Burn XT Review: Does This Thermogenic Fat Burner Really Work?

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This Burn XT review will make you aware of my consumption results of this thermogenic fat burner.

Hence, if you are someone who is looking for loosing your fat levels, then this Burn XT review could be just an excellent piece of information.

This write-up about Burn XT will also talk about some of its basic manufacturing aspects. Hence, you would be able to understand the overall characteristics and functionalities of this thermogenic fat burner.

That being said, let us begin with this Burn XT review.

burn xt review thermogenic fat burner latest updateAccording to the official website, Burn XT is a dietary supplement that might allow you to witness tremendous fat results on your body. 

The official website claims that it is one of the best fat-burning supplements in the market currently. 

The manufacturers of Burn XT also claim that it is a completely natural supplement that would allow your body to get rid of the excess stubborn fat stored in it naturally. 

Burn XT is said to consist of all-natural ingredients because of which it may not have side effects on your body. It could help you get rid of body fat and at the same time, it might also help you maintain your muscular physique. 

The makers of this product also claim that it could be an effective product in reducing your appetite significantly that might help you with weight loss. 

Ingredients used in Burn XT

Having knowledge of the ingredients used in the product also allows me to understand the working process a bit better.

Let me discuss them in detail.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a very popular ingredient in the dietary supplements industry and it is said to be a great addition in the pre workout products. It is said to be an amino acid derivative that might have potential weight loss benefits. 

It is said to play an important role in the production of energy in your body because it helps in the transportation of fatty acids to your cells where it is utilised by mitochondria for the generation of energy. 

Green Tea Extract is by far the most popular ingredients in the health and fitness industry because it is said to be of great help to those who are trying to shed the excessive weight their body carries. It is said to have extremely potent weight loss effects. 

Green Tea is found to be rich in caffeine and catechins that might be effective in boosting your body’s metabolism. With better metabolism, you might be able to burn fat more efficiently and quickly that would help you with your weight loss goals. 

Capsimax powder is said to be effective in boosting your body’s metabolism because of which it is quite popular in weight loss and sports nutrition products. It might also increase the absorption of active ingredients. 

The official website also claims that capsimax might be effective in boosting your energy levels by increasing the metabolization of fat. This might be the reason why capsimax is used in Burn XT. 

BioPerine is the active compound in black pepper and it is said to be great for your body’s metabolism. It might also enhance the absorption of bioactive compounds in your body. 

It is also said to be a thermogenic agent i.e it might be effective in encouraging the state of thermogenesis in your body that might allow you to lose weight even when you are at rest. 

How does Burn XT work?

Burn XT tries to act as a thermogenic agent in your body i.e it tries to encourage your body to go into the thermogenesis mode. 

In thermogenesis, the natural temperature of your body is raised slightly so that it might be able to burn the stubborn fat stored in your body. 

Your body then tries to use this fat as a fuel source which might boost your energy levels significantly. 

This increased body temperature might also be effective in burning extra calories which further might have an impact on your weight loss goals. 

Burn XT also tries to reduce your appetite slightly so that you eat less. When you eat less, your body’s daily calorie intake would reduce which when coupled with the above points, might help you lose weight significantly. 

Burn XT also comprises ingredients like Green Tea which might be effective in boosting your metabolism. This might increase the absorption of nutrients in your body which might improve your overall health. 

The manufacturing formula of Burn XT also comprises several stimulants which might be effective in boosting your energy levels. This might allow you to work out for a longer duration of time with greater intensity. 

Burn XT aims at helping you lose weight by combining all the above.

Burn XT: My personal experience

I have been a fitness enthusiast ever since I was a young man and I always try to push the limits of my body in order to maintain a lean and healthy physique. 

This is the reason why I keep trying different supplements at regular intervals of time so that I can test their benefits on my body. Apart from that I also have a regular job at a world-renowned MNC. 

About 9 months back, I had been temporarily transferred to one of my company’s offices in another town and I had to take charge of the situation until they appointed someone permanently. 

The workload was immensely high because of which I was devoting nearly 14 to 15 hours on a regular basis. However, this was not enough because I used to work even on the weekdays to clear all the pending work. 

As a result, I wasn’t able to find time for any other activities. My physical activity was almost non-existent and I was unable to find the time and energy to hit the gym. 

As if that was not enough, I was consuming a lot of fast food and drinking a lot of energy drinks, coffee, and other beverages. 

All these had a drastic impact on my body because my energy levels had declined significantly and I was not heavily dependent on stimulants to get through the day. 

My daily calorie intake had also increased significantly and I could see my body weight increasing with every passing day. 

All this continued for three months and one day I finally decided that I had to do something to restore the balance in my life. 

I did a fair bit of research that night and narrowed it down to Burn XT. I read a lot of blogs over the internet following which I made up my mind to consume Burn XT for myself. 

I placed a bulk order for the same and I didn’t have to wait long before my package was delivered to me. 

I soon started consuming it and hoped that the results would soon follow. 

However, the first two weeks went by and I was unable to witness any effects on my body. However, I thought it was normal because most of the supplements take some time before showing their effects. 

I also thought that this may be because of the fact that I was not doing any physical activities because of which I started going for a jog the next day. 

I couldn’t hit the gym simply because I didn’t have enough energy to hit the gym on a regular basis. 

I kept on using Burn XT regularly with the hope that it would work for me someday. However, months passed by and I was still unable to witness many changes in my body. 

My energy levels were still the same, my appetite was unaffected, and I was unable to see my body dropping weight. 

Overall I consumed Burn XT for over 6 months on a regular basis and it breaks my heart to say that it didn’t work for me, not at all. 

I had great expectations from Burn XT before I started using it and I was almost certain that it would work for me. 

However, the end results were completely opposite and it is safe to say that I wasted a lot of my hard-earned money on a supplement that was worth nothing. 

Burn XT: Claims v/s Reality

Now the official website of Burn XT makes some really bold claims and they were enough to convince me that this supplement might be the best dietary supplement in the market even before I started using it. 

However, after using it for 6 months on a regular basis, I found these claims to be nothing but a hoax. 

Let us discuss some of the company’s claims and the actual reality as experienced by me:

Claim: It would boost energy levels. 

Reality: It didn’t affect my energy levels at all. 

Thanks to the hectic workload, I was putting in a lot of effort at my office. This is why my body was at its limit and my energy levels were down. 

Burn XT didn’t elevate my energy levels at all and I still had to be reliant on various stimulants and energy drinks to help me get through the day. 

Claim: It reduces appetite. 

Reality: I didn’t notice any difference in my appetite. 

The manufacturers claim that Burn XT reduces your appetite so that your daily calorie intake could be limited. 

However, I could simply not experience any changes to my appetite. There were some days on which I didn’t want to eat anything simply because I was way too tired and pretty stressed from the workload. 

Claim: It reduces fat levels and weight. 

Reality: It didn’t have any effect on my weight and fat levels. 

Even after using Burn XT for over 6 months, I couldn’t notice any major difference in my body’s weight and fat levels.

My waist size was still the same and thanks to my eating habits, I was still putting on weight with every passing day. 

My Dosage With Burn XT?

I followed the official dosage instructions as they were mentioned on the packaging of the product. 

I used to consume two tablets of Burn XT with my breakfast and used to gulp them down with plenty of water. 

However, the manufacturers of the product advise that you should take these pills at least 4 to 5 hours before you go to bed. 

It is so because Burn XT contains high levels of stimulants and if taken right before bed, they might disrupt your sleep cycle. 

Are There Any Side Effects Involved With Burn XT?

Despite the fact that Burn XT did not have any positive effects on my body, I am grateful that it did not affect my body in any negative way. 

However, it is worth noting three things here:

  1. I was not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the supplement. 
  2. I always follow the dosage schedule and never exceeded the daily recommended amount. 
  3. I always took these capsules 5 hours before going to bed and drank plenty of water every day. 

Be Cautious Before Using Burn XT

Because Burn XT consists of a high amount of stimulants, everyone might not be suitable for consuming this dietary supplement. 

  1. People suffering from any underlying disease should consult their doctors prior to the use of Burn XT because the ingredients used in this product might interfere with your current medicines. 
  2. If you are under the age of 18, you should try to avoid using Burn XT because it might interfere with your body’s natural development. 
  3. If you suffer from insomnia or other related problems, you should consult a professional prior to its use. It is because Burn XT contains a high level of stimulants that might worsen your condition. 

Burn XT Alternatives

I keep trying different dietary products to examine their effects on my body. After using Burn XT personally, I believe that there are other products in the market that are much better. 

One of them is PhenQ, I feel that this is one of the best fat burners in the market. Now I have used PhenQ for a considerable period of time multiple times in my life and it has had great effects on my body, every single time.

As a result of which, I turned myself to PhenQ and immediately started noticing some amazing effects.

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