Anavar Review: Does This Anabolic Steroid Really Worth The Risk?

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If you are looking to start with the cycle of Anavar, then you should definitely read this Anavar review until the very end.

This is because I have talked about my own research that I undertook before consuming Anavar. Also, the latter part of this Anavar review contains my own consumption results.

At the same time, I have tried answering some of the basic questions regarding Anavar.

anavar reviewAnavar could be termed as a muscle mass increasing supplement that could help you in weight gain. The hormones androgen may be responsible for causing muscle gain in your body. Collectively, these are called AAS.

Anavar may also contain an artificial hormone called Oxandrolone, which may have the same properties as that of AAS. Thus, it could prove to be of help in muscle gain.

It may be helpful for you f you are looking to enhance your muscle or if you are underweight and want to gain some mass.

Or if you are someone who is hitting the gym regularly and need that little bit of extra help in gaining some muscles, could use this supplement.

It might be able to provide that help.

Having said all that, you need to note that, Anavar is an anabolic steroid and may cause some serious side effects if used on a regular basis.

As a result, I will never recommend anyone to consume Anavar even for a single dose usage.

How Does Anavar Work?

Anavar might contain hormones that may interact with the androgen receptors in your body. This interaction may result in the production of a hormone called the T3 hormone.

This hormone could be responsible for maintaining muscle control, enhancing the metabolic rate, and may as well improve overall digestion.

Anavar could also be derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DTH) which tries to make sure that the hormone in the supplement does not break down upon ingestion. Thus, you may regard it as necessary for the effectiveness of the supplement.

I personally always make sure to check the ingredients of the supplement that I am using to make sure that the probable results that it is promising are because of something that is not unhealthy or dangerous for me.

The main ingredient of these pills is the Oxandrolone hormone. Along with this, it may also contain some chemical constituents such as hydroxy-methyl-oxo-androstane. It could also contain some inactive ingredients such as anhydrous lactose and pregelatinized starch.

All of these ingredients are supposed to work together and may ultimately help you gain muscle mass.

Claims Made By Anavar Manufacturers

Generally, all the manufacturers of Anavar claim that Anavar may not only help in gaining lean muscle mass but also improve metabolism.

Also, they claim that the user might notice the decreased amount of body fat after consumption. Along with this, Anavar might help in strengthening the bones.

The androgenic potency of this supplement is claimed to be three times the potency of testosterone.

As a result, according to the supporters of Anabolic steroids, it could make Anavar a very good choice for athletes as it might help in enhancing their strength without causing any other damage.

They also claim that Anavar may speed up recovery and also increase muscle endurance.

This means that upon using the product you might not get tired quickly like before and that can actually help in making sure that quality work is done. This overall enhances your performance.

Some of the ill effects of consumption of Anavar might include irregular periods in women, impotence in men and women, and may also increase the chances of liver damage and other cardiovascular diseases.

You can find out about Anavar in detail in this article by PubChem.

My Experience With Anavar consumption

Initially, I was very skinny. It was visible that I was underweight and looked pale and unwell. I was constantly reminded of my skinny body and that really had affected me. This was also causing problems with my health.

Weight gain was a serious hurdle for me.  It was preventing me from getting my dream job and I also had a very low self-confidence because of my body size.

I was regularly gymming and also tried eating all sorts of food to gain weight, maintained a strict and proper diet that includes body-building foods, and even followed a proper exercise regime but none of that seemed to work for me.

My metabolism worked in strange ways. I tried so hard but all went down the drain because I could not see any optimal results.

So, I decided to look for some help and find some supplement that would work for me. I looked up the web and I got to know about this muscle gain supplement called Anavar and I decided to try it.

I included the supplement in my daily routine and started consuming it regularly, twice a day is measured amounts in hopes of gaining some mass.

I continued the use as per suggestions but no results were seen. After a while, I started having headaches that were mild at the beginning.

I did not really pay attention until they got severe and the frequency of these headaches also increased. This is when I started noticing the changes in my skin. I had started getting acne all over my face.

I faced breakouts on my entire forehead. This product caused my skin to become extremely oily which ultimately promoted pimples and blackheads and caused more dead skin which later affected the texture of my skin and its color. So, for me, it was a big no.

Along with this, I also used to get bad cramps, mostly leg cramps. All of this directly affected my sleep and I could not sleep properly which led to me being low during the day.

Also, as claimed by the product, I did not notice any increase in my muscle endurance or my performance. Instead, it started declining.

Nor did it strengthen my bones or provide any other sort of strength. So, in my case, the claims were nothing but false and hollow promises made about the product.

I quickly discontinued the use of the product. I started feeling nauseous and unwell. So, this product definitely did not work for me and I had a very bad experience with it.

Anavar Dosage

It is always necessary to check what fits you and what’s going to be bad for your health. I didn’t want to risk anything so I took a calculated amount of the supplement twice a day. But what works for me may or may not work for you.

Since I wanted to reduce excessive fat and gain solid muscles, I consumed the supplement during the fat cutting time so that as I lose some fat I could also gain lean muscles in order to maintain balance.

Also, I consumed during the phase when you are doing intense workout sessions.

Anavar Side Effects

Anavar is said to be a mild steroid and this property might be considered a good one for steroid beginners. Although it has many benefits as claimed by the pharmaceutical company that manufactures it, it has its own cons.

During my course of consumption, I faced a lot of trouble and that made my overall experience with these pills very bad.

During the first week of consumption, nothing happened and I was feeling alright. But after a while, I started experiencing terrible headaches that won’t go away easily.

Along with these, I used to get bad cramps that really affected my sleep quality and I used to wake up feeling tired and low on energy.

Slowly I started noticing the appearance of acne on my face. These aren’t the only symptoms the product has.

I also faced a couple of problems but it has other severe side effects such as having an adverse effect on the cholesterol levels of the body.

Meaning that it might increase the level of bad cholesterol while decreasing the level of good cholesterol.

This has a direct effect on the blood pressure and Anavar might cause it to be higher than normal which is the main reason behind many heart-related problems.

It might result in liver damage as well because the burden on the liver is tremendously increased. Also, the increased level of Dihydrotestosterone could cause excessive loss of hair and may even result in creating bald patches on the head or complete loss of hair.

In the case of men, it might also result in medical conditions like erectile dysfunction. It also badly affects the skin and causes the growth of bacteria and makes the skin dead.

Other detailed warnings are included here.

Anavar Alternative

After all of this, when I decided to quit the use of Anavar because it was proving to be lethal for me and I couldn’t benefit from it, I looked up the web again for a better alternative.

A lot of alternatives to this product with the same benefits and lesser side effects have been formulated and I had to choose one of the best one available in the market.

My aim this time was to find a muscle gain supplement but with lesser to no side effects along with having natural ingredients instead of any chemical.

This is when I found the natural and safe alternative to Anavar and came to know about Anvarol. I ordered the product and started consuming it as per the recommended dosage and in a few weeks’ time, I started noticing the changes. I was visibly gaining mass and getting into the right shape for me.

Also, during the course of consumption, I did not face any kind of side effect and my experience was very good. Ever since I have never replaced my Anavarol dosage.

Personally speaking, for me, it is the safer option as it does not contain any synthetic ingredient or does not have any chemical constituents.

As a result, I consider it as one of the best legal steroids out there in the market.


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