Choleslo Review: Does This Formula Really Work?

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This CholesLo review is about my Uncle’s personal consumption story. The reason why I am sharing this with you today because I want to get the story out there.

Hence, even if a single person is benefited out of this CholesLo review, I will feel blessed.

Thus, I do not want any one of you to suffer and this is the real life experiences of my Uncle. At the same time, I have included all the genuine and authentic information because under no circumstances would I play with the health of anyone.

As a result, you might expect some detailed information about CholesLo along with the personal experiences that my uncle went through once he started with his consumption.

Let me start with some of the basics about CholesLo.

CholesloCholesLo is a doctor formulated vegetarian pill which has been in existence for over 21 years now. It is one of the easiest, most natural and most convenient ways of maintaining a healthy cholesterol level of your body while simultaneously maintaining a great Lipid Profile. 

It can be considered a Cholesterol levels controlling supplement but it can also be great for maintaining the health of your body’s cardiovascular system. 

CholesLo has been developed after a lot of scientific research and it is made up of all natural ingredients which have been included in such a way that they can produce some really quick results. 

One of the best parts of this supplement is that it does not require a lot of effort from your side and it appears to be a really great value for money product. It is so because of the claims which the manufacturers of CholesLo make. 

One of the major claims which the manufacturers make is that CholesLo can cause a dip of 30 points in your Cholesterol levels within 30 days of its use. 

How Does CholesLo Work?

CholesLo probably works in the following ways to have an overall impact on your body’s Cholesterol levels:

  1. It can make sure that your Cholesterol levels lie within the normal or safe range. 
  2. It might help in Lipid Metabolism as it used to be in your youth. 
  3. It can create an optimal balance between the levels of HDL (Good Cholesterol) and LDL (Bad Cholesterol) present in your bloodstream. 
  4. It can improve the health of your liver and it can prevent Liver Toxicity by detoxifying it. 
  5. It can control the levels of Triglycerides and Homocysteine. 

Because of these above factors, CholesLo is sometimes also referred to as a “5 in 1 Pill”. The official website also mentions that CholesLo has gained immense popularity in the past few years because of its effectiveness and ease to use. 

It is also mentioned that CholesLo helps in improving the quality of your life because of its more than 21 year old formula which has been formulated after a lot of research. 

Ingredients Used In CholesLo

Ingredients are the backbone of any supplements and these ingredients decide how that particular supplement works and will it be effective. 

I will be providing you with a list of all the ingredients used in CholesLo and I will also tell you why they are beneficial. 

CoQ10 is also known as Co-Enzyme Q10 and it is a naturally occurring enzyme which can be found to be present in almost every cell of your body. No cell can function or even stay alive without Co-Enzyme Q10 or CoQ10. You cannot simply imagine what would be the impact of interfering with natural CoQ10 production of your body. 

Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol:

There are two forms of CoQ10 available as of today: Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol. 

Ubiquinol is the active form of Coq10 and your body automatically converts Ubiquinone in Ubiquinol. 

However, Ubiquinol is converted into Ubiquinone when it carries out the functions it serves in your body. 

Thus, to ensure maximum efficiency, CholesLo includes both forms of CoQ10. 

Policosanol is a natural ingredient which is derived from sugar canes. Octacosanol is the major ingredient of  Policosanol and it is a kind of alcohol.

It is usually found on the top of plants in the form of a waxy film which usually protects their fruits and leaves. 

Policosanol is an important ingredient of CholesLo because of the fact that it has been studied and proved to be effective in controlling the levels of Cholesterol in your body. 

One thing which makes Policosanol so important is because it reduces or balances Cholesterol levels without having any side effects like Muscle Atrophy and Liver Dysfunction. 

Garlic is known to be a super food and it is used all over the world because of its ability to provide your food with great flavour.

However, apart from just adding taste, Garlic is known to have great medicinal properties and it has been in use by our ancestors since a fairly long period of time as a cure for different symptoms and diseases. 

However, there is one disappointing thing related to garlic and it is that it would make you smell. Garlic consumption often results in bad breath and bad body odor.

This is why CholesLo makes the use of Deodorized Garlic which would not cause bad odor or smell. 

Guggulsterones or commonly known as Guggul and it has been used by our ancestors for over 3,000 years now because of its several medical properties. 

It helps in maintaining healthy levels of CHolesterol in your blood in the following two ways. 

  1. It limits the production of Bile Acid in your body. This helps in maintaining safe and normal levels of Cholesterol in your body. 
  2. It also optimizes the production of Thyroid Hormone in your body. Thyroid Hormone plays a very important role in the production of Cholesterol in your body and if the levels of Thyroid arte normal, your body gets rid of extra Cholesterol which is not needed. 

However, if the levels of Thyroid Hormone in your body are not adequate, your body will not be able to break down and subsequently get rid of the harmful LDL Cholesterol. This LDL Cholesterol will then keep building up in your bloodstream. 

Pantethine is a special form of Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 which is well known for its ability to maintain healthy levels of HDL or Good Cholesterol in your bloodstream. 

Artichoke Leaf Extracts are well known to be rich in several Polyphenolic Compounds. These Polyphenolic Compounds have been studied scientifically and they have been proved to maintain healthy levels of Good or HDL Cholesterol in your bloodstream. 

Plant Stanols and Plant Sterols collectively form the Phytosterols. Plant Sterols are organic compounds which have a very similar structure to Cholesterol. Food sources like Soyabean, Corn Oils and Rice Bran are known to be rich in Plant Sterols. 

Phytosterols resemble Cholesterols a lot because of which they can prevent the Cholesterol present in your food from being absorbed in your body. As a result, both excess Cholesterol and Phytosterols are excreted from your body as waste matter. 

Thus Phytosterols can help in maintaining healthy levels of Cholesterol in your body because they prevent the absorption of excessive Cholesterol by your body. 

CholesLo comprises four main Liver Detoxification Ingredients: NAC, Turmeric, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Milk Thistle. 

These ingredients would make sure that your liver is in a great shape and is healthy. 

Benefits Of CholesLo

My Uncle used CholesLo for nearly 6 months and he was immensely happy with the effects CholesLo had on his body. CholesLo worked better than any other supplement or even medicines for that fact which were prescribed to him by his doctor for controlling his Cholesterol levels. 

Following were the benefits CholesLo had on his body:

  1. Every time my Uncle had a blood test, his Cholesterol levels were completely normal. Nor once during his consumption period of CholesLo did his Cholesterol levels went above or below the normal or recommended range. 
  2. Another important benefit of CholesLo was that each blood test revealed that the balance of HDL i.e Good Cholesterol and LDL i.e Bad Cholesterol was always maintained normal. There were no abnormalities ever. 
  3. Triglycerides are indicators that indicate the amount of fat in your blood. CholesLo always made sure that the levels of Triglycerides in my Uncle’s bloodstream was always within the safe range. 
  4. My Uncle had a full body checkup nearly 4 months after he started the consumption of CholesLo and even the doctor who conducted these tests were shocked from the results. My uncle’s Liver was in great condition provided his age. The doctor even claimed that he had never witnessed such a healthy liver in any individual belonging to that age group. 

My Uncle’s Personal Consumption Story of CholesLo

Around 8 months back, my uncle’s health condition started deteriorating suddenly. We were not sure of what was happening and we visited our family doctor regarding the same issue. He observed the symptoms and asked my uncle about the troubles he was facing. 

He then recommended us to have a blood test as soon as possible. We did the same and when the results came, it was revealed that my Uncle was suffering from very high levels of Cholesterol. To make matters worse, the amount of LDL or Bad Cholesterol present in his blood was way too high. This was one of the major reasons behind his bad health. 

The doctor then recommended him to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Apart from that because we needed to do something immediately about his situation, he recommended CholesLo. 

In the beginning, I was not too sure about CholesLo and I started my own research to confirm whether this supplement would be safe for him or not. 

I gathered every possible information I could about this supplement and in the end I was satisfied because CholesLo had provided a very detailed explanation about itself on its official website along with related scientific studies to prove their point. 

Apart from that, it also had great customer reviews and once I was satisfied, I gave a green signal to my uncle to start its use and I don’t think I have regretted one time since making that decision. 

It is so because I have seen the condition of my Uncle getting better right before my eyes. Each month when he had his blood test, there was nothing but improvement in his Lipid Profile. He personally felt a lot better only in his second week of CholesLo consumption. 

I know it can be a bit of exaggeration but CholesLo might have potentially saved the life of my Uncle. Based on the changes and benefits I have seen CholesLo have on my Uncle, I would definitely recommend it to all of my audience today. 

How To Use CholesLo?

The doctor who prescribed CholesLo to my Uncle recommended him to follow the dosage recommended on the official packaging of CholesLo itself. Even I found that taking CholesLo according to prescribed dosage will be best for my Uncle provided his age and medical condition. 

As it was said on the packaging, my uncle started slowly with CholesLo’s Consumption and consumed just a single tablet two times a day for the week. This was to see how CholesLo was reacting with his body. 

Once we were sure that it was not having any side effects, my Uncle started the normal dosage from the second week. 

He consumed 2 capsules of CholesLo two times a day i.e he consumed 4 tablets of CholesLo every day. However it should be noted that he did not consume any tablets on the Weekends. 

This was also in accordance with the official dosage limit mentioned on the official website. 

Side Effects

One of the best parts of CholesLo was that it had incredible benefits without having any side effects at all. My uncle has used CholesLo for over 6 months on a regular basis and it has been nearly 1 month since he stopped its consumption for a while. 

Still, he has not witnessed him suffering from any side effects whatsoever. 

CholesLo For Sale

One thing that I made sure that I follow after all the research is ordering the whole subscription from the official website.

This made me feel better as I was sure that I would be receiving an authentic supplement.

At the same time, I was able to get a good discount at that time for bulk order. This was because, I wanted my uncle to give this one a full try.

This worked really well for him, and he felt pretty amazing once he started getting some positive results.

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