Active PK Review: Does This Really Helps In Fat Loss Process?

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This Active PK review contains all the information regarding this dietary supplement that you might need. At the same time, I have also included my consumption journey as well.

Not to miss, the latter part of this Active PK review will also reveal my consumption results.

Hence, if you are someone who is looking to gain more info regarding Active PK, then you should definitely stick with me until the end of this Active PK review.

Having said that, lets begin!

active PK reviewActive PK is a dietary supplement that has been designed so that it could reduce cravings and may as well hinder the storage of fat on the abdomen at the same time, it could also boost energy levels and mental alertness throughout the day.

Active PK is made by the company LCR Health and advertises its supplement to be a natural formula made up of a revolutionary blend of compounds.

This product could help to reduce abdominal fat which is most often called the toughest area to remove fat from.

Active PK may help you reduce the fat by improving the metabolism of your body which would cause fat to convert into energy more quickly, thus preventing fat accumulation in the body.

This could be a useful product for those who have got a problem with obesity. This is a supplement that could help you achieve the perfect athletic body.

Active PK could help activate the enzymes in the body that may cause faster accumulation of fat levels in your body and at the same time, it could force your body to use the fat levels for energy so that it is consumed quickly.

Why to use Active PK?

It is very common for individuals to lose hope after getting demotivated when they are unable to witness the results even after putting in a lot of effort but this product could be just the groundbreaking change in their life.

There are a lot of products floating in the market that claim to be the best abdominal fat reducers. Active PK is another such product that could be really very effective in helping reduce abdominal fat.

It could be the one that could stand true to all its claims and might help in cutting fat really fast. It could help weight loss by activating AMPK in our bodies.

AMPK is referred to as AMP-Activated Protein Kinase and most of the time it is also termed as the most important metabolic initiator in our body.

Not to miss, AMPK is present very abundantly in human bodies. You would also be able to find them in your kidney and heart tissues as well.

On the other hand, they are also present in muscles, the liver, and the brain.

This AMPK is considered to have a big role to carry out the metabolism in the body. Active PK could help you convert the extra fat in your body and hence it may also elevate the energy levels in the body.

Hence, with the extra energy one could remain active and alert throughout the day or could even utilize the energy to work out and burn more fat.

Active PK could prove to be very helpful to provide all these benefits of fat loss.

How does Active PK Work?

The working mechanism of Active PK is very simple. Active PK uses three primary ingredients so that it could help your body in activating the AMPK functions.

These may be ultimately responsible for excessive fat burning and energy production.

Now it is already known how AMPK could be a very useful enzyme to cut fat. There are two more ingredients called Berberine and Gynostemma that could activate the AMPK in the body.

When and if AMPK is released in your body, it might respond to it and increase the metabolic rate which does not let the fat be stored in the body.

Additional benefits of AMPK could be that it may help to direct this energy to the main organs of the body where the energy requirement is high. 

Another benefit that Active PK could have is that it may reduce the hunger cravings and help you control the calorie intake throughout the day.

This in turn may allow less fat to accumulate in the body and the fat that was already there in the body would get burnt to produce more energy and thus help you get the body in shape. 

Thus we could summarize the working of Active PK in the following points:

  1. It could help to increase the metabolic rate of the body to help burn fat faster and reduce abdominal fat.
  2. Active PK may provide extra energy in the body by converting the fat to energy and hence keep you alert and active.
  3. It could help to reduce the hunger cravings that are responsible for excessive fat accumulation.

Ingredients in Active PK

Active PK contains the following ingredients that might be useful to help you lose the extra fat from the body to get a fit and athletic body:


Berberine could be referred to as a chemical that is found in a number of plants. This is extracted and used by patients with diabetes and high cholesterol.

Since it is a naturally occurring chemical, there are high chances that you may not face any side effects. Not to miss, it is also taken by people with high blood pressure.

Quercetin may have a number of health advantages such as lowering the blood pressure, managing the blood sugar and reducing inflammation. It is also said to enhance the performance while we workout and help burning fat faster. It might also exhibit anti- allergic properties that keeps us safe frominfections.

This ingredient could assist your body in facilitating the weight loss in the body to help fat consumption and reduction.

How to use Active PK?

Active PK supplement comes in a pack of 60 capsules. Since it was mentioned in the official site itself, I took 2 capsules a day before my meals, one before lunch and one before dinner. I completed a two month course with this product following the same routine.

It is not necessary to refrigerate this product, but even that would have no difference in the effectiveness of the product.

Probable Side Effects of Active PK

Active PK supplement, just like any other product might have some side effects.

The company claims it to be totally safe but since every individual has a different tolerance to different substances, this could also change the way it would affect different individuals.

You might need to consult the doctor before using such a product depending upon your condition. This product might have side effects on pregnant women or people with many health conditions.

This could also upset the stomach or may change the appetite too much which could alter the nutrition in the body.

My Personal Experience with Active PK

I have personally used Active PK supplement very very recently and I would tell the exact results of how it turned out to be.

I had always been a skinny built person, was always involved in sports back in school and even in college so I had a fit body with no extra fat whatsoever.

However, since the outbreak of the pandemic, I have been staying at home largely for almost more than a year which made my lifestyle very very unhealthy and I gained a lot of weight.

Al this weight gain was around the belly region and it felt really bad to look at myself in the mirror. I tried working out but the results were negligible.

So I saw the Active PK supplement online and decided to order it from the official site. I consumed two full packs of the product, i.e. I completed 2 months course of Active PK.

Active PK Consumption Results

This supplement did not turn off to be anything that it claimed to be. This did not help me burn extra fat, it did not give me any extra energy through the day and had absolutely no effect on my hunger cravings too.

It was totally a  waste of money for me as it did not even show a little bit of benefit. I tried the Active PK supplement patiently to observe the results but it did not prove to be of any use to me.

Instead, it had a negative impact on me. Even with a changed lifestyle since I started taking the pill, I got more and more fat accumulated in my body and gained 4 pounds weight.

This product also had a negative impact on my digestion as it caused constipation on some days and loose motions on others.

I had a hard to figure out at the beginning what was going wrong and why was I having those stomach aches. But later I found out that it was because of this only and I stopped taking it from then.

Not just me, but a friend of mine also used the same product for a month and he also experienced no benefit from it. My friend also ended up wasting his time and money on Active PK Supplement.

If I sum up my experience, it would be that this product is totally a waste of time and money and is also a potential risk to the body as it may have negative impacts on anyone, me for example.

I would never use this product again after losing so much time and money on it. because it had zero benefits for me.

Alternatives To Active PK

Post the horrific experience of using Active PK, I again started to search for an optimal supplement that could help me reduce my weight.

On a positive note, I started to a little basic exercise at home as well. Having said that, I started following a guy on youtube that gave some great lessons on weight loss.

In one of his videos, he recommended the usage of PhenQ. He gave a full PhenQ review in one of his videos. This is when I decided that I will order the same and start its consumption.

It has been 2 months since I started the consumption of PhenQ which is definitely one of the best fat burners out there. I managed to lose around 8-9 pounds.

Not to miss, I also started a little exercise session daily and also started to eat lots of fruits as well. All these positive changes really got me the results that I wanted to achieve.

As I write this Active PK review, I am still consuming PhenQ.

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