Boron – Health Benefits, Side Effects And Dosage

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Boron is a mineral which has innumerous health benefits. Researchers have considered boron as an important topic of their studies and they have been experimenting since years now to find out all the benefits of the mineral boron. 

We unknowingly intake some quantities of boron regularly either through food, water or air. We are also exposed to boron through some consumer goods like beauty products. It has been found that boron can enhance functioning of the brain and increase the rate of metabolism. It helps other essential minerals in the body to perform their activities properly. It is not only helpful for human beings but also for plants and animals.

Plants intake boron from the groundwater they absorb, animals’ intake boron from plants and this is how the chain continues. Apart from health benefits, boron is also used for other purposes like glass manufacturing and coal burning.

 It also helps in strengthening the bones and joints by enhancing the functions of calcium. Many companies manufacturing bodybuilding supplements use boron most of their products as it is believed that boron has abilities to enhance athletic performance during training or workout sessions.

  1. Enhance learning capacity and memory power

    As people get older it is very natural that memory power decreases. People starts to forget things with time and the learning capacity diminishes too. It is has found that a small amount of boron, say 3 to 3.5 grams per day can improve our brain functions, increase our learning capacity and give has a better memory. It shows its effect within 60 to 65 days of the cycle itself. Therefore, it is a very important mineral for us which will be beneficial as we grow old.
  1. Anti-Inflammatory Qualities

    When the process of inflammation continues for a longer period it negatively effects our body’s internal defense system which is commonly known as the immune system. It may cause severe pains in our joints, frequent headaches, low back pain, neck pain, swelling and we will be more prone to viral infections as well. The element boron has anti-inflammatory qualities in it. It is very useful for reducing the risks reducing the level of risk associated with inflammation. People may find relief from headaches, pains and viral infections if they continue to intake boron in proper dosage.
  1. Helps in metabolism

    Boron enhance the process of metabolism in our body. Better metabolism helps in converting our body fat into usable energy. It also helps other important minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in better functioning. As we grow old our bones will get weaker and some may also have to suffer from broken bones which makes it very difficult to carry on our daily activities. Calcium, on the other hand, is very beneficial for keeping our bones strong and healthy. Phosphorus helps in development and repairment of our body cells and tissues and magnesium regulates our nerve functions, blood glucose, blood pressure and many others. Boron stimulates all these functions and helps in maintaining a healthy body.
  1. Reduce primary dysmenorrhea

    Usually teenage girls and young adults has to go immense pain during their menstruation period. The pain starts either before menstruation cycle or after menstruation cycle begins. The pain can be heavily felt in lower abdomen and it may also cause vomiting, tiredness and also lead to stomach upset. Many researchers have found consuming 8 to 10 gram of boron per day during the entire menstruation period can decreases the pain.
  1. Aids in insufficient boron

    Boron is an important mineral that helps to metabolize other important minerals and vitamins. It enhances the functioning of all of these elements. Boron also contributes towards brain health and cell growth. Though studies and investigations have not found any proper evidence that boron deficiency directly lead to any diseases, however, by looking at the above benefits we can easily conclude that boron is very helpful for maintaining a good health. Taking supplements containing boron will increase the level of boron in our body. Again, the element called boric acid which is found in boron eliminates dangerous bacteria and also decrease its production.
  1. Enhance the efficiency of Vitamin D

    As I have said Boron helps in improving the activities of key vitamins and minerals, one of the most important benefit of intaking boron is that in enhances the efficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D is very essential to the body because it performs various important functions:
    • It strengthens our immune system.
    • Controls blood glucose level which is beneficial for diabetes patients.
    • Controls the level of insulin.
    • Disturb functioning of the genes that develops cancer.
    • Helps in maintaining the good heart health.
    • Improves bone health.

These were some of the most important benefits of that we derive from taking boron supplements. Studies have also found that it is also useful in reducing the intense pain that people suffering from kidney stones has to go through. Since our body cannot produce boron by itself, therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary to take supplements containing boron. Though there is lack of evidence, it is often claimed that boron gel can be used to treat skin infections.

BORON benefits

Relation between Boron And Testosterone

Now I would like to bring to you another important property of boron. It has always been a matter of argument that if boron can boost the level of testosterone in the body. There are many people who arise the question whether boron has any effect on testosterone level in our body or not. I would like to tell you that it has been scientifically proven that just six to ten grams of boron can increase the testosterone level in our body by 20 to 25 percent.

Therefore, it is very beneficial more people suffering from testosterone deficiency. As we know that testosterone is also called the sex hormone as in develops male traits and also helps in muscle building, muscle gain, hair growth, production of red blood cells, distribution of fat and many other factors, therefore, it is very popular and important element in the bodybuilding community.

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Lower testosterone level cause problems like infertility or erectile dysfunction. As boron helps in increasing the testosterone level in the body it eventually improves the sexual health of the people. It improves the sex drive, promotes longer duration of erection and better satisfaction.  Thus, it is very helpful for the people suffering from sexual desire disorder.

However, it is a well-known fact that excess of anything is injurious to health, therefore, too much intake of boron also has some side effects associated with it and in the long run it may be dangerous too. The following are some of the potential side effects and risks that you may have to encounter with for excessive use of boron:

health benefits of BORON

Boron Side-Effects

The Final Verdict

Although there is lack of evidence, some experimentations say that regularly consuming boron in excess amount may lead to acute kidney failure which means that the kidneys may suddenly stop working.

Therefore, for one should strictly follow a normal dosage. For a small child belonging to the age group of 1 to 3 years, maximum dosage should not exceed 3 mg per day. Children falling under the age group of 4 to 8 years, the recommended dosage is 1 mg to 6 mg per day. For those falling under the age group of 9 to 13 years the maximum dosage is up to 11 mg per day. Again, for the teenagers between 14 to 18 years 1 mg to 17 mg per day is normal and for the people older than 18, 1 mg to 20 mg per day is appropriate. Dosage should not exceed more than that and if you are undergoing any treatment, it is better to consult your doctor first.

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