Meet Katy

Katy was born and raised in Boston, where she was a three-sport college athlete. Fitness is a huge part of her life, and for the past five years she has focused heavily on Pilates. Her style is more of an athletic, power Pilates, but she also works one-on- one with private clients and can customize workouts to be gentler or more intense.

She instructs a high-paced class, getting your heart pumping and your muscles working, yet the classes are open to all levels. Katy is also a certified Health Coach, helping clients achieve their ideal weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

Fabulous Pilates 10-Minute Workout with Susan

When not teaching classes at bodyFi, Susan Tobiason lives a life full dance and Pilates.  Check out her amazing 10-minute workout features on Inskin Magazine.

Photos courtesy of   Amanda Kershaw   Photography.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Kershaw Photography.

Best results are seen when practiced 2-3x per week, combining all 4 parts to this series:

1. Standing Barre (described here)
2. Core Series (plank)
3. Pilates Floor Barre Series
4. Standing Leg Series

We all have 10 minutes, 2-3x a week, don’t we? Put on your favorite new music, grab a chair, and get to it!