    Fenugreek is also helpful in increasing the appetite which leads to its nutritious properties. There are some research studies conducted to find out about this effect of fenugreek and it was found that it provides its users with a motivation to eat and it also promotes certain endocrine and metabolic changes.
  1. Enhances Exercise performance

    When Fenugreek extract is consumed together with Creatine supplements, it might lead to an increase in the physical performance of its users and research studies show that consumption of Fenugreek led to an increase in the user’s capability to bench press and deadlift.
  1. Helps in improving the level of sugar in your blood

    It is one of the most beneficial uses of Fenugreek as it helps in controlling the blood sugar levels in Humans and can be quite useful especially for diabetic patients. Diabetic Type-2 patients who consumed Fenugreek Seeds which were soaked in hot water for some time, witnessed an improve in the sugar levels of their blood.

Risks and Side Effects

Fenugreek extract is relatively safe to consume orally or mixed with food. It is also considered safe for human use when consumed in the form of medicines for a period of upto six months.

Common side effects related with the use of Fenugreek extract are-

Pregnant women should be careful when consuming Fenugreek because consumption of Fenugreek in amounts greater than that present in the food might lead to early contractions and this might lead to some abnormalities and deformities in the unborn babies.

Fenugreek Leaves are considered to be unsafe for Children consumption as it might lead to unconsciousness in them.

Fenugreek extract are considered to be safe for use by Breastfeeding women.


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