want to lose 10-20lbs of fat in jusT 8 weeks?

Join by 09.17.18 & Get Fit before Thanksgiving!

bodyFi's Biggest Winner Challenge

09.17.18 - 11.16.18

Biggest Winner is an 8-week structured fat loss program that includes: goal tracking, weekly nutrition meetings, special perks on healthy snacks, drinks, and chef prepared meals that are delicious, organic and portion control! Participants receive special pricing on personal training and classes.

Can't wait until 09/17/18? Join now & we'll set you up with a special class package & simple nutrition goals to get you going.



Personal Training 24-Pack PRO

Meet 3x/wk w/ your very own personal trainer! 30-minute customized session (only $45/ea. $1600 Value)

Plan Comparison

Pricing below is for the entire 8 weeks. Need to split the payment in half? Email support@bodyFi.com

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with ANY 12x/mo AUTOPAY can join for only $100.

Measurements day 1, day 30 and day 60
Winner is determined by biggest percentage of pounds of fat & inches lost and will be announced 2-week after completion of contest schedule
Weekly nutritional meetings are held @ mission studio but you can still join for $100 remotely if you follow the weekly email program/homework.

If you have a current package, we can put it on hold for the duration of the contest.
Photo Release: Contestants agree to let bodyFi use the before/after photos on website and Facebook/social media if placed in the top 3 position. You can still participate the challenge but No prizes are awarded without the use of the before/after photos.

Kick off meeting, measurements
Clients that can't make it on one of those dates, must complete measurements within one week of those dates
Must attend at least 5 of the 8 weekly success weekly meetings on Tue 630-7pm @ Mission Studio

Must have at least 2 weeks worth of Food Logs
Must workout with bodyFi at least 3x/week
Must cut back intake to just one alcoholic beverage per week OR run for 20 minutes per drink to pay it off (see alcohol credit card)