Corporate Wellness

Google “corporate wellness program increases productivity” and you'll find a Huff Po article without any real numbers, so I did a deep dive for you. Here are some of the numbers I found.

The Numbers.

  • Companies with worksite wellness programs experience an 8% increase in employee productivity. (Fast Company)

  • Obese workers file 2X the number of workers compensation claims, 7X higher medical costs and lost 13X more days off of work. (Duke Medicine)

  • $2-$12 financial return on investment and over the course of one year health costs decrease by 50%. (RAND Corporation)

My Personal Experience

"As a personal trainer myself I had a client who was depressed. He was a salesman for the fastest growing SAAS company in history. He performed the best at his job when he could sneak away from the office to workout when he felt stressed. So I urge you to enable your employees to sneak away from the office and go to a safe place where they can speak to their wellness adviser or trainer and get some stress out at the gym. "

Paid Time Off

You already know that enabling your employees to workout is good for the health of your company, just like giving your employees unlimited time off or the ability to work from home. Sign up for a corporate wellness account with bodyFi for fast effective 30 minute workouts for only $59 a month here
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