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Estrogen and Testosterone are two most important hormones of Human bodies. These are configured to derive male and female characteristics. Estrogen and testosterone are present in male and female both. Normally, Estrogen is referred as Female hormone because it is responsible for defining female body characteristics. Hence being feminine hormone, male human body possess a small portion of estrogen as compared to Testosterone. Balanced level of these hormones derive the male and female traits in humans.

Any male with higher level of estrogen hormones in their body may start getting some issues as this is not normal. Here comes the Estrogen Blockers in the picture. If you are experiencing excess production of estrogen then I would recommend you to read this article till end.

There are 4 types of estrogen: Estriol, Estrone, Estetrol and Estrdiol. Males mainly have estradiol hormone content active in their body. As it allows proper sperm production and plays a vital role in keeping men’s joints and brain healthy. When estriol and estrone starts increasing in your body you will see some feminine changes.

Estrogen Blocker is a compound that lowers down the production of estrogen and therefore decrease the ill effects of the same. It do not completely blocks the generation of estrogen as estradiol is important for males as well. Estrogen also Increase hepatic production of binding proteins. Generally, it targets secretion of estriol and estrone to avoid adverse effects of estrogen in your body.

Why Do You Need Estrogen Blockers?

A hormonal imbalance lead to an increase in estrogen that creates issues. Excess estrogen in the male body can cause below problems:

Estrogen blockers are widely used for treatment of breast cancer in females. It helps in suppressing of even minimal estrogen gradually and this is medically proved.

However, breast cancer is not common in men but these estrogen blockers can surely do some wonders with same impact of estrogen suppression in males as well.

It allows you to get rid of man breast, low testosterone levels, fat increase, help you maintaining healthy heart and gain massive muscles.

How Does Estrogen Blockers Work?

Estrogen Blockers also known as Antiestrogens target the gradual reduction of estrogen production and secretion in your body. Antiestrogens are drugs that blocks the mediating of biological effects of estrogens like estradiol in your body.

Estrogen antagonists used for men are based on Aromatase inhibitors and antigonadotropins.

Aromatase inhibitors are medically used for men to correct gynecomastia (breast development) by reducing circulation of estrogen from its production site. Fat tissue contains an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone to estrogen by a process called aromatization. Yes, your body fat increases the estrogen levels, multiplying your problem. Which is why until you solve this estrogen level out your man boobs are going nowhere. Hence Aromatase inhibitors are used to inhibit the action of Aromatase.

Antigonadotropins includes androgenic and anabolic steroids that increases the T-levels and suppress the estrogen level in body.

Best Estrogen Blocker

You will end up finding so many products including steroids claiming to have estrogen blocking effects. I would recommend you to do not get indulge in this time wasting and pocket burning process of trying and failing.

Yes, you read it right failing. I tried ample to Antiestrogens that guaranty the goodness but I hardly felt any change. So I would recommend you to directly try the product that did miracle to my estrogen levels.

This product Rebirth PCT by Huge Supplements, finally delivered satisfaction to my search for an effective and yet side effect less Estrogen suppressor.

Why it worked for me when others failed? The answer to this question is very scientific and reasonable. The formula behind this product is highly safe and all natural. It uses the effectiveness of Arimistane, an aromatase inhibitor known for significantly reducing the estrogen levels.

Rebirth PCT Antiestrogen ingredients

The composition of Rebirth PCT consist of ingredients which are extremely beneficial for your body building apart from estrogen levels. Below are some components that supports the Antiestrogen properties of Rebirth PCT:

Chlorophytum borivilianum

Chlorophytum borivilianum also known as Safed Musli is a herb found in India. It is very popular in traditional systems of medicine. It is widely used for increasing testosterone levels, boosting energy and improving sexual performance.


D-Aspartic-Acid Amino acid not only possess protein absorption traits but also helps in improvement T-levels. By increasing the T-levels it removes the excess conversion of estrogen. Hence it acts as estrogen controller here.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris supplement is well known for increasing the testosterone levels. It enables you to work out better and reflects some serious size gains.

Withania somnifera

Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera is an ancient medicinal herb. It will help with increasing strength, testosterone level, gain lean muscle mass and relax your mind by reducing stress as well as anxiety.

Boron Citrate

Boron Citrate increase free testosterone, reduce inflammation and estradiol. Therefore, helps in controlling estrogen secretion.

Estrogen Blocker And Body Building

Estrogen Blockers are highly recommended for your body building. Now a days body builders take external testosterone supplements for extra workout and muscle gain. This increase in T-levels results in conversion of testosterone in Estrogen. Aromatase enzyme performs aromatization for synthesis estrogen from an androgen precursors such as testosterone.

Increase in estrogen levels make it easy to add fat and difficult to make muscles. Additionally, muscle burns fat, but only if you can manage to get enough of it in the first place. High estrogen means you’ll find it difficult to gain enough muscle to reduce body fat and enough to minimise the size of your man boobs.

Estrogen antagonists prevents this conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This allows your body to utilize this T-level for energy surge and maintains long lasting exercise sessions.


Yes. Estrogen Blockers are used and recommended by doctors for treatment of gynecomastia in children and adolescents.

As per my personal advice, I have been taking it regularly from past 2 months and will be taking atleast 1 more month before concluding. I take 6 capsules with breakfast daily.

As far as an estrogen blocker is concerned, I have been using Rebirth PCT from past 2 months and all I have observed is it work flawlessly.

It will show results gradually in 2-3 weeks of daily consumption with workout and diet plan.

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