4 Best Penis Extenders (Stretchers) For Perfect Boner [2021 Update]

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A number of males always wish for some extra inches on their penis.

If you are one of them, then you should be happy, as I am going to list some of the best penis extenders or penis stretchers that could do the trick for you.

With the technological advancement and latest machinery, it is very much possible to have a bigger penis and increase the level of pleasure for your partner.

Also, there are various studies done by government organization which also support the usage of penis extenders or penis stretchers for increasing the length of penis and getting some extra length.

Let me now discuss some basic details about these penis extenders.

What Are Penis Extenders

Penis extender or penis stretcher is a small device that you may use to extend penis size and get a bigger penis.

They basically work towards stretching the muscle tissues of your penis and with the regular usage you might notice an increase in the length of your penis.

These penis extenders are even used by people with average size penis. As most of the men desire a bigger penis than they already have.

penis extender device

There are no issues in using these penis stretchers and the number of men that are using these devices is ever-increasing.

Hence, there is absolute no shame in wanting a bigger penis and working towards your goal.

How To Use Penis Extenders

Using these amazing penis extenders or penis stretchers is pretty simple.

In most of the cases you need to attach your penis at two points.

The base of your penis is attached to a small ring type of structure and the tip is also attached with the additional structure that is joint with the base.

The initial invention of these types of devices was only to treat the people with issues like Peyronie’s disease in which the penis is little bent rather than a straight one.

how to use penis extenders (stretchers)

But with the time, its application was evolved and a number of men started using them as penis extenders.

How Penis Extenders Or Penis Stretchers Work

Mother nature has designed human body in such a way that it can adapt to the worst of conditions when it is subjected to little changes step by step.

Let us understand this with the help of an example.

In gymnastic, most of the coaches prefer that the children should start practicing from the very young age. According to them, this gives children ample amount of time to adjust.

Starting early makes their body grow in such a way that they are able to adapt really easily to the rigorous training of gymnastic.

Same concept needs to be applied here as well. When you will start using penis extenders, your muscles and tissues in the penis region will face a microscopic wear and tear.

how penis extenders (stretchers) work

This will result in quick recovery and multiplication of cells at that very place. Hence, this process is repeated till you are using these penis extenders.

Ultimately after 6-8 months of usage, you will find additional inches being added to your penis.

Thousands of men have reported a good amount of increment in the size of their penises. Hence, you can definitely try these and feel the awesome changes within yourself.

List Of Best Penis Extenders (Stretchers)

  1. Quick Extender Pro

    This is one of the well known and one of the most trusted brands of penis extenders and stretchers.

    According to the manufacturers, Quick Extender Pro helps men with the permanent increment in the penis size.

    Also, the process on enlargement of penis is completely natural and based on various research and studies. One of the best thing about Quick Extender Pro is its usage of material.

    quick extender pro

    It is manufactured using medically approved synthetics  and aluminum. These are special type of substances in their category which makes them light weight and durable as well.

    Also, there is no maintenance required and number of customers claim that the life of the device is really long, and they never felt an urge to replace the device with a new one.

    Another thing that is liked by a number of people is the double strap support. This provides additional support and along with the comfort pads, you will not feel anything.

  1. Male Edge

    Male Edge is best known for its natural ability to extend penis. Hence, you can easily get a bigger penis and some extra inches to your penis using this amazing penis extender.

    It is FDA approved penis extender, hence you need not worry about its authenticity. This is one of the best part about.

    Also, the manufacturers have themselves tested their device on 10 patients from 23 years of age to 43 years of age.

    And after 26 weeks of regular usage, they found out about the amazing results and each one of them had received the penis enlargement by a certain percentage.

    Hence, it worked for all the test participants. As a result of which once you are able to see any improvements, you will find your self with the increased confidence.

    male edge

    Male Edge could also be used in the problems related to Peyronie’s disease.

    Using this amazing penis extender is comforts of your home is the best thing. All you need to do is to dedicate your 5-10 minutes in placing the instrument and you are good to go.

    It will perform its job without you doing anything, you may continue your natural day-to-day activities and you will not even feel that you are wearing something.

  1. Size Genetics

    Another amazing product when it comes to your penis enlargement, is size genetics. It is one of the most trusted and powerful penis extender in the market.

    Hence, it has been used by thousands of satisfied customers. Size Genetics could also help you in gaining that extra size on your penis with regular usage.

    When and if you will start using this amazing penis extender, you will gain a lot of confidence and receive awesome boost in your manhood powers.

    One of the key parameters that would boost your confidence in Size Genetics is that it is also used surgeons as well when it comes to penis enlargement.

    size genetics

    The developers have tested the device and there are well documented research done on the product before it released into the market.

    According to the product manufacturers, the users of this device get up to 29% penis extension on an average with the proper and regular usage of this device.

    Also, there are a number of surgeons that recommend this device for the people with Peyronie’s disease.

    There are a number of users which have provided a positive feedback and mentioned the easiness and comfortable usage of this amazing penis extender.

  1. Jess Extender

    Jess Extender is one of the few handmade penis extender.

    These work amazingly well in boosting your sex life, helping you with the enhancement in your self-confidence and improvement in the overall satisfaction.

    According to the manufacturer, over 500 thousand men have used this product. Hence, you can easily make out the level of trust men have over Jess Extender when it comes to penis enlargement.

    jess extender

    Jess Extender was one of the first penis extenders in the market and was established in the year 1995.

    According to many clients feedback it is noted that the special formation of this devise also helps men in lasting for a longer period of time in bed.

    The method of penis traction that is used by other penis extender is very much different from Jess Extender. Also, this method has been authorized by a number of Doctors and certified physicians.

    For this very reason, Jess Extender is known to enhance the over all sexual experience.

    All the success is because of the quality of material and technology used in the device. The manufacturers have used high quality medical grade parts.

    The amount of tension is really easily adjustable and could be corrected up to your comfort levels.

    The best part noted about this device is the comfortable that is used behind the head. This makes it pretty easy to use and adjust as well.

How To Choose Your First Penis Extender

While Choosing your first penis extender, you need to keep various aspects in mind.

This exercise did help me a lot when I actually used my first penis extender as I choose the product that I was completely satisfied with.

Below are some of the points that I personally laid stress on before choosing my first penis extender.

  1. Comfort

    Personally speaking, this was one of the first thing that came into my mind, when I was choosing my first penis extender.

    If the device is not comfortable, then you will not be able to use it for prolonged period of time. This is the thought that was in my mind.

    Specially when, these penis extenders are to be worn for about 6-7 hours daily.

    Hence, you need to make sure that the straps, belts, rings, bands and other things in the device are comfortable enough. Personally speaking,  quality of the material also matters to me.

    Having said that, if you will try to go for a cheaper option, in that case, you will get your penis extender but most probably the chances are that you might not get a high quality product.

  2. Safety

    The device that you are going to use directly in your penis needs to be safe. Hence, you need to make sure that all the parts are detachable.

    This is so because, when and if you are required to take out even a single part of the device you are able to do so.

    You should not feel stuck with the device. Also, make sure to check out the safety record of the particular device on their official website.

    The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is to look for proper blood circulation to your penis when you are wearing the device.

    If the blood circulation is blocked, then that particular penis extender is not made for you.

  3. Adjustable Strength

    Another important thing that you need to keep in mind while selecting the penis extender is that it allows you to adjust strength levels.

    It should have an  adjustment knob or spring that allows you to adjust the stretching power of the device.

    This is because, you should not start with the maximum strength from the beginning itself. You need to start from the low strength levels of stretching and gradually increase the same.

    For this very reason, you need to have a valid pointer to adjust the strength that you are comfortable with.

  4. Price

    A higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality.

    This aspect is true even in the case of penis extenders. Every penis extender that has a higher price is not efficient.

    Hence, you need to choose each and every product very wisely. For this very reason, you should do your own personal research and do not listen to anyone(even me).

    You should be confident enough in choose the right product for yourself.

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