ClassCredit bundles are the perfect option for clients that visit less than 8 times per month. Each bodyFi location has three separate unique studios offering different types of classes every day. Classes range from 25 minutes to 45 minutes. Each class type has an assigned number of ClassCredits which will be deducted from your BUNDLE. This allows bodyFi clients to take a variety of classes with just ONE membership. Learn more about the different class types HERE.

ClassCredit Bundles
Take any class we offer.
Bundles PRICE
24·ClassCredits $100.00
40·ClassCredits $160.00
60·ClassCredits $210.00
120·ClassCredits $360.00
160·ClassCredits $440.00
200·ClassCredits $550.00
· All ClassCredit bundles have a 6-month expiration date except for the 160 & 200 BUNDLES which expire 12 months after your first class.
· Bundles of 60 or larger may be shared with another member.