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Andarine or GTx-007 or S-4 is one of the most powerful SARMs known to mankind. Andarine is used for variety of purposes because it has got some amazing properties of “new tissue building”.

Hence, it has been a top choice of physicians, doctors and body builders. Just because it initiates new tissue building and stimulates new muscle growth which are healthy and more powerful in nature.

Andarine Overview


Awesome Benefits

How Does It Work ?

Since it is one of the SARMs. Its behavior is just like any other substance from the same category.

Every one has androgen receptors, these are the one’s responsible for success or failure of body building or muscle building activities in the body. Hence, Andarine directly starts effecting androgen in a positive manner.

As a result of which the testosterone levels inside the body are increased and you are able to workout for a longer duration of time. In turn, your body breaks some of the muscle and then Andarine comes into play and repairs those muscle with new ones and makes them much stronger.

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What To Expect From Andarine

One of the reasons behind the success of Andarine is its effectiveness at low dosage. At the beginner level, you will be able to start noticing the changes from 2nd week itself.

For experienced body builders, it shows it’s amazing results from week 1. It has got amazing amount of bioavailability, hence you can expect some quick results.

Due to its high anabolic effect, you will start feeling much more powerful during the workout. Also, your workout duration will be increased automatically.

Tissue re-generation, lean muscle building and repairing torn muscle are some of its essential functions of this SARM.  For this very reason Andarine has seen huge amount of success in such a short span of time.

Dosage Information

Since Andarine has high level of anabolic activity once it starts processing, high dosage is generally not recommended in such cases.

A mild dosage of 20-25 mg/day would be beneficial for a regular usage.

The best way to consume Andarine would be splitting the intake throughout the day. Following this procedure your body would be able to adjust to the anabolic activity. Also, at the same time it would be in a better position to repair the wear and tear of muscles happening at the time of workout.

You also can refer to this test, in case you want to read about metabolites detection.


Just like other SARMs, Andarine can also be stacked. You just need to be sure about the quantity and the type of SARMs that you are using together.

Bulking Stack

  • Andarine S4 – 20 mg/day
  • Anvarol – 10 mg/day

This is all you need in order to bulk your body up with a great lean muscle. You need to make sure that you are taking less amount of salt in your diet. This will enable your body to hold less amount of water inside your body.

Stack For Boosting Strength

Andarine (S4) For Sale

Once you are clear about the SARM that you will consume. You need to make sure that you are purchasing the same from the authentic source as well.

This is so because, any fake or unauthenticated product will not benefit your body on the contrary it will harm your vital organs.

Hence, I would recommend you the same vendor from which I make my monthly stack of SARMs. You may check out SARMs4YOU.


Yes, Andarine is a legal substance that can be taken.

Andarine has absolutely no side effects when and if taken in a moderate quantity. Anything taken excessively could harm your body.

The ideal dosage is 20mg/day, this is what I take personally on day to day basis.

You may check out official and legal vendor authorized for sale of Andarine SARMs4YOU.

Yes, body building requires regular excercise and nutrition intake. Hence, a regular moderate dosage would be benificial for long term body building.

Andarine Overview


Awesome Benefits

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