Dianabol Review and Its Alternative For Better Results

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In this dianabol review, I have tried to put forward my research work that I accumulated when I was searching for a supplement that could provide a little push to my bodybuilding journey.

Hence, would be able to find some of the essential details about this anabolic steroid.

At the same time, I have discussed a one of the best alternative to dianabol. This is because, I consumed the same and have discussed the results in the latter part of this dianabol review as well.


Dianabol is also popularly known as DBol and Methandrostenolone. It is an anabolic steroid which was introduced in the 1950s by the Americans to counter the Russian Athletes.

During that time, Russian athletes were using Syringe and Needles based Anabolic Steroids extensively and thus Dianabol was introduced to the world. 

There were a lot of benefits which Dianabol had on its users and some of them were:

It did not require users to inject it in their body using Syringe and Needles. It could be taken orally in the form of oral pills.
It was claimed that it is efficient and super effective because it provides its users with incredible muscle gains.
Dianabol might also help its users in losing the fat stored in their body.
It may also increase the energy levels and stamina of its users.
It could provide quick results.
Experts suggest that it might improve the overall performance of those who consume it. 

Those who consumed this anabolic steroid witnessed incredible gains in their body and their body transformation was impressive.

It increases the amount of muscle mass in the body of its users because it targeted the muscle groups directly and reduced the fat levels simultaneously. Thus, it was a miraculous drug in every possible way.

However, as every coin has two sides, words about the harmful effects of dianabol’s use on the body of its users spread around the world as the consumption of this drug started all over the world. 

So let us now discuss the side effects which are associated with the use of this anabolic steroid.

Why Is Dianabol So Popular?

The reason behind this immense popularity of Dianabol was that prior to Dianabol, all the steroids had to be injected in the body of its users using needles or syringes.

Thus, a revolution was kick-started when Dianabol was launched because it was the first supplement for bodybuilders ever which could be consumed orally in the form of Pills/Capsules. 

Men and especially bodybuilders have always resorted to supplements in order to boost their physical capabilities.

Dianabol is one of the most efficient supplements which helps you boost your body when it comes to weight loss, muscle mass and overall performance.

Side Effects of Dianabol

Dianabol Side Effects

One of the oldest sayings we have is “All that Glitters is not Gold” and the same cannot be any truer for Dianabol.

It is so because, even with the tremendous benefits Dianabol has, it has some side effects associated with its use which are very dangerous and can even be fatal.

Some of the common side effects associated with the use of Dianabol are:

  1. It might retain fluids in our muscle groups and this fluid retention increases with the increase in size of our muscles. 
  2. It could cause some parts of the body to swell. 
  3. One might witness extreme levels of fatigue.
  4. In many cases, it may cause extreme flatulence. 
  5. Regular usage may also lead to the development of Moobs or Man Boobs.
  6. One experiences tremendous weakness.
  7. It could increase the level of blood pressure in the body of its users. 
  8. It might increase the risk of having a cardiac arrest. 
  9. Dianabol could lead to rapid hair growth in some specific parts of your body. 
  10. It may cause severe damage to your internal organs especially Liver and Kidneys. 

How Does Dianabol work?

The main principle involved behind the working of Dianabol is its ability to increase the retention of protein in the muscle tissues of your body. Also, it increases the retention of nitrogen in our body which in turn helps in the retention of protein. 

When someone consumes the oral pills of dianabol, these pills are broken down in your stomach which increases  the levels of nitrogen in your body. Thus, it leads to an increase in the concentration of nitrogen in the body. 

Thus, after its release, Nitrogen is carried to the muscles of your body via your bloodstream. One of the other essential benefits of Nitrogen is that it enhances the flow of RBCs or Red Blood Cells in your body. 

Your body’s muscles are then supplied with a huge inflow of nitrogen and red blood cells. This nitrogen is broken down and converted into proteins in your muscles. When this protein reaches its target muscles, it is absorbed quickly by the tissues. 

Due to the structure of muscles in the human body, tissues absorb this Protein for increasing the strength of muscles. 

Also, the wear and tear that has happened due to the rigorous workout within the muscles is taken care by the protein that is supplied.

How To Use Dianabol?

Dianabol is generally available for use in two forms: pills and injectable fluid. However, dianabol in pills form is much more popular than the other.

It is because it is always easier to pop a pill with a glass of water when compared to injecting a particular amount of liquid in the body. 

Dianabol will surely have its side effects if you continue using it for long enough, but you should follow the correct dosage pattern in order to minimize these side effects.

Any one who consumes Dianabol should follow the instructions very carefully. The maximum permissible limit for dianabol consumption lies between 30 and 50 mg every day.

Dianabol is believed to have its effect on your body for roughly 4 to 5 hours after it has been consumed.

Who can use Dianabol?

I would sincerely advise all of my readers to stay away from Dianabol completely. However, the final choice lies with you whether you still want to go ahead and use Dianabol. 

Dianabol is an Anabolic Steroid, and it is a very strong drug and has a lot of effects when consumed. This is the reason why Dianabol should be consumed only by Professional Bodybuilders and Professional Athletes who have experience with Steroid Consumption in the past.

It is because if you have consumed any Anabolic Steroids in the past, your body would be able to handle the effects which Dianabol has on your body. 

However, you should keep one thing in your mind before starting the consumption of Dianabol. If you are a professional athlete or a professional bodybuilder, you would want to avoid dianabol use. It is because dianabol’s use is banned by almost every major tournament and competition.

If you are tested positive for Dianabol consumption by any major committee, you might face some serious charges and your career might be over. 

Organizations like the FDA(Food and Drug Administration), WADA(World Anti-Doping Agency) and even IOC(International Olympic Committee) consider Dianabol to be an illegal drug and have banned its use. 

However, Dianabol might be prescribed to you by a doctor under rare circumstances. However, you will be required to produce a prescription by a doctor in order to purchase Dianabol. 

If you think that giving the reason for getting a ripped body is enough for purchasing Dianabol, you could be wrong.

Benefits of Dianabol Consumption

There must be some reason why Dianabol gained such immense popularity immediately after it was released. In the case of Dianabol, there was not one but many reasons behind this immense popularity.

I would still like to highlight the fact that the immense popularity of Dianabol does not justify its consumption because it is really harmful for your consumption. 

However, Dianabol indeed helped bodybuilders and professional athletes in enhancing their physique and pushed their physical limits.

This is also one of the major reasons why Dianabol is still being sold illegally even after being banned by almost every major sports committee in the world. 

Following are some of the benefits Dianabol had on its users:

  1. Dianabol was the first ever steroid which was available in Oral Form. This meant that it was way easier to use than the conventional methods of injecting the steroid into your body.
  2. In most of the cases it had immediate results on its users, and it is very effective. 
  3. It could increase and enhance the size of your muscles. 
  4. The strength of your musculoskeletal system could as well shoot up. 
  5. Your body’s metabolic rate may also increase. 
  6. It could aid in weight loss by burning fat stored in your body. 
  7. It might provide you with short bursts of energy while you are working out. 
  8. Most consumers felt reduction in the time taken by your body to recover after a workout. 
  9. It may as well makes sure that you remain energetic throughout the day. 
  10. It could prevent fatigue.

Where to Purchase Dianabol?

If you think that you can purchase dianabol from that local pharmacy near your home or gym, then you are wrong. It is because dianabol is not available at most of the pharmacies because it is now an illegal drug. 

However, if not legally then illegally. There are many people who illegally trade dianabol pills over the internet or locally.

They usually hike up the price a lot, but it is still less than any other anabolic steroid in the market even today.

Safe and Legal ALternative to Dianabol : CrazyBulk D-Bal

So what option do you have if you want to have the benefits similar to Dianabol but without the side effects. At first, it might seem to be an impossible combination which was true until now.

After a lot of search and a ton of research, I found a perfect alternative to Dianabol. I consumed a legal steroid named as D-Bal for a considerable amount of time.

The results were just amazing. Hence, personally speaking D-Bal is an amazing alternative of Dianabol.

Illegal steroids such as Dianabol paint a very good picture of themselves in the beginning. They have a lot of positive effects on your body within months without any side effects. 

However, as you continue the consumption of these anabolic steroids, you already find yourself to be suffering from several medical complications.

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