Cinderella Solution: Does This Weight Loss Solution Worth It?

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This Cinderella Solution review contains all the important details about this weight loss program. Also, I have included the personal experiences of one of my very close friends who had tried Cinderella Solution.

I have tried to include everything you need to know about Cinderella Solution. At the same time, I have tried to answer some of the basic questions in this Cinderella Solution review.

What were the benefits of Cinderella Solution? Were there any side effects? Was it worth spending money on? Hence, you might want to stick with me till the end and you might find the answers to these questions and many more. 

So without any further adieus, let us start with today’s topic. 

cinderella solutionCinderella Solution is a 28-day weight and fat loss program which has been designed especially for women. 

This program has been created in such a way that it could be used by women lying in the age group of 20 to 65 years. 

However, unlike other weight loss programs which encourage you to consume some supplements or follow a vigorous exercise routine, Cinderella Solution is a bit different from all of them. 

This diet program is available in the form of PDFs or Videos which can be downloaded on your device as per your convenience. 

Cinderella Solution is a series of carefully planned diet and exercise programs which promises that it might help you lose weight 6 times faster than any other Commercial Diet plan. 

Cinderella Solution also claims that it is capable of providing you with these weight loss benefits without requiring you to keep a tab on your daily calorie intake. 

One of the major highlights of this program is that it promises to provide you with significant weight loss benefits in just under 28 days. 

Who Created Cinderella Solution & Why?

Cinderella Solution was created by Carly Donovan. Carly has been actively involved in the Fitness Industry for over 10 years now because even before releasing Cinderella Solution, she used to be a Gym Trainer. 

However, Carly Donovan used to suffer from some Weight Gain issues even when she used to workout daily and when she heard other people question her body, she decided to take some steps against it. 

She had suddenly gained over 100 pounds and when she visited a doctor post the weight gain, it was revealed that she was suffering from Diabetes. 

She started studying about weight gain and it was not long before she finally learned everything there way to learn about weight gain issues especially in Women. 

She first tried whatever she had learned on herself and when it proved to be effective for her, she decided to help women from all across the globe who were suffering from similar weight gain issues. 

How Does Cinderella Solution Work?

It is not difficult to understand the basic working principle involved behind Cinderella Solution. 

Cinderella Solution has been made especially for the female body and it seems to revolve around the principle of Insulin Hormonal Imbalance. 

In simple terms, usually when a woman’s body has some kind of Hormone Imbalance, it’s her metabolic rate which is hit first. 

Cinderella Solution provides you with tips on how you might be able to manage this hormonal imbalance which might help you prevent excessive weight gain. 

When these hormones would be balanced in your body, you might expect your metabolism to increase which can further have a significant impact on weight and fat loss. 

Cinderella Solution is a 28 day weight loss program which is divided into two phases namely: The Ignite Phase and the Launch Phase. 

During your ignite phase, you would be provided with a Custom Diet Plan which might help in managing the levels of Hormones in your body. Thus, this might allow your body to burn more fat on its own without having the need to exercise. 

After the Ignite Phase is over, you enter the Launch Phase. In this phase, you would be asked to eat four meals in a day. Each of these meals will be designed in such a way that it might help you lose a lot of fat from your body which should ultimately help you lose weight. 

Some of the food items included in this phase are:

  1. Green Tea. 
  2. Ricotta. 
  3. Berries. 
  4. Greek Yogurt. 
  5. Sweet Potatoes. 
  6. Fish. 
  7. Garlic. 
  8. Apples. 
  9. Chocolates. 
  10. Mint. 

You might also be able to learn how you can combine these food items to prepare a delicious meal which should increase the metabolism of your body which might help you lose a tremendous amount of weight. 

What does Cinderella Solution comprise of?

The Cinderella Solution comprises a manual which contains 4 essential parts. I will try to explain them one by one. 

  1. Introduction to Cinderella Solution or Part 1

This is the first part of this weight loss program which introduces Cinderella Solution to you in a basic way. It also educates you on how you should kick start your weight loss program. 

In this part, you also get to know about how to combine different food items on the basis of their flavours. You also get to know when is the ideal time to consume these meals. 

This part also contains some basic exercises which you can follow to help you achieve that perfectly toned body. 

It is in this part that you are introduced to the Ignite and Launch Phases. 

Following are the chapters included in Part 1:

  1. Chapter 1: Weight Loss from The Inside Out. 
  2. Where and How to Get Started
  3. Weight Loss Rituals. 
  4. Food Coupling. 
  5. Flavor Pairing. 
  6. Nutrition Timing. 
  7. Slim Sequencing Exercises. 
  8. Ignite and Launch 2- Phase Approach
  9. Phase 1: The Ignite Phase. 
  10. Phase 2: The Launch Phase. 
  11. Cycling the Ignite and Launch Phases.

2. Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint or Part 2

As the name suggests, you would be getting information about daily meal preparation plans in the second part of this weight loss program. You will also get 14 days calendars which you should follow. 

This part might ensure that your body is being nourished in the best way possible. 

Apart from providing you with meal ideas, this part might also educate you about macro nutrients. With the help of the information you get, you should find it very easy to make your own custom meal plan. 

Following are the Chapters included in Part 2:

  1. Chapter 4: Cinderella Tool 14 Day Calendars. 
  2. Daily Meal Plans. 
  3. Bonus Recipes. 
  4. Chapter 5: Macros and Food Pairing Rituals
  5. Prime Proteins. 
  6. Royal Fats. 
  7. Power Carbs. 
  8. Angel Carbs. 
  1. Chapter 6: Meal Timing and Frequency
  2. Ignite: 3 Meals Daily. 
  3. Launch: 4 Meals Daily. 
  4. When to eat. 

3. DIY Meals and Flavor Pairing or Part 3

The third part of the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program will provide you with extremely detailed information of the program. 

This information would allow you to prepare meals which should not only be extremely nutritious but low in calories as well. 

In this part you will be able to dig deeper into the Ignite and Launch Phases and make them much more effective by pairing different food options together. 

In this part, you might also learn about Food andPortion Blocks, and Portion Options too. 

Following are the chapters included in this part 3:

  1. Chapter 7: Step Instruction Guide
  2. Chapter 8: Ignite and Launch Meal Pairing Legends
  3. Chapter 9: Portion Options. 
  4. Chapter 10: Food and Portion Blocks. 

4. Top 10 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combination

In the fourth part of the Cinderella Solution, you might be educated about information related to Flavored and Meal Pairing Options with them. 

Guide To Cinderella Solution

Apart from the manual which contains the above parts, you also get some additional guides with Cinderella Solution. Following are them:

  1. Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is included for those people who do not want to read the entire Cinderella Solution manual. 

This Quick Start Guide will provide you with the required information about this weight loss program and you can get started immediately. 

2. Bonus Blueprint

In this Bonus Material, you will get detailed information of the guide which was followed by Cary Donovan herself because of which she was able to lose 84 pounds. 

3. Movement Guide

In this guide, you will get to know the basics about the workouts which would be included in this weight loss program. 

However, it depends entirely on you whether or not you want to follow these workouts. 

Why Did My Friend Choose Cinderella Solution?

When my friend was looking for ways to lose a lot of weight in a short span of time, there were many options that were available. 

She had the choice to choose from supplements and different diet plans. 

However there were several reasons why my friend decided to opt for Cinderella Solution and they were:

  1. It was designed especially for women. 

It was one of the major reasons why my friend decided to opt for Cinderella Solution because it was meant especially for women. 

This was not like other supplements which were either unisex or designed especially for men. 

2. Easy Workouts. 

My friend did not have any prior experience when it came to workouts. Also, my friend had a full time job because of which she did not have time to hit the gym on a regular basis. 

This is why when she read about the workouts included in the Cinderella Solution, she was relieved because these workouts did not require any equipment or a lot of efforts. 

3. Well detailed and informed

One of the best parts of this weight loss program was that unlike other supplements or programs which do not divulge a lot of information about them on online platforms, Cinderella Solution was an exception.

‌ While my friend was researching this program, she was able to find out almost every detail she required to know before she started following this program. 

My Friend's Personal Experience With Cinderella Review

My friend always used to be a very lively person. I don’t remember any occasion where I didn’t see a smile on her face. 

But things changed significantly when my friend switched her job about a year back. The new job looked very promising for her and it was quite high paying as well. 

But all this was accompanied by a very hectic work life where she had to put in a lot of hours on a daily basis. The workload used to be so high that she used to work even on the weekends. 

Because of the workload and the time crunch associated with it, she was heavily reliant on the readily available food options that were available in her office canteen.

Most of these food options were not healthy at all and often used a lot of oil and fats while being prepared.  Apart from that, she completely lost track of fitness and it was not long before she started gaining weight. 

Two months into the job, she found herself significantly overweight because of which she was often body shamed by her colleagues and friends. 

Her energy levels too had declined significantly, and she was heavily reliant on Caffeine based drinks to be able to workout the entire day. 

She also started noticing changes in her body which were not good. Her blood sugar levels were really high, and she often suffered from breathlessness. 

This was the time when she decided to do something. Because she could not change her job, it meant that it was very difficult for her to lose weight using the natural methods of Diet and Exercise, and she had to take help from some external sources. 

This is when she heard about Cinderella Solution from one of her friends who was in a similar situation some time ago. 

Soon she shared this with me and asked me to find out more about this weight loss program. She, too, started reading more about this weight loss program and after about 5 days, she made up her mind to try Cinderella Solution. 

In my initial research, Cinderella Solution had a very positive first impression and this is why I gave her a green signal to try this weight loss program. 

Soon she made the payments and started following the program. She followed everything as it was said in those PDFs and video lectures.

She prepared her meals exactly as it was stated in the diet plans. She followed the exercise as they were mentioned in the program without skipping even one day.

But even after following the program rigorously for over 3 months, my friend was not able to witness any changes in her body. 

There was no effect on her body weight whatsoever. 

I do not know why this happened because as far as I know, my friend followed everything as it was instructed. Still, Cinderella Solution did not have any positive effects on her body.

Side Effects

Because Cinderella Solution does not involve any external ingredients for weight loss, Cinderella Solution did not have any side effects on my friend. 

The meal plans included in the program appeared to be very well laid out which contained all the essential nutrients required by your body to function optimally. 

However, there are some exercises involved in this weight loss program. This if you suffer from back pain or joint pains, these exercises can be troublesome for you.

At the same time, there were no side effects faced by my friend.

Cinderella Solution Alternative

Cinderella Solution is one of those products which has been marketed pretty well because of which it manages to leave a great first impression on you. This is exactly what happened to me and my friend. 

Cinderella Solution had a very positive impression on both of us, and we firmly believed that it would surely have some positive effects on my friend. 

But the end result was quite disappointing because Cinderella Solution did not have any effects whatsoever.

My friend tried with all the efforts, but could not lose the weight. As a result, it was pretty disappointing for me and my friend as well.

This is when my friend started with the consumption of Phen375 and that worked wonderfully well for her.

Since that time, she has been consuming Phen375 and enjoying all the benefits of the same.

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